1A - Greenstead - Town Centre - Ambrose Avenue

A bus service operated by First Essex

Greenstead Elm Crescent - Ambrose Ave, Worthington Way

Greenstead, opp Elm Crescent 19:15then every 30 minutes until22:15
Greenstead Tulip Walk (SW-bound) 19:1522:15
Greenstead Clarkia Walk (SE-bound) 19:1622:16
Greenstead, opp Howe Close 19:1622:16
Greenstead, adj Chase Court 19:1622:16
Greenstead, adj Penrice Close 19:1722:17
Greenstead, adj Affleck Road 19:1722:17
Greenstead Berberis Walk (NE-bound) 19:1722:17
Greenstead, o/s Library 19:1822:18
Greenstead, opp Sir Charles Lucas School 19:1922:19
Greenstead, opp Hazlemere School 19:2022:20
Colchester, opp Bromley Road 19:2022:20
Colchester, opp Hazelton Road 19:2122:21
Colchester, opp Goring Road East 19:2222:22
Colchester, adj Longcroft Road 19:2322:23
Colchester, opp St Andrews Gardens 19:2322:23
Colchester, adj Old Coach Road 19:2522:25
Colchester, opp The Surgery 19:2622:26
Colchester Greyfriars (Stop Hb) 19:2822:28
Colchester Osborne Street (Stop Af) 18:5319:3122:31
Colchester St John's Street (Stop Cd) 19:0219:3222:32
Colchester Crouch Street (Stop Da) 19:0319:3322:33
Colchester, o/s Maldon Court 19:0419:3422:34
Colchester, opp Creffield Road 19:0519:3522:35
Colchester, opp Ireton Road 19:0519:3522:35
Colchester, opp Cambridge Road 19:0619:3622:36
Colchester, opp Capel Road 19:0719:3722:37
Colchester, adj Boadicea Way North 19:0819:3822:38
Shrub End, opp Winston Avenue 19:0919:3922:39
Shrub End, adj Walnut Tree Way 19:1019:4022:40
Shrub End, opp The Huntsman 19:1019:4022:40
Shrub End, opp Leather Bottle 19:1119:4122:41
Colchester, adj Ash Way 19:1219:4222:42
Colchester, adj The Brambles 19:1219:4222:42
Colchester, opp Church of Jesus Christ 19:1319:4322:43
Colchester Dugard Avenue (N-bound) 19:1419:4422:44
Colchester, opp Worthington Way 19:1519:4522:45

Ambrose Ave, Worthington Way - Greenstead Elm Crescent

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