22 - Wednesbury - Tipton

Operated by Diamond Bus


Wednesbury to Tipton

Tipton to Wednesbury

Tipton, before Wood Street 10:12then hourly until15:12
Tipton, opp Locarno Rd 10:1415:14
Tipton Railway Station (near) 08:1509:1510:1515:1516:1517:1518:15
Tipton, opp Alexandra Rd 08:1609:1610:1615:1616:1617:1618:16
Tipton, opp Walkers Grange Home 08:1709:1710:1715:1716:1717:1718:17
Summer Hill, adj Sycamore Road 08:1809:1810:1815:1816:1817:1818:18
Summer Hill, adj Turner St 08:1909:1910:1915:1916:1917:1918:19
Summer Hill, adj Tozer St 08:1909:1910:1915:1916:1917:1918:19
Summer Hill, adj Moat Rd 08:2009:2010:2015:2016:2017:2018:20
Tipton, adj Arthur Rd 08:2109:2110:2115:2116:2117:2118:21
Tipton Oakley Ave (adjacent) 08:2109:2110:2115:2116:2117:2118:21
Dudley Port, after Alexandra Rd 08:2209:2210:2215:2216:2217:2218:22
Dudley Port Sannders Crescent (adjacent) 08:2309:2310:2315:2316:2317:2318:23
Dudley Port, adj Lower Church Lane 08:2409:2410:2415:2416:2417:2418:24
Great Bridge, adj Eagle Street 08:2809:2810:2815:2816:2817:2818:28
Great Bridge Aston St (adjacent) 08:2909:2910:2915:2916:2917:2918:29
Gospel Oak, adj Cupfields Avenue 08:3009:3010:3015:3016:3017:3018:30
Gospel Oak Rd (after) 08:3109:3110:3115:3116:3117:3118:31
Ocker Hill, adj Bagnell St 08:3109:3110:3115:3116:3117:3118:31
Gospel Oak, adj Lea Avenue 08:3209:3210:3215:3216:3217:3218:32
Wednesbury Parkway (before) 08:3309:3310:3315:3316:3317:3318:33
Wednesbury, before Parkway Roundabout 08:3409:3410:3415:3416:3417:3418:34
Wednesbury Portway Road (adjacent) 08:3609:3610:3515:3516:3617:3618:36
Wednesbury Bus Station (Stand J) 08:3809:3810:3715:3716:3817:3818:38

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/DIAM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 3 October 2022

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