1A - East Baldridge or Townhill - Fife Leisure Park

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East Baldridge or Townhill - Fife Leisure Park

East Baldridge, adj Bus Turning Circle 08:48then hourly until16:4817:48
East Baldridge, opp Lady Nairne Road 08:4816:4817:48
East Baldridge Burns Street (adj 13) 08:5016:5017:50
East Baldridge, adj McLean Primary School 08:5016:5017:50
East Baldridge, adj Trenchard Place 08:5116:5117:51
East Baldridge, opp Broomhead Flats 08:5216:5217:52
Headwell, adj Queen Anne High School 08:5316:5317:53
Wellwood Community Centre (adj) 08:5416:5417:54
Wellwood Springbank Terrace (Opp 12) 08:5416:5417:54
Wellwood Community Centre (opp) 08:5416:5417:54
Headwell, opp Queen Anne High School 08:5516:5517:55
Headwell Broomhead Drive (o/s 110) 08:5616:5617:56
Dunfermline, adj Victoria Street 08:5716:5717:57
Dunfermline, adj Carnegie Centre 08:5816:5817:58
Dunfermline James Street (Stance E) 09:0217:0218:02
Dunfermline, adj Park Avenue 08:0609:0617:0618:06
Dunfermline, adj Reid Street 08:0709:0717:0718:07
Dunfermline, opp Pittencrieff Park 08:0809:0817:0818:08
Dunfermline, adj Weavers Walk 08:0809:0817:0818:08
Dunfermline, adj St Leonard's Church 08:0909:0917:0918:09
Dunfermline, opp St Leonard's Bus Depot 08:1009:1017:1018:10
Dunfermline, adj Tollgate 08:1109:1117:1118:11
Brucefield, adj Howard Crescent 08:1109:1117:1118:11
Brucefield, adj Wallace Street 08:1209:1217:1218:12
Brucefield, adj Gorrie Street 08:1209:1217:1218:12
Brucefield Wedderburn Street (adj 74) 08:1309:1317:1318:13
Brucefield, adj Wedderburn Place 08:1309:1317:1318:13
Abbeyview Aberdour Place (opp 41) 08:1409:1417:1418:14
Abbeyview, adj Eden Road 08:1609:1617:1618:15
Abbeyview, opp Don Road 08:1709:1717:1718:17
Abbeyview, opp Dee Place 08:1809:1817:1818:17
Abbeyview, opp Cleish Place 08:1909:1917:1918:18
Abbeyview, adj Almond Road 08:1909:1917:19
Abbeyview Park (adj) 18:19
Abbeyview, opp Abbey View 08:2009:2017:20
Abbeyview, opp Inchkeith Drive 18:19
Abbeyview Shops (opp) 08:2109:2117:21
Abbeyview, opp Shields Road 18:20
Abbeyview, adj Shields Road 08:2109:2117:21
Abbeyview, adj Inchkeith Drive 08:2109:2117:21
Abbeyview, adj Trondheim Place 08:2209:2217:22
Abbeyview Trondheim Parkway (E-Bound) 08:2209:2217:22
Touch, opp Gipsy Lane 08:2309:2317:23
Duloch Park, adj Braemar Drive 08:2509:2517:25
Duloch Park, adj Birnam Gardens 08:2609:2617:26
Dunfermline, adj Lochy Rise 08:2709:2717:27
Halbeath, adj Shin Way 08:2709:2717:27
Halbeath Fife Leisure Park (Southbound) 08:2909:2917:29

Fife Leisure Park - East Baldridge or Townhill

Halbeath Fife Leisure Park (Southbound) 08:30then hourly until17:30
Halbeath, opp Shin Way 08:3117:31
Dunfermline, opp Lochy Rise 08:3217:32
Duloch Park, opp Birnam Gardens 08:3217:32
Duloch Park, adj Dunlin Drive 08:3317:33
Duloch Park, adj Fieldfare View 08:3317:33
Duloch Park, adj Kingfisher Place 08:3417:34
Duloch Park Trondheim Roundabout (Southbound) 08:3417:34
Duloch Park, opp Curlew Gardens 08:3517:35
Duloch Park, opp Teal Place 08:3517:35
Duloch Park Nightingale Place (Eastbound) 08:3617:36
Duloch Park Tesco Supermarket (Westbound) 08:3617:36
Duloch Park Greenshank Drive (Southbound) 08:3717:37
Duloch Park, opp David Crescent 08:3717:37
Dunfermline, opp Masterton Primary School 08:3817:38
Dunfermline, adj Annfield 08:3917:39
Dunfermline Lapwing Drive (Southbound) 08:3917:39
Dunfermline, opp Eardley Crescent 08:4017:40
Dunfermline, opp Peploe Rise 08:4017:40
Pitcorthie, adj The Heathery 08:4117:41
Pitcorthie, adj Crematorium 08:4117:41
Pitcorthie, opp Dover Drive 08:4217:42
Pitcorthie, opp Bruce Gardens 08:4217:42
Abbeyview, adj McKay Drive 08:4317:43
Abbeyview, adj Drum Road 08:4417:44
Abbeyview Trondheim Parkway (E-Bound) 08:4517:45
Abbeyview, opp Inchkeith Drive 08:4617:46
Abbeyview, opp Shields Road 08:4717:47
Abbeyview, adj Abbey View 08:4817:48
Abbeyview, opp Almond Road 08:4917:49
Abbeyview, adj Cleish Place 08:4917:49
Abbeyview, adj Dee Place 08:5017:50
Abbeyview, opp Nith Street 08:5117:51
Abbeyview, opp Eden Road 08:5217:52
Abbeyview Aberdour Place (adj 35) 08:5317:53
Abbeyview Wedderburn Crescent (adj 11) 08:5417:54
Brucefield Wedderburn Street (adj 73) 08:5517:55
Brucefield, opp Gorrie Street 08:5517:55
Brucefield, opp Wallace Street 08:5617:56
Brucefield, opp Howard Crescent 08:5717:57
Dunfermline, opp Tollgate 08:5817:58
Dunfermline, adj St Leonard's Bus Depot 07:5908:5917:59
Dunfermline Bothwell Street (adj 1) 08:0009:0018:00
Dunfermline, opp Weavers Walk 08:0109:0118:01
Dunfermline, adj Pittencrieff Park 08:0109:0118:01
Dunfermline, opp Reid Street 08:0209:0218:02
Dunfermline, opp Park Avenue 08:0309:0318:03
Dunfermline James Street (Stance B) 08:0409:0418:04
Dunfermline, adj Kingsgate Centre 08:0909:0918:09
Dunfermline, opp Carnegie Centre 08:1009:1018:10
Dunfermline, opp Victoria Street 08:1009:1018:10
East Baldridge Broomhead Drive (opp 104) 08:1109:1118:11
Headwell, adj Queen Anne High School 08:1209:1218:12
Wellwood Community Centre (adj) 08:1309:1318:13
Wellwood Springbank Terrace (Opp 12) 08:1409:1418:14
Wellwood Community Centre (opp) 08:1409:1418:14
Headwell, opp Queen Anne High School 08:1509:1518:15
Headwell Broomhead Drive (o/s 110) 08:1509:1518:15
East Baldridge, adj Broomhead Flats 08:1609:1618:16
East Baldridge, opp Trenchard Place 08:1709:1718:17
East Baldridge, opp McLean Primary School 08:1809:1818:18
East Baldridge Scott Street (adj 27) 08:1809:1818:18
East Baldridge Burns Street (adj 4) 08:1809:1818:18
East Baldridge, adj Aytoun Grove 08:1909:1918:19
East Baldridge, adj Bus Turning Circle 08:2009:2018:20

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 3 February 2023

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