2 - Blackburn - Feniscowles - Abbey Village - Brinscall - Chorley

A bus service operated by The Blackburn Bus Company


Blackburn - Chorley

Blackburn Bus Station (Stand 6) 07:10then hourly until18:10
Blackburn Town Hall (Stand A) 07:1218:12
Blackburn, by Alma Street 07:1318:13
Blackburn College (by) 07:1418:14
Hollin Bank, by Highfield Road 07:1618:16
Blackburn, by Infirmary Road 07:1718:17
Hollin Bank, opp Empire Theatre 07:1818:18
Ewood Hub (by) 07:2018:20
Moorgate, by Baden Terrace 07:2018:20
Moorgate, adj Heys Lane 07:2118:21
Waterloo, by Livesey Branch Road 07:2218:22
Waterloo, opp Shorrock Lane 07:2318:23
Waterloo, by Gib Lane 07:2418:24
Cherry Tree, by Pinewood 07:2518:25
Cherry Tree, opp Feniscowles Tesco 07:2518:25
Blackburn, by Langdale Road 07:2618:26
Cherry Tree, by Horden Rake 07:2718:27
Feniscowles, adj Star Drive 07:2818:28
Feniscowles, by Primary School 07:2818:28
Feniscowles, by Tintagel Close 07:2918:29
Riley Green, by Toll Bar 07:3018:30
Finnington Lane (opp) 07:3218:32
Ollerton Fold, adj Alghero 07:3218:32
Abbey Village, opp Stanworth Terrace 07:3418:34
Abbey Village, opp East View Terrace 07:3518:35
Abbey Village, by Station Terrace 07:3518:35
Abbey Village, opp Primary School 07:3618:36
Abbey Village, o/s Hare and Hounds 07:3618:36
Withnell, adj Gladstone Terrace 07:3718:37
Withnell, by Prospect Terrace 07:3918:39
Withnell, opp Health Centre 07:3918:39
Brinscall, opp Hartington Road 07:4018:40
Brinscall, o/s School Lane 07:4118:41
Brinscall, by War Memorial 07:4218:42
Brinscall, opp Windsor Drive 07:4218:42
Brinscall, o/s St Johns School 07:4218:42
Brinscall, opp Sandy Lane 07:4318:43
Higher Wheelton, by Highfield Farm 07:4418:44
Higher Wheelton, adj Blackburn Road 07:4518:45
Higher Wheelton, by Fishwick Lane 07:4518:45
Lower Wheelton, by Millbrook Close 07:4818:48
Lower Wheelton, o/s Red Lion Hotel 07:4918:49
South Hill, opp Town Lane 07:4918:49
South Hill, by Blackburn Road 07:5118:51
Great Knowley, opp Gorse Close 07:5118:51
Great Knowley, by Guildford Avenue 07:5218:52
Great Knowley, by Merton Grove 07:5318:53
Little Knowley, by Motorway Bridge 07:5518:55
Harpers Lane, by Morris Road 07:5518:55
Harpers Lane, by Beaconsfield Terrace 07:5618:56
Chorley, by All Seasons Leisure Centre 07:5718:57
Crosse Street, opp Millfield Road 07:5818:58
Crosse Street, by Park Street 07:5818:58
Chorley, opp Booths 07:5918:59
Chorley Bus Station (Stand C) 08:0119:01

Chorley - Blackburn

Chorley Bus Station (Stand C) 08:10then hourly until17:1018:1019:10
Chorley, by Booths 08:1017:1018:1019:10
Chorley, by Park Gates 08:1117:1118:1119:11
Crosse Street, by Millfield Road 08:1217:1218:1219:12
Chorley, opp All Seasons Leisure Centre 08:1217:1218:1219:12
Harpers Lane, opp Beaconsfield Terrace 08:1317:1318:1319:13
Harpers Lane, by St Josephs Parish Centre 08:1317:1318:1319:13
Little Knowley, o/s The Lock and Quay 08:1517:1518:1519:15
Great Knowley, opp Merton Grove 08:1617:1618:1619:16
Great Knowley, opp Guildford Avenue 08:1717:1718:1719:17
Great Knowley, by Gorse Close 08:1717:1718:1719:17
South Hill, by Moss Lane jct 08:1817:1818:1819:18
South Hill, by Town Lane 08:1917:1918:1919:19
Lower Wheelton, opp Red Lion Hotel 08:2017:2018:2019:20
Lower Wheelton, opp Millbrook Close 08:2117:2118:2019:20
Higher Wheelton, opp Fishwick Lane 08:2317:2318:2219:22
Higher Wheelton, by Blackburn Road 08:2317:2318:2219:22
Higher Wheelton, opp Highfield Farm 08:2417:2418:2319:23
Brinscall, opp St Johns School 08:2617:2618:2519:25
Brinscall, by Windsor Drive 08:2617:2618:2519:25
Brinscall, opp War Memorial 08:2717:2718:2619:26
Brinscall, o/s Woodland View 08:2717:2718:2619:26
Withnell, opp Hartington Road 08:2817:2818:2719:27
Withnell, o/s Health Centre 08:2917:2918:2719:27
Withnell, opp Prospect Terrace 08:2917:2918:2819:28
Withnell, by Norcross Brow 08:3017:3018:2819:28
Withnell, adj Gladstone Terrace 08:3117:3118:2919:29
Abbey Village, opp Hare and Hounds 08:3217:3218:3019:30
Abbey Village, o/s Primary School 08:3217:3218:3019:30
Abbey Village, opp Station Terrace 08:3217:3218:3119:31
Abbey Village, o/s East View Terrace 08:3317:3318:3119:31
Abbey Village, o/s Stanworth Terrace 08:3417:3418:3219:32
Ollerton Fold, opp Alghero 08:3617:3618:3319:33
Finnington Lane (by) 08:3617:3618:3419:34
Riley Green, opp Toll Bar 08:3817:3818:3519:35
Feniscowles, opp Tintagel Close 08:3917:3918:3619:36
Feniscowles Infant School (by) 08:4017:4018:3719:37
Feniscowles, opp Star Drive 08:4117:4118:3819:38
Feniscowles, opp Horden Rake 08:4117:4118:3819:38
Blackburn, by Langdale Road 08:4217:4218:3919:39
Feniscowles Tesco (by) 08:4317:4318:3919:39
Cherry Tree, by Pinewood 08:4317:4318:4019:40
Waterloo, adj Gib Lane 08:4417:4418:4019:40
Waterloo, opp St Johns Church 08:4417:4418:4119:41
Waterloo, by Picton Street 08:4517:4518:4219:42
Waterloo, by Livesey Branch Road 08:4617:4618:4219:42
Waterloo, by St Andrews Church 08:4617:4618:4319:43
Moorgate, by Brown Cow 08:4717:4718:4319:43
Moorgate, by Baden Terrace 08:4717:4718:4419:44
Ewood Hub (adj) 08:4917:4918:4519:45
Hollin Bank, by Empire Theatre 08:4917:4918:4519:45
Blackburn, opp Infirmary Road 08:5117:5118:4619:46
Hollin Bank, by Highfield Road 08:5317:5318:4719:47
Blackburn, by Darwen Street 08:5517:5518:4919:49
Blackburn, by Mincing Lane 08:5617:5618:5019:50
Blackburn Interchange (Stand 5) 08:5717:5718:5019:50
Blackburn Arrival Stand (Stand 0) 08:5917:5918:5219:52

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