2 - Balcombe - Handcross - Burgess Hill

A bus service operated by Handcross District Community Bus



Balcombe - Burgess Hill

Balcombe, adj The Half Moon 14:00
Balcombe Newlands (E-bound) 14:05
Balcombe, o/s Ouse Valley Surgery 14:10
Balcombe Red Bridge (W-bound) 14:12
Balcombe, adj Great Cooper's Corner Farm 14:13
Balcombe, opp Cherry Tree Kennels 14:13
Balcombe Handcross Road (W-bound) 14:14
Handcross, adj Brantridge Lane 14:15
Handcross, adj The High Beeches 14:16
Handcross, opp High Beeches Cottages 14:17
Handcross Park School (opp) 14:18
Handcross High Street (S-bound) 14:20
Handcross, opp Truggers 14:21
Handcross, adj The Royal Oak 14:24
Handcross, adj Truggers 14:25
Handcross, opp The Red Lion 14:26
Handcross The Garden House (SE-bound) 14:26
Handcross, adj Combers 14:26
Staplefield, adj Hill House Farm 14:26
Staplefield, adj The Jolly Tanners 14:27
Slaugham, adj Church 14:29
Slaugham Common (S-bound) 14:29
Slaugham, adj Pond Tail Farmhouse 14:30
Warninglid Slaugham Lane (SW-bound) 14:30
Warninglid, opp Cedar Bungalow 14:30
Warninglid, opp The Half Moon 14:31
Warninglid Five Cross (S-bound) 14:32
Bolney Broxmead Lane (W-bound) 14:34
Bolney, opp Ryecroft Road 14:35
Bolney, opp War Memorial 14:36
Bolney, adj Paynesfield 14:36
Bolney Bankside (S-bound) 14:38
Hickstead, opp Services 14:42
Goddards Green, opp The Hub 14:45
Burgess Hill Gatehouse Lane (SW-bound) 14:47
Burgess Hill Malthouse Lane (S-bound) 14:47
Burgess Hill York Road roundabout (just after) 14:48
Burgess Hill, o/s Tesco 14:50
Burgess Hill London Road (opp 1) 14:52
Burgess Hill, opp Station Road 14:53
Burgess Hill Church Road (Stop A) 14:55

Burgess Hill - Balcombe

Burgess Hill Church Road (Stop A) 16:25
Burgess Hill Queen Elizabeth Avenue (W-bound) 16:26
Burgess Hill, adj Station Road 16:27
Burgess Hill London Road (o/s 1) 16:28
Burgess Hill, o/s Tesco 16:31
Burgess Hill, opp B and Q 16:31
Burgess Hill York Road roundabout (just before) 16:32
Burgess Hill Malthouse Lane (N-bound) 16:33
Burgess Hill Gatehouse Lane (NE-bound) 16:34
Goddards Green, adj The Hub 16:36
Hickstead, adj The Castle 16:38
Bolney Bankside (N-bound) 16:43
Bolney, opp Paynesfield 16:43
Bolney, adj War Memorial 16:44
Bolney, adj Ryecroft Road 16:45
Bolney, opp Broxmead Lane 16:45
Bolney, adj Jeremy's Lane 16:46
Warninglid, adj The Half Moon 16:48
Warninglid, adj Cedar Bungalow 16:48
Warninglid Slaugham Lane (NE-bound) 16:49
Slaugham, opp Pond Tail Farmhouse 16:49
Slaugham, opp Church 16:50
Staplefield, opp The Jolly Tanners 16:52
Staplefield, opp Hill House Farm 16:53
Handcross, opp Combers 16:53
Handcross The Garden House (NW-bound) 16:53
Handcross, adj The Red Lion 16:54
Handcross, opp Truggers 16:54
Handcross, adj The Royal Oak 16:56
Handcross, adj Truggers 16:56
Handcross High Street (N-bound) 16:58
Handcross Park School (adj) 16:59
Handcross, adj High Beeches Cottages 17:00
Handcross, opp The High Beeches 17:01
Handcross, opp Brantridge Lane 17:02
Balcombe Handcross Road (E-bound) 17:04
Balcombe, adj Cherry Tree Kennels 17:05
Balcombe, opp Great Cooper's Corner Farm 17:05
Balcombe Red Bridge (E-bound) 17:06
Balcombe, adj The Half Moon 17:08
Balcombe Newlands (E-bound) 17:11
Balcombe, o/s Ouse Valley Surgery 17:15

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

Handcross District Community Bus