2 - Chorley - Blackburn

Operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire


Chorley Inter Std C - Blackburn Std 6

Chorley Bus Station (Stand C) 19:30then hourly until22:3023:30
Chorley, by Rail Station 19:3022:3023:30
Chorley, opp Eldon Street 19:3222:3223:32
Chorley, by Worthy Street 19:3322:3323:33
Eaves Lane, o/s Brookes Arms 19:3322:3323:33
Eaves Lane, opp Crosse Hall Lane 19:3422:3423:34
Eaves Lane (by) 19:3422:3423:34
Eaves Lane, by Aniline Street 19:3522:3523:35
Eaves Lane, by St Peters Street 19:3622:3623:36
Little Knowley, o/s The Lock and Quay 19:3722:3723:37
Great Knowley, opp Merton Grove 19:3822:3823:38
Great Knowley, opp Guildford Avenue 19:3822:3823:38
Great Knowley, by Gorse Close 19:3922:3923:39
South Hill, by Moss Lane jct 19:3922:3923:39
South Hill, by Town Lane 19:4022:4023:40
Lower Wheelton, opp Red Lion Hotel 19:4122:4123:41
Lower Wheelton, opp Millbrook Close 19:4122:4123:41
Higher Wheelton, opp Fishwick Lane 19:4322:4323:43
Higher Wheelton, by Blackburn Road 19:4322:4323:43
Higher Wheelton, opp Highfield Farm 19:4422:4423:44
Brinscall, opp St Johns School 19:4522:4523:45
Brinscall, by Windsor Drive 19:4622:4623:46
Brinscall, opp War Memorial 19:4622:4623:46
Brinscall, o/s Woodland View 19:4722:4723:47
Withnell, opp Hartington Road 19:4722:4723:47
Withnell, o/s Health Centre 19:4822:4823:48
Withnell, opp Prospect Terrace 19:4822:4823:48
Withnell, by Norcross Brow 19:4822:4823:48
Withnell, adj Gladstone Terrace 19:4922:4923:49
Abbey Village, opp Hare and Hounds 19:5022:5023:50
Abbey Village, o/s Primary School 19:5022:5023:50
Abbey Village, opp Station Terrace 19:5022:50
Abbey Village, o/s East View Terrace 19:5122:51
Abbey Village, o/s Stanworth Terrace 19:5222:52
Ollerton Fold, opp Alghero 19:5322:53
Finnington Lane (by) 19:5422:54
Riley Green, opp Toll Bar 19:5522:55
Feniscowles, opp Tintagel Close 19:5622:56
Feniscowles Infant School (by) 19:5722:57
Feniscowles, opp Star Drive 19:5822:58
Feniscowles, opp Horden Rake 19:5922:59
Blackburn, by Langdale Road 19:5922:59
Feniscowles Tesco (by) 20:0023:00
Cherry Tree, by Pinewood 20:0023:00
Waterloo, adj Gib Lane 20:0123:01
Waterloo, opp St Johns Church 20:0223:02
Waterloo, by Picton Street 20:0223:02
Waterloo, by Livesey Branch Road 20:0323:03
Waterloo, by St Andrews Church 20:0323:03
Moorgate, by Brown Cow 20:0423:04
Moorgate, by Baden Terrace 20:0423:04
Ewood Hub (adj) 20:0523:05
Hollin Bank, by Empire Theatre 20:0623:06
Blackburn, opp Infirmary Road 20:0723:07
Hollin Bank, by Highfield Road 20:0823:08
Blackburn, by Darwen Street 20:1023:10
Blackburn, by Mincing Lane 20:1023:10
Blackburn Interchange (Stand 5) 20:1123:11
Blackburn Bus Station (Stand 6) 20:1223:12

Blackburn Std 6 - Chorley Inter Std H

Blackburn Bus Station (Stand 6) 19:15then hourly until23:15
Blackburn Town Hall (Stand A) 19:1723:17
Blackburn, by Alma Street 19:1723:17
Blackburn College (by) 19:1823:18
Hollin Bank, by Highfield Road 19:2023:20
Blackburn, by Infirmary Road 19:2123:21
Ewood Hub (by) 19:2323:23
Moorgate, by Baden Terrace 19:2423:24
Moorgate, adj Heys Lane 19:2423:24
Waterloo, by Livesey Branch Road 19:2523:25
Waterloo, opp Shorrock Lane 19:2623:26
Waterloo, by Gib Lane 19:2723:27
Cherry Tree, by Pinewood 19:2823:28
Cherry Tree, opp Feniscowles Tesco 19:2923:29
Blackburn, by Langdale Road 19:3023:30
Feniscowles, adj Star Drive 19:3123:31
Feniscowles, by Primary School 19:3223:32
Feniscowles, by Tintagel Close 19:3323:33
Riley Green, by Toll Bar 19:3323:33
Finnington Lane (opp) 19:3423:34
Ollerton Fold, adj Alghero 19:3523:35
Abbey Village, opp Stanworth Terrace 19:3623:36
Abbey Village, opp East View Terrace 19:3723:37
Abbey Village, by Station Terrace 19:3823:38
Abbey Village, opp Primary School 19:3823:38
Abbey Village, o/s Hare and Hounds 19:3923:39
Withnell, by Prospect Terrace 19:4123:41
Withnell, opp Health Centre 19:4123:41
Brinscall, opp Hartington Road 19:4223:42
Brinscall, o/s School Lane 19:4323:43
Brinscall, by War Memorial 19:4323:43
Brinscall, opp Windsor Drive 19:4323:43
Brinscall, o/s St Johns School 19:4423:44
Brinscall, opp Sandy Lane 19:4423:44
Higher Wheelton, by Highfield Farm 19:4623:46
Higher Wheelton, adj Blackburn Road 19:4623:46
Higher Wheelton, by Fishwick Lane 19:4723:47
Lower Wheelton, by Millbrook Close 19:4923:49
Lower Wheelton, o/s Red Lion Hotel 19:4923:49
South Hill, opp Town Lane 19:5023:50
South Hill, by Blackburn Road 19:5123:51
Great Knowley, opp Gorse Close 19:5223:52
Great Knowley, by Guildford Avenue 19:5223:52
Great Knowley, by Merton Grove 19:5323:53
Little Knowley, by Motorway Bridge 19:5423:54
Eaves Lane, o/s Bretherton Arms 19:5523:55
Eaves Lane, opp Brown Street 19:5623:56
Eaves Lane, opp Seymour Street 19:5723:57
Eaves Lane, by Crosse Hall Lane 19:5823:58
Chorley, by Eldon Street 19:5923:59
Chorley, opp Railway Station 20:0100:01
Chorley Bus Station (Stand H) 20:0200:02

Timetable data from Stagecoach Merseyside, 28 January 2023

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