2 - Biggleswade - Tempsford - Sandy - Potton - Cambridge

A bus service operated by Ivel Sprinter

Ivel Gardens - Grafton Centre

Biggleswade, adj Ivel Gardens 08:40
Biggleswade, adj Ivel Bury 08:40
Biggleswade, opp Sainsbury's 08:41
Upper Caldecote, adj Maisie Gardens 08:43
Upper Caldecote, opp Swallowfield 08:43
Upper Caldecote, adj The Pastures 08:44
Upper Caldecote, o/s All Saints Church 08:44
Ickwell Green (adj) 08:47
Ickwell, opp The Stables 08:47
Northill, opp Cookes Meadow 08:48
Northill St Mary's Church (N-bound) 08:49
Northill, opp The Old Brewhouse 08:49
Hatch, adj Budna Road 08:50
Hatch Farm (opp) 08:52
Blunham, adj Old Station Court 08:56
Blunham, adj The Avenue 08:57
Blunham, opp Park View 08:57
Blunham, opp War Memorial 08:59
Blunham, adj Brickhill Close 08:59
Blunham, adj Pound Close 08:59
Tempsford, o/s Church 09:05
Tempsford, opp Home Farm Close 09:08
Tempsford, o/s Baker's Lane 09:08
Tempsford, adj The Close 09:08
Tempsford, opp The Playground 09:09
Tempsford, opp Langford End Works 09:09
Tempsford Railway Crossing (SW-bound) 09:10
Tempsford, adj Langford End Works 09:10
Tempsford, adj The Playground 09:10
Tempsford, opp The Close 09:11
Tempsford, opp Baker's Lane 09:11
Tempsford, adj Home Farm Close 09:12
Sandy, adj Partridge Piece 09:17
Sandy, adj The Rookery 09:18
Sandy, adj Sunderland Road 09:18
Sandy, nr Woodcock Close 09:19
Sandy Sunderland Road (SW-bound) 09:19
Sandy, o/s Handley Court 09:21
Sandy, opp Carter Street 09:21
Sandy Pentland Close (SE-bound) 09:23
Sandy, opp Banks Drive 09:23
Sandy, on Market Square 09:25
Sandy, opp Station Road 09:25
Everton Sandy Road (NE-bound) 09:29
Everton, opp The Thornton Arms 09:30
Potton, adj Byards Green 09:32
Potton, o/s Burgoyne Middle School 09:33
Potton, adj Festival Road 09:33
Potton, adj Newtown 09:34
Potton, opp Oak Crescent 09:34
Potton, on Market Square 09:37
Potton, o/s The Manor 09:37
Wrestlingworth, adj The Slade 09:42
Wrestlingworth, o/s Grange Farm 09:44
Cambridge St Andrew's Street (near) 10:18
Cambridge Grafton Centre (Bay A) 10:20

Grafton Centre - Ivel Gardens

Cambridge St Andrew's Street (near) 14:00
Wrestlingworth, opp Grange Farm 14:28
Wrestlingworth, opp The Slade 14:30
Potton, opp The Manor 14:34
Potton, on Market Square 14:35
Potton, adj Oak Crescent 14:37
Potton, opp Newtown 14:38
Potton, opp Festival Road 14:38
Potton, opp Burgoyne Middle School 14:38
Potton, opp Byards Green 14:38
Everton, opp The Lawns 14:40s
Everton Sandy Road (SW-bound) 14:41s
Sandy, nr Station Road 14:44s
Sandy, on Market Square 14:45
Sandy, adj Banks Drive 14:45s
Sandy Pentland Close (NW-bound) 14:46s
Sandy, o/s Handley Court 14:47s
Sandy, on Fallowfield Roundabout 14:49s
Sandy, adj Partridge Piece 14:49s
Sandy, adj The Rookery 14:50s
Sandy, adj Sunderland Road 14:50s
Sandy, nr Woodcock Close 14:51s
Sandy Sunderland Road (SW-bound) 14:51s
Tempsford, opp Home Farm Close 14:56s
Tempsford, o/s Baker's Lane 14:56s
Tempsford, adj The Close 14:56s
Tempsford, opp The Playground 14:57s
Tempsford, opp Langford End Works 14:57s
Tempsford Railway Crossing (SW-bound) 14:58s
Tempsford, o/s Church 15:03s
Blunham, opp Pound Close 15:07s
Blunham, opp Brickhill Close 15:08s
Blunham, adj War Memorial 15:09s
Blunham, adj Park View 15:10s
Blunham, opp The Avenue 15:11s
Blunham, opp Old Station Court 15:11s
Hatch Farm (o/s) 15:16s
Hatch, opp Budna Road 15:17s
Northill, adj The Old Brewhouse 15:18s
Northill, opp St Mary's Church 15:19s
Northill, adj Cookes Meadow 15:19s
Ickwell, o/s The Stables 15:20s
Ickwell Green (opp) 15:21s
Upper Caldecote, opp The Pastures 15:24s
Upper Caldecote, adj Swallowfield 15:24s
Biggleswade White's Egg Farm (S-bound) 15:25s
Biggleswade, o/s Sainsbury's 15:26s
Biggleswade, opp Ivel Bury 15:27s
Biggleswade, opp Ivel Gardens 15:28

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

Ivel Sprinter