21 - Knaresborough - Flaxby - Staveley - Boroughbridge - Roecliffe

A bus service operated by The Harrogate Bus Company

Knaresborough - Roecliffe

Knaresborough Bus Stn Stand C (C) 06:4508:0009:5011:3013:1514:5517:40
Knaresborough, adj Bond End 06:45
Carmires, adj Princess Drive 08:0109:5111:3113:1614:5617:41
Scriven Victoria Ave (NE-bound) 06:46
Carmires Lidl (E-bound) 08:0309:5311:3313:1814:5817:43
Scriven, adj Park Gate 06:47
Goldsborough Nidderdale Lodge (E-bound) 08:0509:5511:3513:2015:0017:45
Calcutt, adj Piccadilly Motors 06:47
Goldsborough Caravan Park (E-bound) 08:0509:5511:3513:2015:0017:45
Scriven B'Bridge Rd (E-bound) 06:48
Goldsborough Greystones Farm (SE-bound) 08:0609:5611:3613:2115:0117:46
Ferrensby Knaresborough Golf Club (NE-bound) 06:49
Goldsborough War Memorial (E-bound) 08:0809:5811:3813:2315:0317:48
Ferrensby Headlands (N-bound) 06:51
Goldsborough, adj Princess Mead 08:0909:5911:3913:2415:0417:49
Ferrensby Loftus Hill (NE-bound) 06:52
Flaxby Lane End (N-bound) 08:1310:0311:4313:2815:0817:53
Arkendale Road (NE-bound) 06:54
Flaxby Shortsill Lane (NE-bound) 08:1510:0411:4413:2915:0917:54
Minskip Prospect Terrace (N-bound) 06:58
Coneythorpe The Pump (N-bound) 08:1710:0611:4613:3115:1117:56
Clareton Moor Farm (N-bound) 08:1810:0711:4713:3215:1217:57
Arkendale, opp The Old Barn 08:2010:0911:4913:3415:1417:59
Arkendale, adj Manor Park 08:2010:0911:4913:3415:1417:59
Arkendale, adj Blue Bell 08:2110:1011:5013:3515:1518:00
Arkendale Lane End White Cross (NW-bound) 08:2310:1211:5213:3715:1718:02
Ferrensby, adj Green Lane 08:2410:1311:5313:3815:1818:03
Staveley Townend Cottages (N-bound) 08:2710:1611:5613:4115:2118:06
Staveley The Green (W-bound) 08:2710:1611:5613:4115:2118:06
Staveley Spellow Crescent (NE-bound) 08:2810:1711:5713:4215:2218:07
Staveley Highmoor Farm (E-bound) 08:2910:1811:5813:4315:2318:08
Minskip The Crown (N-bound) 06:5808:3110:2012:0013:4515:2518:10
Minskip The White Swan (NE-bound) 06:5808:3210:2112:0113:4615:2618:11
Minskip, opp Morrisons Car Park 07:0008:3410:2312:0313:4815:2818:13
Boroughbridge, opp High School 07:01
Boroughbridge High School (adj) 08:36
Boroughbridge, adj Crown Hotel 07:03
Minskip Ashbourne Road (S-bound) 08:3710:2312:0313:4815:2818:13
Boroughbridge St James Square (E-bound) 07:04
Aldborough Hill Top (NE-bound) 08:4010:2612:0613:5115:3118:16
Aldborough, opp The Square 08:4110:2712:0713:5215:3218:17
Boroughbridge, adj Opp St James Square 08:4410:3012:1013:5515:3518:20
Boroughbridge, opp Crown Hotel 08:4412:1015:35
Boroughbridge Three Arrows (SW-bound) 08:4512:1115:36
Roecliffe Pasture Close (NW-bound) 08:4812:1415:39
Roecliffe Church (NE-bound) 08:4912:1515:40
This journey operates direct via Boroughbridge Road & Scriven

Roecliffe - Knaresborough

Roecliffe Church (NE-bound) 09:0012:2015:45
Boroughbridge, adj Opp St James Square 18:25
Roecliffe Pasture Close (SE-bound) 09:0012:2015:45
Boroughbridge, opp Crown Hotel 18:25
Boroughbridge Druids Meadow (E-bound) 09:0312:2315:48
Boroughbridge, adj High School 18:27
Boroughbridge, adj Crown Hotel 09:0412:2415:49
Boroughbridge St James Square (E-bound) 07:1109:0610:4112:2614:0615:51
Aldborough, adj The Square 07:1309:0810:4312:2814:0815:53
Aldborough Hill View (SW-bound) 07:1409:0910:4412:2914:0915:54
Minskip Ashbourne Road (N-bound) 07:1609:1110:4612:3114:1115:56
Boroughbridge High School (adj) 15:58
Minskip Morrisons Car Park (SW-bound) 07:1609:1110:4612:3114:1116:0118:28
Minskip The White Swan (SW-bound) 07:1809:1310:4812:3314:1316:0318:30
Minskip The Crown (S-bound) 07:1809:1310:4812:3314:1316:0318:30
Staveley Highmoor Farm (W-bound) 07:2109:1610:5112:3614:1616:06
Minskip Prospect Terrace (S-bound) 18:30
Staveley Spellow Crescent (SW-bound) 07:2209:1710:5212:3714:1716:07
Arkendale Westfield Lane (SW-bound) 18:34
Staveley The Green (E-bound) 07:2309:1810:5312:3814:1816:08
Ferrensby Loftus Hill (SW-bound) 18:36
Staveley Townend Cottages (S-bound) 07:2309:1810:5312:3814:1816:08
Ferrensby Main Rd (S-bound) 18:37
Ferrensby, opp Green Lane 07:2509:2010:5512:4014:2016:10
Scriven B'Bridge Rd (W-bound) 18:40
Arkendale White Cross (SE-bound) 07:2609:2110:5612:4114:2116:11
Calcutt, adj Piccadilly Motors 18:41
Arkendale, opp Blue Bell 07:2809:2310:5812:4314:2316:13
Scriven, opp Park Gate 18:41
Arkendale, opp Manor Park 07:2809:2310:5812:4314:2316:13
Scriven Boroughbridge Road (SW-bound) 18:42
Arkendale, adj The Old Barn 07:2909:2410:5912:4414:2416:14
Knaresborough Council Offices (S-bound) 18:43
Clareton Moor Farm (S-bound) 07:3109:2611:0112:4614:2616:16
Coneythorpe The Pump (S-bound) 07:3309:2811:0312:4814:2816:18
Flaxby The Grange (SW-bound) 07:3509:3011:0512:5014:3016:20
Flaxby Lane End (S-bound) 07:3609:3111:0612:5114:3116:21
Goldsborough Midgeley Lane (W-bound) 07:4109:3511:1012:5514:3516:25
Goldsborough Nr Roundabout (NW-bound) 07:4209:3611:1112:5614:3616:26
Goldsborough Caravan Park (W-bound) 07:4309:3711:1212:5714:3716:27
Goldsborough Nidderdale Lodge Park (W-bound) 07:4409:3811:1312:5814:3816:28
Carmires The Paddock (W-bound) 07:4509:3911:1412:5914:3916:29
Carmires Princess Drive (W-bound) 07:4709:4111:1613:0114:4116:31
Knaresborough Bus Stn Stand C (C) 07:5109:4411:1913:0414:4416:3418:44
This journey operates direct via Boroughbridge Road & Scriven

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