217 - Nottsbus Connect - Mansfield - Ladybrook - Rannoch Drive - Mansfield

A bus service operated by Nottinghamshire County Council Fleet Services


Mansfield Bus Station (Bay B) 10:1512:1514:15
Mansfield Westgate (N-bound) 10:1612:1614:16
Mansfield, o/s St Philip Neris Church 10:1612:1614:16
Mansfield, adj Tesco 10:1712:1714:17
Mansfield, adj Council Offices 10:1712:1714:17
Mansfield, adj Bould Street 10:1812:1814:18
Mansfield, opp Beech Hill Drive 10:1812:1814:18
Bull Farm, adj Beckett Avenue 10:1912:1914:19
Bull Farm, adj Fairholme Drive 10:2012:2014:20
Mansfield, opp Water Lane 10:2012:2014:20
Mansfield, adj Abbott Lea 10:2212:2214:22
Ladybrook, adj Cumberland Drive 10:2312:2314:23
Ladybrook, adj Birks Road 10:2412:2414:24
Ladybrook Brick Kiln Lane (SE-bound) 10:2412:2414:24
Ladybrook Brick Kiln Lane (o/s 126) 10:2512:2514:25
Ladybrook, opp Shelford Hill 10:2612:2614:26
Ladybrook, adj Garnon Street 10:2612:2614:26
Mansfield, adj Skegby Mount 10:2612:2614:26
Mansfield, adj Dunoon Road 10:2712:2714:27
Mansfield, adj Dunnett Road 10:2712:2714:27
Mansfield, adj Craigs Green 10:2812:2814:28
Mansfield, opp The Camerons 10:2812:2814:28
Mansfield, adj Pentland Court 10:2812:2814:28
Mansfield Skegby Lane (o/s 52) 10:2912:2914:29
Mansfield Skegby Lane (o/s 28) 10:2912:2914:29
Mansfield, opp Skegby Mount 10:3012:3014:30
Ladybrook, opp Garnon Street 10:3012:3014:30
Ladybrook, adj Shelford Hill 10:3112:3114:31
Ladybrook Brick Kiln Lane (o/s 105) 10:3112:3114:31
Ladybrook Brick Kiln Lane (NW-bound) 10:3212:3214:32
Ladybrook, opp Birks Road 10:3212:3214:32
Ladybrook, opp Cumberland Drive 10:3312:3314:33
Mansfield Abbott Road (NE-bound) 10:3412:3414:34
Mansfield, adj Water Lane 10:3512:3514:35
Bull Farm, opp Fairholme Drive 10:3612:3614:36
Bull Farm, opp Beckett Avenue 10:3712:3714:37
Mansfield, adj Beech Hill Drive 10:3812:3814:38
Mansfield, opp Bould Street 10:3812:3814:38
Mansfield, opp Council Offices 10:3912:3914:39
Mansfield, opp Tesco 10:4012:4014:40
Mansfield Wood Street (W-bound) 10:4012:4014:40
Mansfield, opp Thoresby Street 10:4112:4114:41
Mansfield, adj Union Street 10:4112:4114:41
Mansfield Bus Station (Bay B) 10:4312:4314:43

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

Nottinghamshire County Council Fleet Services