2 - Crewkerne - Kingston Maurward College

A bus service operated by Damory Coaches and Transpora Bus

Dorchester Town Service

Operator Transpora Bus Damory Coaches
Crewkerne George Hotel (SW-bound) 07:35
Crewkerne South Street (SE-bound) 07:35
Misterton Crewkerne Railway Station (S-bound) 07:38
Misterton The Globe Inn (SE-bound) 07:39
Misterton The White Swan (SE-bound) 07:40
Mosterton Admiral Hood (SW-bound) 07:45
Mosterton Post Office (S-bound) 07:45
Mosterton Cross (SW-bound) 07:46
Broadwindsor The Old Bakery (S-bound) 07:54
Beaminster St James (E-bound) 07:58
Beaminster St Mary's Gardens (E-bound) 07:58
Beaminster The Fire Station (E-bound) 07:59
Beaminster Red Lion (SE-bound) 08:00
Langdon Storridge Hill (E-bound) 08:03
Maiden Newton Village Stores (E-bound) 08:24
Maiden Newton Hill View (SE-bound) 08:24
Frampton Rural Lane (E-bound) 08:29
Frampton St Marys Church (E-bound) 08:29
Frampton Old Post Office (E-bound) 08:30
Grimstone (S-bound) 08:31
Stratton Ash Hill (E-bound) 08:34
Bradford Peverell, opp Wrackleford House 08:35
Dorchester Trinity Street (Stop C2) 09:3010:3011:3012:3013:30
Dorchester Lidl Supermarket (S-bound) 08:39
Dorchester Top O Town (E-bound) 08:40
Dorchester The Museum (Stop D) 08:4009:3210:3211:3212:3213:32
Dorchester London Close (E-bound) 08:4109:3410:3411:3412:3413:33
Fordington Lubbecke Way (S-bound) 09:3510:3511:3512:3513:34
Stinsford Cross (NE-bound) 08:42
Dorchester Ackerman Road (E-bound) 09:3610:3611:3612:3613:35
Kingston Maurward Dorset College of Agriculture (W-bound) 08:45
Dorchester St George's Road (E-bound) 09:3710:3711:3712:3713:36
Dorchester Eddison Avenue (SW-bound) 09:3810:3811:3812:3813:37
Dorchester Sandringham Court (SE-bound) 09:3910:3911:3912:3913:38
Fordington Max Gate Roundabout (SE-bound) 09:4010:4011:4012:4013:39
Dorchester Max Gate (N-bound) 09:4110:4111:4112:4113:40
Dorchester Syward Close (S-bound) 09:4210:4211:4212:4213:41
Dorchester Max Gate (SW-bound) 09:4310:4311:4312:4313:42
Fordington Max Gate Roundabout (NW-bound) 09:4310:4311:4312:4313:42
Dorchester Buckingham Way (SW-bound) 09:4410:4411:4412:4413:43
Dorchester Balmoral Crescent (N-bound) 09:4410:4411:4412:4413:43
Dorchester Sandringham Court (NW-bound) 09:4510:4511:4512:4513:44
Fordington Culliford Road South (W-bound) 09:4710:4711:4712:4713:46
Dorchester Rothesay Road (SE-bound) 09:4910:4911:4912:4913:48
Dorchester Melstock Avenue Shops (S-bound) 09:4910:4911:4912:4913:48
Dorchester Weatherbury Way (SW-bound) 09:5010:5011:5012:5013:49
Dorchester Mistover Close (W-bound) 09:5110:5111:5112:5113:50
Dorchester Mellstock Avenue (W-bound) 09:5110:5111:5112:5113:50
Dorchester Herringston Road (N-bound) 09:5210:5211:5212:5213:51
Dorchester Manor Road (N-bound) 09:5310:5311:5312:5313:52
Dorchester Monmouth Road (NW-bound) 09:5410:5411:5412:5413:53
Dorchester Brewery Square (NE-bound) 09:5510:5511:5512:5513:54
Dorchester Trinity Street (Stop C2) 09:5710:5711:5712:5713:55

Timetable data from Go-Ahead/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 11 April 2024, the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

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