2 - Southolt - Kenton - Westthorpe - Bury St Edmunds

A bus service operated by High Suffolk Community Transport


Church Green - Abbey Gardens

Southolt, adj Church Green 09:31
Worlingworth, opp Letter Box 09:34
Worlingworth, adj Maisies Meadow 09:35
Worlingworth, opp The Cross 09:36
Worlingworth, adj Church 09:38
Worlingworth, adj The Cross 09:40
Bedfield, adj Tannington Road 09:44
Bedfield, adj Playing Field 09:46
Bedfield Little Green Dog Corner (S-bound) 09:48
Monk Soham, opp Old School 09:51
Monk Soham, adj Council Houses 09:54
Kenton, adj The Old Crown 09:57
Kenton, adj Church Lane 09:58
Kenton, opp Garneys Close 10:00
Bedingfield Street, opp The Pump 10:03
Rishangles, opp Baptist Church 10:07
Thorndon, o/s The Wash 10:09
Thorndon, opp Church 10:10
Thorndon, adj Black Horse 10:11
Stoke Ash White Horse (W-bound) 10:15
Thornham Magna, opp Four Horseshoes 10:16
Wickham Street, adj The Street 10:18
Finningham Gislingham Road (W-bound) 10:22
Finningham White Horse (W-bound) 10:22
Westhorpe, o/s Bus Shelter 10:25
Wyverstone, adj Church Hill 10:26
Wyverstone Street, opp Potash Lane 10:28
Long Thurlow, o/s Bus Shelter 10:31
Hunston, adj Saxon Meadows 10:35
Stowlangtoft, o/s Old Post Office 10:37
Stowlangtoft, opp Church 10:37
Stowlangtoft Spinney Crossroads (W-bound) 10:38
Pakenham, adj The Fox 10:41
Pakenham, adj Nether Hall 10:41
Great Barton, adj Mere Close 10:44
Great Barton, adj Bunbury Arms 10:44
Great Barton A143 Bus Shelter (SW-bound) 10:46
Bury St Edmunds, adj Kingsworth Road 10:49
Bury St Edmunds, opp 24 Seven Industrial Estate 10:50
Bury St Edmunds, adj Mount Place 10:50
Bury St Edmunds, opp The Greyhound 10:51
Bury St Edmunds, opp Cotton Lane 10:51
Bury St Edmunds, adj Abbey Gardens 10:52
Operates on the first Wednesday of the month

Abbey Gardens - Church Green

Bury St Edmunds, adj Abbey Gardens 14:30
Bury St Edmunds, adj Cotton Lane 14:30
Bury St Edmunds, adj The Greyhound 14:30
Bury St Edmunds, opp Mount Place 14:30
Bury St Edmunds, o/s 24 Seven Industrial Estate 14:31
Bury St Edmunds, opp Kingsworth Road 14:32
Great Barton A143 Bus Shelter (NE-bound) 14:35
Great Barton, opp Bunbury Arms 14:37
Great Barton, opp Mere Close 14:37
Pakenham, opp Nether Hall 14:40
Pakenham, opp The Fox 14:40
Stowlangtoft Spinney Crossroads (E-bound) 14:43
Stowlangtoft, o/s Church 14:44
Stowlangtoft, opp Old Post Office 14:44
Hunston, opp Saxon Meadows 14:46
Long Thurlow, opp Bus Shelter 14:50
Wyverstone Street, adj Potash Lane 14:53
Wyverstone, opp Church Hill 14:55
Westhorpe, opp Bus Shelter 14:57
Finningham White Horse (E-bound) 14:59
Finningham Gislingham Road (E-bound) 14:59
Wickham Street, opp The Street 15:03
Thornham Magna Four Horseshoes (E-bound) 15:05
Stoke Ash White Horse (E-bound) 15:06
Thorndon, opp Black Horse 15:10
Thorndon, adj Church 15:11
Thorndon, opp The Wash 15:12
Rishangles, adj Baptist Church 15:15
Bedingfield Street, adj The Pump 15:18
Kenton, o/s Garneys Close 15:21
Kenton, opp Church Lane 15:22
Kenton, opp The Old Crown 15:24
Monk Soham, opp Council Houses 15:27
Monk Soham, o/s Old School 15:30
Bedfield Little Green Dog Corner (N-bound) 15:33
Bedfield, opp Playing Field 15:35
Bedfield, opp Tannington Road 15:37
Worlingworth, opp The Cross 15:41
Worlingworth, adj Church 15:43
Worlingworth, adj The Cross 15:44
Worlingworth, adj Letter Box 15:47
Southolt, opp Church Green 15:50
Operates on the first Wednesday of the month

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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