200 - Askham Bar, Tesco - James Street, York

A bus service operated by First York

Askham Bar Moor Lane Car Park 04:3005:3506:40
Dringhouses, opp Hogg's Pond 04:3105:3606:41
Dringhouses, adj Wain's Road 04:3205:3706:42
Dringhouses Eason View (o/s 70) 04:3205:3706:42
Dringhouses, opp Gower Road 04:3305:3806:43
Acomb, o/s Acorn Sports Club 04:3505:4006:45
Foxwood Lane, opp Huntsman's Walk 04:3605:4106:46
Foxwood Lane Shops (opp) 04:3805:4306:48
Foxwood Lane, opp Otterwood Lane 04:3905:4406:49
Westfield Askham Lane (opp. St Joseph's Court) 04:4005:4506:50
Westfield, adj The Knoll 04:4005:4506:50
Westfield, opp Cornlands Road Shops 04:4105:4606:51
Westfield, opp York High School 04:4105:4606:51
Acomb Tudor Road (opp. 89) 04:4205:4706:52
Acomb, opp Clockhouse 04:4305:4806:53
Acomb Kingsthorpe (o/s 79 Green Ln) 04:4405:4906:54
Acomb Green Lane (o/s 1a) 04:4505:5006:55
Acomb Library (o/s) 04:4505:5006:55
Acomb Methodist Church (adj) 04:4605:5106:56
Acomb Ridgeway (o/s 88) 04:4705:5206:57
Acomb St Aidan's Church (opp 83) 04:4705:5206:57
Beckfield Lane, opp Runswick Avenue 04:4805:5306:58
Beckfield Lane, adj Turnberry Drive 04:5005:5507:00
Beckfield Lane, opp The Green Tree 04:5005:5507:00
Beckfield Lane, adj Norman Drive 04:5105:5607:01
Beckfield Lane Newlands Drive 04:5205:5707:02
Acomb, adj Low Poppleton Lane 04:5205:5707:02
Acomb, opp Wheatlands Grove 04:5305:5807:03
Acomb, adj Plantation Drive 04:5305:5807:03
Acomb, opp Cranbrook Avenue 04:5405:5907:04
Holgate, opp Malvern Avenue 04:5506:0007:05
Clifton Salisbury Road (opp 13) 04:5806:0307:08
Clifton Kingsland Terrace 04:5906:0407:09
Clifton Carleton Street (opp.) 05:0006:0507:10
National Railway Museum (West Entrance) 05:0106:0607:11
York Royal Mail Offices (RL) 05:0306:0807:13
York Station Road (CD) 05:0406:0907:14
York Rail Station (RF) 05:0506:1007:15
York Nunnery Lane Car Park (BF) 05:0506:1007:15
York Price's Lane 05:0606:1107:16
York The Barbican (adj Paragon House) 05:0806:1307:18
York, adj Howard Street 05:0806:1307:18
Fulford Road, opp Alma Terrace 05:0906:1407:19
Fulford Road, o/s Imphal Barracks 05:1006:1507:20
Broadway Anson Drive (o/s 7) 05:1006:1507:20
Broadway Shops (opp) 05:1106:1607:21
Broadway, adj Smith Close 05:1206:1707:22
Broadway, opp Mitchel's Lane 05:1206:1707:22
University of York, opp Fulford Golf Club 05:1306:1807:23
University of York, opp Eden's Court 05:1406:1907:24
University of York Hall Park (opp. Home Farm) 05:1406:1907:24
University of York, o/s Heslington Hall 05:1506:2007:25
University of York, opp University Library 05:1606:2107:26
University of York Wentworth Way (o/s Concert Hall) 05:1606:2107:26
Hull Road Green Dykes Lane (o/s 16) 05:1806:2307:28
Hull Road, o/s The Boulevard 05:1806:2307:28
Hull Road, opp Lansdowne Terrace 05:1906:2407:29
York James Street (adj Bus Depot) 05:2006:2507:30

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