22 - Dundee bus station - Kirriemuir Square

A service operated by Stagecoach East Scotland (SSTY)


Kirriemuir Square - Dundee bus station

Kirriemuir, at High Street 07:34
Kirriemuir, at McGregor's Land 07:35
Kirriemuir, opp Hillrise 07:35
Northmuir, nr Woodville Inn 07:36
Northmuir, at Airlie Place 07:37
Northmuir, nr Easthill Road 07:38
Northmuir Golf Course (opp) 07:39
Northmuir, at Cairn Road 07:39
Northmuir, at Mid Road 07:40
Northmuir, at Woodend Drive 07:41
Kirriemuir, at Kinnordy Road 07:42
Kirriemuir, at Slade Gardens 07:42
Kirriemuir, opp Viewfield 07:43
Kirriemuir, at Knowehead Crescent 07:44
Southmuir, opp Spar 07:44
Southmuir, at Isla Road 07:45
Southmuir, opp Duthie Street 07:46
Southmuir, opp South Street 07:46
Roundyhill, at Wester Logie Road End 07:48
Roundyhill, at Logie Sawmill 07:48
Roundyhill, at Drumshade Caravan Park 07:49
Roundyhill, at Phone Box 07:49
Roundyhill, at Leys of Cossans 07:50
Glamis, opp Station Cottages 07:51
Glamis, at Bridgend 07:52
Glamis, opp Deanbank Cottages 07:52
Glamis, opp Primary School 07:54
Charleston, at Bus Shelter 07:58
Charleston, opp Charlestion Road End 07:58
Milton of Ogilvie, at Mill 08:00
Charleston, at Meikle Kilmundie Road End 08:01
Charleston, at Lumleyden Cottage 08:03
Todhills, at Finlarg Farm 08:05
Todhills, opp Tinkletap Farm 08:07
Tealing Road End (opp) 08:09
Westhall Terrace (at) 08:14
Westhall Terrace, at Murroes School 08:14
Burnside of Duntrune, opp Braeside Cottages 08:18
Barns of Wedderburn, opp Farmhouse Road End 08:18
Fintry, opp Findowrie Street 08:21
Fintry, at Longhaugh Terrace 08:22
Pitkerro, opp Doon Terrace 08:23
Pitkerro, at Craighill Court 08:23
Pitkerro, at Kingennie Court 08:24
Stobswell, at Rennel Road 08:24
Stobswell, at Wortley Place 08:25
Stobswell, opp Morgan Academy 08:25
Stobswell, at Maitland Street 08:26
Stobswell, nr Brown Constable Street 08:26
Hilltown, at Cowan Street 08:27
Hilltown, at Victoria Street 08:27
Dundee, at Wellgate Steps 08:28
Dundee, at Murraygate 08:29
Dundee, at Marks and Spencer 08:30
Dundee, at Bus Station 08:32

Dundee bus station - Kirriemuir Square

Dundee Seagate Bus Station (Stance 3) 17:45
Dundee Forum Centre (Stop 3) 17:49
Dundee Wellgate (Stop 2) 17:49
Hilltown, at Nelson Street 17:50
Hilltown, opp West Lyon Street 17:50
Stobswell, at Dens Road 17:51
Stobswell Road (at) 17:51
Stobswell, opp Baldovan Terace 17:52
Stobswell, at Morgan Academy 17:52
Stobswell, opp Dalkeith Road 17:52
Stobswell, nr Clepington Road 17:53
Pitkerro, at Alloway Terrace 17:54
Pitkerro, opp Craighill Court 17:54
Pitkerro, at Doon Terrace 17:55
Fintry, opp Longhaugh Terrace 17:56
Fintry, at Grampian Gardens 17:57
Barns of Wedderburn, at Farmhouse Road End 17:59
Burnside of Duntrune, at Braeside Cottages 18:00
Westhall Terrace, opp Murroes School 18:04
Westhall Terrace (opp) 18:04
Tealing Road End (at) 18:09
Todhills, at Tinkletap Farm 18:10
Todhills, opp Finlarg Farm 18:12
Charleston, opp Lumleyden Cottage 18:13
Charleston, opp Meikle Kilmundie Road End 18:15
Milton of Ogilvie, opp Mill 18:17
Charleston Road End (at) 18:18
Charleston, opp Bus Shelter 18:19
Glamis, at Mary Countess Way 18:23
Glamis, at Deanbank Cottages 18:24
Glamis, opp Bridgend 18:24
Glamis, at Station Cottages 18:25
Roundyhill, opp Leys of Cossans 18:26
Roundyhill, opp Phone Box 18:27
Roundyhill, opp Drumshade Caravan Park 18:27
Roundyhill, opp Logie Sawmill 18:28
Roundyhill, opp Wester Logie Road End 18:28
Southmuir, opp Beechwood Place 18:30
Southmuir, at South Street 18:30
Southmuir, at Duthie Street 18:31
Southmuir, opp Isla Road 18:31
Southmuir, at Spar 18:32
Kirriemuir, opp Knowehead Crescent 18:32
Kirriemuir, at Viewfield 18:33
Kirriemuir, opp Slade Gardens 18:34
Kirriemuir, opp Kinnordy Road 18:34
Northmuir, opp Woodend Drive 18:35
Northmuir, opp Mid Road 18:36
Northmuir, opp Cairn Road 18:37
Northmuir Golf Course (at) 18:38
Northmuir, at Easthill Road 18:38
Northmuir, opp Airlie Place 18:39
Northmuir, opp Woodville Inn 18:39
Northmuir Primary School (at) 18:40
Kirriemuir, at Hillrise 18:40
Kirriemuir, at East Hill Bank 18:41
Kirriemuir, opp St Anthony's 18:41
Kirriemuir, at Post Office 18:42
Kirriemuir, at Bank Street 18:43

Timetable data from Stagecoach East Scotland, 5 March 2021

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