223 - Sible Hedingham - Halstead - High Garrett - Braintree

A bus service operated by Flagfinders


Monday to Friday

Braintree - High Garrett - Halstead - Sible Hedingham

Braintree, opp Wheatley Avenue 07:35
Braintree, opp Bartram Avenue North 07:35
Braintree, adj Kings Park Village 07:36
Braintree, o/s Tesco East Store 07:37
Braintree, opp Kings Park Village 07:37
Braintree, adj Bartram Avenue North 07:37
Braintree, adj Hay Lane 07:37
Braintree, opp Dallwood Way 07:37
Braintree, adj Beaumont Place 07:38
Braintree Chapel Hill (SW-bound) 07:40
Braintree, o/s Sportsman 07:41
Braintree, o/s Four Seasons 07:41
Braintree, adj Trinovantian Way 07:42
Braintree, o/s Railway Station 07:44
Braintree Victoria Street (Stand 5) 07:50
Braintree Railway Street (N-bound) 07:51
Braintree, opp Julien Court Road 07:53
Bocking, o/s Old Court Hotel 07:54
Bocking, o/s Six Bells 07:56
Bocking Convent Hill (N-bound) 07:56
Bocking, opp Larchwood Care Home 07:57
Bocking Broad Road (N-bound) 07:58
Bocking, o/s Broad Road Nursery 07:59
High Garrett, adj Four Releet 08:00
High Garrett, adj Grove Field 08:00
High Garrett, opp Hare and Hounds 08:00
High Garrett Foley Corner (NE-bound) 08:01
High Garrett, o/s Crematorium 08:02
High Garrett, opp Rayne Hatch Wood 08:03
Plaistow Green Penny Pot Corner (E-bound) 08:04
Plaistow Green Road (opp) 08:05
Plaistow Green, adj Russell's Road 08:07
Plaistow Green, o/s Attwoods 08:07
Halstead, opp Blamsters Crescent 08:08
Halstead, adj Monklands Court 08:08
Halstead Park (opp) 08:08
Halstead High Street (NE-bound) 08:09
Halstead, opp Hospital 08:15
Sible Hedingham, adj Foxborough 08:19
Sible Hedingham, opp Wash Farm 08:21
Sible Hedingham, adj Lamb Lane 08:21
Sible Hedingham, o/s The Swan 08:22
Sible Hedingham, opp Post Office 08:23
Sible Hedingham, o/s Sugar Loaves 08:26
Sible Hedingham Station Road (NE-bound) 08:28
Sible Hedingham, o/s Hedingham School 08:30
Schooldays Only

Sible Hedingham - Halstead - High Garrett - Braintree

Sible Hedingham, o/s Hedingham School 15:25
Sible Hedingham Station Road (SW-bound) 15:25
Sible Hedingham, opp Sugar Loaves 15:26
Sible Hedingham, o/s Post Office 15:27
Sible Hedingham, opp The Swan 15:28
Sible Hedingham, opp Lamb Lane 15:28
Sible Hedingham, o/s Wash Farm 15:29
Sible Hedingham, opp Foxborough 15:30
Halstead, o/s Hospital 15:33
Halstead High Street (SW-bound) 15:35
Halstead Park (o/s) 15:36
Halstead, adj Ramsey Road 15:38
Halstead, adj Blamsters Crescent 15:38
Plaistow Green, opp Attwoods 15:38
Plaistow Green, opp Russell's Road 15:38
Plaistow Green Road (adj) 15:39
Plaistow Green Penny Pot Corner (W-bound) 15:39
High Garrett, adj Rayne Hatch Wood 15:40
High Garrett, opp Crematorium 15:41
High Garrett Foley Corner (SW-bound) 15:42
High Garrett, o/s Hare and Hounds 15:42
High Garrett, opp Grove Field 15:42
High Garrett, opp Four Releet 15:43
Bocking, opp Broad Road Nursery 15:43
Bocking Broad Road (SW-bound) 15:44
Bocking, o/s Larchwood Care Home 15:45
Bocking Convent Hill (S-bound) 15:45
Bocking, opp Six Bells 15:47
Bocking, opp Old Court Hotel 15:48
Braintree, adj Julien Court Road 15:49
Braintree Courtauld Road (SE-bound) 15:50
Braintree Railway Street (S-bound) 15:50
Braintree, adj Trinovantian Way 15:51
Braintree, o/s Railway Station 15:53
Braintree Victoria Street (Stand 5) 15:56
Braintree, opp Four Seasons 15:58
Braintree, opp Sportsman 15:58
Braintree Chapel Hill (NE-bound) 16:00
Braintree, opp Beaumont Place 16:01
Braintree, opp Kings Head 16:02
Braintree, adj Dallwood Way 16:02
Braintree, opp Wheatley Avenue 16:04
Braintree, opp Bartram Avenue North 16:04
Braintree, adj Kings Park Village 16:05
Braintree, o/s Tesco East Store 16:06
Schooldays Only

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset