197 - Nottsbus Connect - Gringley On The Hill - Clayworth - Retford

A bus service operated by Nottinghamshire County Council Fleet Services


Gringley on the Hill - Retford

Retford - Gringley on the Hill

Retford Bus Station (Bay G) 12:30
Retford, opp Moorgate Park 12:31
Retford, opp Lidget Lane 12:31
Retford Welham Road (E-bound) 12:32
Welham Grange (o/s) 12:34
Welham Main Street (N-bound) 12:34
Clarborough, adj Big Lane 12:36
Clarborough Main Street (N-bound) 12:37
Hayton, adj Church Lane 12:38
Hayton Main Street (N-bound) 12:38
Hayton, opp Burntleys Road 12:40
Clayworth, adj Beck Lane 12:44
Clayworth, opp St Peters Church 12:45
Wiseton, opp Grange Farm 12:50
Gringley on the Hill, adj Leys Lane 12:54
Gringley on the Hill High Street (E-bound) 12:55s
Walkeringham Fountain Hill (N-bound) 13:00s
Misterton Gringley Road (NE-bound) 13:02s
Misterton, opp Minster Road 13:02s
Misterton, opp War Memorial 13:04s
Misterton, adj High Street 13:04s
Misterton, opp Hillsyde Avenue 13:05s
Misterton, opp Station Street 13:05s
Misterton Marsh Lane (S-bound) 13:06s
Misterton Fox Covert Lane (NE-bound) 13:09s
West Stockwith Canal Lane (E-bound) 13:11s
West Stockwith Idle Bridge (NE-bound) 13:11s
West Stockwith, adj North Carr Road 13:12s
West Stockwith Main Street (NE-bound) 13:12s
West Stockwith, adj Ings Lane 13:13s
West Stockwith Main Street (SW-bound) 13:13s
West Stockwith, opp North Carr Road 13:13s
West Stockwith Idle Bridge (W-bound) 13:14s
West Stockwith Canal Lane (W-bound) 13:14s
Misterton Stockwith Road (S-bound) 13:16s
Walkeringham Stockwith Road (SW-bound) 13:19s
Walkeringham Mill Baulk Road (W-bound) 13:20s
Walkeringham Sidsaph Hill (E-bound) 13:20s
Beckingham, opp Church Street 13:22
Beckingham Station Road (S-bound) 13:23
Calls on request to set down only after Gringley on the Hill. Times are

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Nottinghamshire County Council Fleet Services