206 - Tullichewan - Dumbarton

A bus service operated by McColls Travel


Tullichewan - Dumbarton

Levenvale, at Lomond Drive 19:20then hourly until22:20
Tullichewan, opp Cameron Drive 19:2022:20
Tullichewan, after Broomley Crescent 19:2122:21
Alexandria, opp Cullen Street 19:2122:21
Tullichewan, opp Cullen Street 19:2122:21
Tullichewan, after McColl Avenue 19:2222:22
Tullichewan, before Bromley Crescent 19:2222:22
Levenvale, opp Ambulance Station 19:2322:23
Alexandria, before King Edward Street 19:2422:24
Alexandria, at Wilson Street 19:2422:24
Alexandria, at Creveul Court 19:2622:26
Alexandria, after Steven Street 19:2622:26
Alexandria, at St Marys School 19:2722:27
Alexandria, before Bank Street 19:2822:28
Bonhill Bridge (opp) 19:3022:30
Bonhill, at Burn Street 19:3022:30
Bonhill, at Ladyton Road Path 19:3122:31
Bonhill, before Redburn 19:3222:32
Bonhill, after Nobleston 19:3222:32
Bellsmyre, opp Vale of Leven Industrial Estate 19:3422:34
Bellsmyre Valeview Terrace (near ) 19:3522:35
Bellsmyre, opp Lomond Drive 19:3622:36
Bellsmyre, at Valeview Terrace 19:3722:37
Bellsmyre, opp Langlands Terrace 19:3722:37
Bellsmyre, after Tay Place 19:3822:38
Bellsmyre, after Muir Road 19:3922:39
Bellsmyre, before Whiteford Crescent 19:3922:39
Bellsmyre, opp Stonyflatt Road 19:3922:39
Bellsmyre, before Garshake Road 19:4022:40
Dumbarton, opp Whiteford Avenue 19:4122:41
Dumbarton, at Overwood Drive 19:4122:41
Dumbarton, at Netherbog Road 19:4222:42
Dumbarton, at Round Riding Road 19:4322:43
Dumbarton, at Crosslet Road 19:4322:43
Dumbarton, at St Patricks Church Hall 19:4422:44
Dumbarton, after Risk Street 19:4622:46
Dumbarton, opp Quay Street 19:4722:47

Dumbarton - Tullichewan

Dumbarton, opp Quay Street 19:47then hourly until22:47
Dumbarton, before St Mary's Way 19:4722:47
Dumbarton, before Bankend Road 19:4822:48
Dumbarton, opp Crosslet Road 19:4922:49
Dumbarton, at Poinfauld Terrace 19:5022:50
Dumbarton, at Colquhoun Street 19:5022:50
Dumbarton, at Kilpatrick View 19:5122:51
Dumbarton, before Whiteford Avenue 19:5222:52
Bellsmyre Whiteford Avenue (at 9) 19:5222:52
Bellsmyre, opp Whiteford Crescent 19:5322:53
Bellsmyre, after Whiteford Avenue 19:5422:54
Bellsmyre, before Aitkenbar Drive 19:5522:55
Bellsmyre, after Barwood Hill 19:5522:55
Dumbarton Tay Place (opp & before) 19:5522:55
Bellsmyre, opp Valeview Terrace 19:5622:56
Bellsmyre, at Lomond Drive 19:5722:57
Bellsmyre, opp Valeview Terrace 19:5822:58
Bellsmyre, at Vale of Leven Industrial Estate 19:5922:59
Bonhill, before Strathleven Drive 20:0123:01
Bonhill, at Strathleven Drive 20:0123:01
Bonhill, opp Burn Street 20:0423:04
Alexandria, opp Bank Street 20:0523:05
Alexandria, opp Queens Drive 20:0623:06
Alexandria, opp Albert Street 20:0723:07
Alexandria, before Gilmour Street 20:0923:09
Alexandria, at Hill Street 20:0923:09
Alexandria, opp King Edward Street 20:1023:10
Alexandria Heather Avenue (opp & before) 20:1023:10
Levenvale, at Ambulance Station 20:1123:11
Tullichewan, after Bromley Crescent 20:1223:12
Tullichewan, before McColl Avenue 20:1223:12
Tullichewan, at Cullen Street 20:1323:13
Tullichewan, before Broomley Crescent 20:1323:13
Tullichewan, at Cameron Drive 20:1423:14
Levenvale, opp Lomond Drive 20:1523:15

Timetable data from McColls Travel, 28 October 2022

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