1S - King Edwards High School - Edgbaston Cricket Ground - Moseley - Springfield - Acocks Green - Solihull

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King Edwards High School - Solihull via Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Moseley, Springfield, Acocks Green

Birmingham University, adj King Edwards High School 16:10
Bournbrook, adj Edgbaston Park Rd 16:12
Birmingham University, opp Eastern Rd 16:13
Cannon Hill Park, after Bristol Rd 16:14
Cannon Hill Park, before Warwickshire Cricket Ground 16:18
Cannon Hill Park, opp Midlands Arts Centre 16:19
Cannon Hill Park (opp) 16:20
Cannon Hill Park, adj Park Hill 16:21
Moseley, opp Amesbury Rd 16:23
Moseley Village (outside) 16:26
Moseley, before Church Rd 16:26
Moseley, on Wake Green Rd 16:27
Wake Green, adj Mayfield Court 16:28
Wake Green, opp Billesley Lane 16:29
Wake Green, before Mackenzie Rd 16:30
Sparkhill, after Wake Green Rd 16:32
Sparkhill, opp Moseley Sec School 16:33
Sparkhill, outside St Christophers Church 16:34
Sparkhill Springfield Rd (near) 16:34
Sparkhill, opp The College Arms 16:36
Sparkhill, adj Tetley Rd 16:36
Hall Green, opp Russell Rd 16:37
Hall Green, adj Allcroft Rd 16:38
Fox Hollies, before Railway Bridge 16:38
Fox Hollies, before Spring Rd 16:40
Fox Hollies, outside LIDL 16:40
Fox Hollies Rd (before) 16:41
Fox Hollies, opp Northanger Rd 16:42
Acock’s Green, before Cearl Court 16:43
Acocks Green Village (Stop AJ) 16:45
Acock’s Green Station Rd (Stop AE) 16:46
Acock’s Green, after Oxford Rd 16:47
Acock’s Green, adj Lincoln Rd 16:48
Olton, opp Brookvale Rd 16:49
Olton, before Ulverley Green Rd 16:50
Olton Ulverley Green Rd (adjacent) 16:51
Ulverley Green, adj Reservoir Rd 16:52
Ulverley Green, opp Grange Rd 16:54
Kineton Green, opp Broad Oaks Rd 16:56
Solihull, adj Seven Star Rd 16:57
Solihull, opp Ashleigh Rd 16:59
Solihull Lode Lane (Stop SG) 17:01
Solihull Station Interchange (Stand A) 17:05

Solihull - King Edwards High School via Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Moseley, Springfield, Acocks Green

Solihull Station Interchange (Stand A) 07:24
Solihull Lode Lane (Stop SF) 07:26
Solihull, adj Ashleigh Rd 07:28
Solihull, opp Seven Star Rd 07:29
Kineton Green, adj Broad Oaks Rd 07:30
Ulverley Green, adj Grange Rd 07:32
Ulverley Green, opp Reservoir Rd 07:33
Olton Ulverley Green Rd (near) 07:34
Olton, after Ulverley Green Rd 07:34
Olton, adj Warwick Grove 07:35
Olton, adj Brookvale Rd 07:36
Acock’s Green, opposite Culham Close 07:37
Acock’s Green, opposite Oxford Rd 07:37
Acock’s Green Station Rd (Stop AF) 07:38
Acocks Green Village (Stop AJ) 07:39
Acock’s Green, after Cearl Court 07:40
Acock’s Green Grayland Close (near) 07:40
Fox Hollies, adj Northanger Rd 07:41
Fox Hollies Rd (after) 07:42
Fox Hollies, opp LIDL 07:42
Fox Hollies, after Spring Rd 07:42
Fox Hollies, after Railway Bridge 07:44
Hall Green, before Cateswell Rd 07:44
Hall Green, opp Allcroft Rd 07:45
Hall Green, adj Russell Rd 07:46
Sparkhill, opp Tetley Rd 07:46
Sparkhill, after The College Arms 07:48
Sparkhill, opposite Springfield Junior School 07:48
Sparkhill, adj Moseley Sec School 07:50
Wake Green Mackenzie Rd (near) 07:51
Wake Green, after Yardley Wood Rd 07:53
Wake Green, adj Billesley Lane 07:54
Wake Green, opp Mayfield Court 07:55
Moseley, adj Wake Green Rd 07:57
Moseley, after Church Rd 07:57
Moseley Village (after) 07:59
Moseley, adj Amesbury Rd 08:01
Cannon Hill Park, opp Park Hill 08:02
Cannon Hill Park (adj) 08:04
Cannon Hill Park, adj Midlands Arts Centre 08:05
Cannon Hill Park, opp Tally Ho Police Training 08:07
Cannon Hill Park, after Priory Rd 08:08
Cannon Hill Park, adj Pebble Mill Rd 08:12
Birmingham University, adj Eastern Rd 08:15
Bournbrook, opp Edgbaston Park Rd 08:18
Birmingham University, adj King Edwards High School 08:22

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