21 - North Pier - Cleveleys - Fleetwood

A bus service operated by Transpora North West


Promenade, by North Pier 09:36then every 30 minutes until13:3616:06
Promenade, by Cocker Street 09:3613:3616:06
Promenade, by Pleasant Street 09:3713:3716:07
Claremont, opp Imperial Hotel 09:3713:3716:07
Promenade, opp Wilton Parade 09:3813:3816:08
Promenade, opp Warley Road 09:3813:3816:08
Promenade, by Gynn Square 09:3913:3916:09
North Shore, opp Cliffs Hotel 09:4013:4016:10
North Shore, o/s Cabin 09:4113:4116:11
North Shore, opp St Stephen's Avenue 09:4113:4116:11
North Shore, opp Lowther Avenue 09:4113:4116:11
North Shore, opp Admiral Point 09:4213:4216:12
North Shore, opp Cavendish Road 09:4213:4216:12
Bispham (by) 09:4313:4316:13
Bispham, opp Madison Avenue 09:4413:4416:14
Norbreck, opp Leyburn Avenue 09:4513:4516:15
Norbreck Castle (opp) 09:4613:4616:16
Norbreck North (by) 09:4613:4616:16
Norbreck, opp Norkeed Road 09:4713:4716:17
Little Bispham (by) 09:4813:4816:18
Anchorsholme Lane (opp) 09:5013:5016:20
Anchorsholme, opp Lauderdale Avenue 09:5013:5016:20
Cleveleys, by Crescent 09:5113:5116:21
Cleveleys Victoria Square (Stop A) 09:5213:5216:22
Cleveleys, by Library 09:5213:5216:22
Cleveleys, by Dorset Avenue 09:5313:5316:23
Cleveleys Park, opp Lincoln Ave 09:5413:5416:24
Cleveleys Park, by Halton Avenue 09:5413:5416:24
Cleveleys, by Central Avenue North 09:5513:5516:25
Thornton, opp Tennyson Avenue 09:5613:5616:26
Burn Naze, by Fleetwood Road 09:5713:5716:27
Burn Naze, by Rippingale Way 09:5813:5816:28
Burn Naze, opp Loverose Way 09:5813:5816:28
Broadwater, opp Venture Road 10:0014:0016:30
Broadwater, opp Cala Gran 10:0114:0116:31
Broadwater Caravan Park (opp) 10:0114:0116:31
Freeport, by Affinity Outlet 10:0914:0916:39
Freeport, by McDonalds 10:1214:1216:42
Fleetwood, by Station Road 10:1314:1316:43
Fleetwood, by Preston Street 10:1414:1416:44
Fleetwood, opp Albert Square 10:1514:1516:45
Fleetwood, by Bold Street 10:1714:1716:47


Fleetwood, by Bold Street 09:52then every 30 minutes until16:52
Fleetwood, by Albert Square 09:5216:52
Fleetwood, o/s St Marys Church 09:5316:53
Fleetwood, by Mount Street 09:5316:53
Freeport, by Affinity Outlet 09:5516:55
Freeport, by McDonalds 09:5616:56
Broadwater, by Jameson Road 09:5916:59
Broadwater Caravan Park (by) 09:5916:59
Broadwater, by Cala Gran 10:0017:00
Broadwater, by Venture Road 10:0017:00
Burn Naze, by Loverose Way 10:0117:01
Burn Naze, o/s Springfield Drive 10:0217:02
Burn Naze, opp Fleetwood Road 10:0317:03
Thornton, by Tennyson Avenue 10:0317:03
Cleveleys, by West Drive 10:0417:04
Cleveleys Park, opp Halton Avenue 10:0517:05
Cleveleys Park, by Lincoln Avenue 10:0517:05
Cleveleys, opp Dorset Avenue 10:0617:06
Cleveleys, opp Beach Road 10:0717:07
Cleveleys, opp Rough Lea Road 10:0717:07
Cleveleys Victoria Square (Stop D) 09:3810:0817:08
Anchorsholme, by Lauderdale Avenue 09:3810:0817:08
Anchorsholme Lane (by) 09:3910:0917:09
Anchorsholme, by Melton Place 09:4010:1017:10
Little Bispham (by) 09:4110:1117:11
Little Bispham, by Norkeed Road 09:4110:1117:11
Norbreck, by Norkeed Court 09:4110:1117:11
Norbreck North (by) 09:4210:1217:12
Norbreck Castle (o/s) 09:4310:1317:13
Bispham, by Leyburn Avenue 09:4310:1317:13
Bispham, by Madison Avenue 09:4410:1417:14
Bispham (by) 09:4510:1517:15
North Shore, by Cavendish Road 09:4510:1517:15
North Shore, by Admiral Point 09:4610:1617:16
North Shore, by Lowther Avenue 09:4710:1717:17
North Shore, by St Stephen's Avenue 09:4710:1717:17
North Shore, o/s Cabin 09:4810:1817:18
North Shore, o/s Dorchester Hotel 09:4910:1917:19
North Shore, o/s Cliffs Hotel 09:4910:1917:19
Promenade, o/s Savoy Hotel 09:5010:2017:20
Promenade, by Gynn Square 09:5110:2117:21
Promenade, by Warley Road 09:5210:2217:22
Promenade, by Wilton Parade 09:5310:2317:23
Promenade, o/s Imperial Hotel 09:5410:2417:24
Promenade, by Pleasant Street 09:5510:2517:25
Promenade, by Cocker Street 09:5610:2617:26
Promenade (Stop 7) 09:5810:2817:28

Timetable data from Coastliner, 6 November 2023

Transpora North West


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