22 - Newcastle - Trentham:Blurton - Longton

A bus service operated by First Potteries



Newcastle Bus Station (Stand 9) 07:35then every 30 minutes until17:0517:35
Newcastle Under Lyme, adj Cherry Tree PH 07:3717:0717:38
Newcastle Under Lyme, adj The Avenue 07:3817:0817:39
Royal Stoke University Hospital, opp Chapel 07:4017:1017:42
Royal Stoke University Hospital, opp main entrance link 07:4017:1017:42
Penkhull, adj Oliver Road 07:4217:1217:44
Springfields, adj Newcastle Lane 07:4317:1317:45
Springfields Road (opp) 07:4417:1417:46
Trent Vale, adj Collin Road 07:4517:1517:47
Trent Vale, adj Alder Walk 07:4617:1617:48
Trent Vale, adj Chubb Way 07:4717:1717:48
Trent Vale, adj Black Lion 07:4717:1717:49
Trent Vale, opp Riverside Road 07:4817:1817:49
Hanford, adj Church Lane 07:5017:2017:50
Hanford, adj Clermont Avenue 07:5017:2017:51
Hanford, adj Queen Mary Road 07:5117:2117:51
Hanford, adj Kings Road 07:5217:2217:52
Hanford, opp Janson Street 07:5217:2217:52
Hanford Court (opp) 07:5317:2317:53
Hanford, adj Trentham Rugby Club 07:5417:2417:53
Trentham, adj Eastwick Crescent 07:5417:2417:54
Trentham, opp Man-in-Space 07:5517:2517:55
Trentham, adj New Inn Lane 07:5517:2517:55
Trentham, adj Longton Road 07:5617:2617:56
Trentham, opp Barlaston Old Road 07:5717:2717:57
Trentham Hotel (opp) 07:5717:2717:57
Trentham, opp Newpark Plantation 07:5817:2817:58
Hem Heath, adj Lordswood Road 08:0017:3018:00
Newstead, adj Magdalen Road 08:0117:3118:01
Blurton, adj Magdalen Road 08:0217:32
Blurton, adj Ladybank Grove 08:0317:33
Blurton, adj Eastfield Close 08:0317:33
Blurton, adj Bedale Place 08:0517:35
Blurton, adj Ashby Crescent 08:0517:35
Blurton, adj The Cornerstone 08:0617:36
Blurton, opp Consett Road 08:0717:37
Blurton, opp Maythorne Road 08:0717:37
Blurton, adj Ballinson Road 08:0817:38
Blurton, adj Poplar Drive 08:0817:38
Blurton, opp Longton Hall Road 08:0917:39
Blurton, adj Longton Hall Surgery 08:0917:39
Blurton, adj Conifer Grove 08:1017:40
Blurton, adj Swingle Hill Road 08:1117:41
Blurton, adj The John Marston 08:1117:41
Longton, adj Thanet Grove 08:1217:42
Longton, opp The Red House 08:1317:43
Longton, adj Heathcote Road 08:1417:44
Longton Transport Interchange (stand 2) 08:1817:48


Longton Transport Interchange (stand 2) 07:1408:19then every 30 minutes until17:19
Longton, adj Heathcote Road 07:1708:2217:22
Blurton, opp The John Marston 07:1808:2317:23
Blurton, opp Swingle Hill Road 07:1908:2417:24
Blurton, adj St Paul's Church 07:1908:2417:24
Blurton, opp Longton Hall Surgery 07:2008:2517:25
Blurton, adj Longton Hall Road 07:2008:2517:25
Blurton, opp Poplar Drive 07:2108:2617:26
Blurton, opp Ballinson Road 07:2108:2617:26
Blurton, adj Maythorne Road 07:2208:2717:27
Blurton, adj Consett Road 07:2208:2717:27
Blurton, opp The Cornerstone 07:2308:2817:28
Blurton, opp Broadoak Way 07:2408:2917:29
Blurton, opp Eastfield Close 07:2508:3017:30
Blurton, opp Ladybank Grove 07:2608:3117:31
Blurton, adj Magdalen Road 07:2608:3117:31
Newstead, adj Crowcrofts Road 07:2708:3217:32
Hem Heath, opp Lordswood Road 07:2908:3417:34
Trentham, adj Newpark Plantation 07:2908:3417:34
Trentham Hotel (adj) 07:3108:3617:36
Trentham, adj Longton Road 07:3208:3717:37
Trentham, adj New Inn Lane 07:3308:3817:38
Trentham, adj Man-in-Space 07:3408:3917:39
Trentham, opp Eastwick Crescent 07:3508:4017:40
Hanford, adj Health Centre 07:3508:4017:40
Hanford Court (adj) 07:3608:4117:41
Hanford, adj Janson Street 07:3608:4117:41
Hanford, adj Niall Road 07:3708:4217:42
Hanford, opp Queen Mary Road 07:3708:4217:42
Hanford, opp Clermont Avenue 07:3808:4317:43
Hanford, adj Mayne Street 07:3908:4417:44
Trent Vale, adj Riverside Road 07:4108:4617:46
Trent Vale, opp Chubb Way 07:4208:4717:47
Trent Vale, opp Alder Walk 07:4208:4717:47
Trent Vale, opp Collin Road 07:4308:4817:48
Springfields Road (adj) 07:4408:4917:49
Springfields, adj Newcastle Lane 07:4508:5017:50
Penkhull, adj Harplands Hospital 07:4608:5117:51
Penkhull, adj Hospital gates 07:4708:5217:52
Royal Stoke University Hospital, adj main entrance link 07:4808:5317:53
Royal Stoke University Hospital, adj Chapel 07:4908:5417:54
Newcastle Under Lyme, opp The Avenue 07:5108:5617:56
Newcastle Under Lyme, opp Cherry Tree PH 07:5308:5817:58
Newcastle, adj Bus Station 07:5509:0018:00

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