19 - Brockhill School - Swingfield Minnis

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Brockhill School - Swingfield Minnis

Saltwood, o/s Brockhill Park School 15:0715:07
Folkestone, adj Harvey Grammar School 15:40
Saltwood, adj The Green 15:1015:10
Folkestone, adj Morrisons 15:41
Saltwood, adj Lea Close 15:1115:11
Folkestone, adj Julian Road 15:43
Saltwood, opp Harpswood Lane 15:1115:11
Folkestone, adj Radnor Park 15:45
Hythe Sir John Moore Avenue (Stop G) 15:1415:14
Folkestone, opp Cubitt House 15:47
Hythe Red Lion Square (Stop A) 15:1515:15
Folkestone, adj Black Bull 15:49
Hythe, adj Old Prospect Road 15:1715:17
Folkestone, opp Wood Avenue 15:50
Hythe, adj Douglas Avenue 15:1815:18
Holywell Avenue (adj) 15:51
Hythe, adj Mill Road 15:1915:19
Hawkinge, opp Alkham Valley Corner 15:53
Seabrook, adj Cannongate Road 15:2015:20
Hawkinge Swann Way (E-bound) 15:55
Seabrook, opp Saxon Close 15:2115:21
Hawkinge, opp De Havilland Close 15:56
Seabrook, adj St Saviour's Hospital 15:2215:22
Hawkinge, adj Heyford Close 15:57
Seabrook, adj Cliff Road 15:2415:24
Hawkinge, adj Tesco 15:58
Seabrook, adj The Fountain 15:2515:25
Hawkinge Aerodrome Road (o/s 15) 15:59
Sandgate, adj Battery Point 15:2615:26
Hawkinge, opp Cemetery 15:59
Sandgate, adj Castle Bay 15:2615:26
Hawkinge, adj Haskard Close 16:00
Sandgate, adj Brewer's Hill 15:2715:27
Hawkinge, o/s Battle of Britain Museum 16:01
Sandgate, adj Wilberforce Road 15:2815:28
Hawkinge, opp Haskard Close 16:01
Sandgate, adj The Crescent 15:2815:28
Hawkinge, adj Cemetery 16:02
Sandgate, adj War Memorial 15:2915:29
Hawkinge Aerodrome Road (o/s 8) 16:02
Folkestone, adj Coolinge Lane 15:31
Hawkinge, adj Campbell Road 16:03
Folkestone Dixwell Road (E-bound) 15:32
Densole, opp Reinden Wood 16:03
Folkestone, opp The Metropole 15:33
Densole, adj Nursery Lane 16:04
Folkestone, adj Trinity Gardens 15:35
Densole, opp Black Horse 16:04
Folkestone Sandgate Road (E-bound) 15:37
Densole Way (opp) 16:04
Folkestone, at Bus Station Arrivals 15:38
Swingfield Minnis, opp Foxholt Turning 16:05
Swingfield Minnis Roberts Corner (N-bound) 16:06

Swingfield Minnis - Brockhill School

Swingfield Minnis Roberts Corner (S-bound) 06:2307:14
Swingfield Minnis, adj Foxholt Turning 06:2407:15
Densole Way (adj) 06:2507:16
Densole, adj Black Horse 06:2507:16
Densole, opp Nursery Lane 06:2607:17
Densole, adj Reinden Wood 06:2607:17
Hawkinge, opp Campbell Road 06:2807:1907:42
Hawkinge, opp Kettle Drive 06:2907:2007:45
Hawkinge, opp Millfield 06:3007:2107:46
Hawkinge, adj Millfield 06:3007:2107:46
Hawkinge, adj Kettle Drive 06:3107:2207:47
Hawkinge Aerodrome Road (o/s 15) 06:3207:2507:50
Hawkinge, opp Cemetery 06:3307:2607:51
Hawkinge, adj Haskard Close 06:3307:2707:52
Hawkinge, o/s Battle of Britain Museum 06:3407:2807:2807:53
Hawkinge, opp Haskard Close 06:3507:2907:2907:54
Hawkinge, adj Cemetery 06:3507:3007:3007:55
Hawkinge Aerodrome Road (o/s 8) 06:3607:3107:3107:56
Hawkinge, opp Tesco 06:3707:3207:3207:57
Hawkinge, opp Heyford Close 06:3807:3307:3307:58
Hawkinge, adj De Havilland Close 06:3907:3407:3407:59
Hawkinge Swann Way (W-bound) 06:3907:3507:3508:00
Hawkinge, adj Alkham Valley Corner 06:4107:3807:3808:03
Holywell Avenue (opp) 06:4207:3907:3908:04
Folkestone, adj Creteway Down 06:43
Folkestone, adj Wood Avenue 07:4007:4008:05
Folkestone, opp Black Bull 07:4107:4108:07
Folkestone, adj Cubitt House 07:4307:4308:08
Folkestone, opp Radnor Park 07:4507:4508:11
Folkestone Central Railway Station (Stop A) 07:4607:4608:12
Folkestone, adj Connaught Road 07:4707:4708:13
Folkestone Bus Station (Bay D) 07:4807:4808:15
Folkestone Bus Station (Bay D1) 07:5107:5107:51
Folkestone, adj Castle House 07:5307:5307:53
Folkestone, opp Trinity Gardens 07:5407:5407:54
Folkestone, adj The Metropole 07:5507:5507:55
Folkestone Dixwell Road (W-bound) 07:5607:5607:56
Folkestone, opp Coolinge Lane 07:5607:5607:56
Sandgate, opp War Memorial 07:5807:5807:58
Sandgate, opp The Crescent 07:5907:5907:59
Sandgate, opp Wilberforce Road 08:0008:0008:00
Sandgate, opp Brewer's Hill 08:0108:0108:01
Sandgate, opp Castle Bay 08:0208:0208:02
Sandgate, opp Battery Point 08:0308:0308:03
Seabrook, opp The Fountain 08:0408:0408:04
Seabrook, opp Cliff Road 08:0508:0508:05
Seabrook, opp St Saviour's Hospital 08:0608:0608:06
Seabrook, adj Saxon Close 08:0708:0708:07
Seabrook, opp Cannongate Road 08:0808:0808:08
Hythe, opp Mill Road 08:1008:1008:10
Hythe, opp Douglas Avenue 08:1108:1108:11
Hythe, opp Old Prospect Road 08:1208:1208:12
Hythe Red Lion Square (Stop B) 08:1308:1308:13
Saltwood Brockhill Road (N-bound) 08:1708:1708:17
Saltwood, opp Seaton Avenue 08:1808:1808:18
Saltwood, adj Bartholomew Lane 08:1908:1908:19
Saltwood, o/s Brockhill Park School 08:2208:2208:22

Timetable data from Stagecoach South East, 17 March 2023

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