228 - Stroud - Painswick - Cranham - Miserden - Sheepscombe - Stroud

A bus service operated by Cotswold Green


Stroud - Painswick - Cranham - Miserden - Sheepscombe - Stroud, (Thurs only)

Stroud Merrywalks (Stop D) 10:00
Stroud Health Centre (corner of) 10:00
Stroud, by Stratford Park 10:00
Stroud, after Salmon Springs 10:01
Stroud, opp Painswick Valley Car Sales 10:02
Pitchcombe, after Painswick Road 10:04
Pitchcombe, before Wragg Castle Lane 10:05
Painswick, opp King's Mill Lane 10:06
Painswick, o/s Rugby Club 10:06
Painswick, opp St Mary's Church 10:08
Painswick, after Pullens Road 10:08
Painswick, after The Highlands 10:09
Painswick, by Clattergrove 10:10
Paradise Golf Course Road (corner of) 10:11
Paradise, opp Adam and Eve House 10:11
Painswick, nr Olivers Lodge 10:12
Painswick, opp Tocknells Cottages 10:13
Cranham, after Royal William 10:14
Cranham Corner North (after) 10:15
Cranham, by Scouts Hq 10:17
Cranham, by The Pound 10:18
Cranham, opp The Knoll 10:19
Cranham, by Overtown Farm 10:22
Cranham, by Birdlip Road Crossroads 10:23
The Camp, after Foston's Ash Inn 10:26
Whiteway, opp Colony Hall 10:30
Miserden, opp Store and Post Office 10:34
Miserden, opp Carpenters Arms 10:35
Wishanger (opp) 10:38
The Camp, before Wishanger Crossroads 10:40
The Camp, opp Calf Way House 10:41
The Camp, by Greystones 10:44
Sheepscombe, opp Butler's Grove 10:45
Sheepscombe, by Apostle Church 10:47
Sheepscombe, opp Pyll House Farm 10:48
Longridge, before Dell Farm Lane 10:51
Longridge, on Bulls Cross Triangle 10:52
Longridge, after Bulls Cross 10:52
Slad, by War Memorial 10:54
Slad, by Woolpack Inn 10:56
Stroud, by The Vatch 10:57
Stroud, by Slade Brook 10:59
Uplands, opp Peghouse Rise 10:59
Uplands, by Libby's Drive 11:00
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop J) 11:02

Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

Stroud - Sheepscombe - Miserden - Cranham - Painswick - Stroud

Stroud Merrywalks (Stop D) 13:00
Uplands, opp Libby's Drive 13:01
Uplands, before Peghouse Rise 13:02
Stroud, opp Slade Brook 13:02
Stroud, opp The Vatch 13:04
Slad, opp Woolpack Inn 13:06
Slad, opp War Memorial 13:07
Longridge, before Bulls Cross 13:08
Longridge, after Dell Farm Lane 13:09
Sheepscombe, by Pyll House Farm 13:11
Sheepscombe, opp Methodist Church 13:12
Sheepscombe, opp Apostle Church 13:13
Sheepscombe, by Butler's Grove 13:14
The Camp, opp Greystones 13:17
The Camp, by Calf Way House 13:21
The Camp, after Wishanger Crossroads 13:21
Wishanger (by) 13:23
Miserden, opp Store and Post Office 13:26
Miserden, by Carpenters Arms 13:27
Whiteway, by Colony Hall 13:32
The Camp, opp Foston's Ash Inn 13:34
Cranham, opp Birdlip Road Crossroads 13:37
Cranham, opp Overtown Farm 13:38
Cranham, by The Knoll 13:40
Cranham, opp The Pound 13:42
Cranham, opp Scouts Hq 13:42
Cranham Corner South (before) 13:45
Cranham, opp Royal William 13:46
Painswick, by Tocknells Cottages 13:47
Painswick, by Olivers Lodge 13:48
Paradise, by Adam and Eve House 13:49
Paradise, opp Golf Course Road 13:50
Painswick, opp Clattergrove 13:51
Painswick, opp The Highlands 13:52
Painswick, opp Pullens Road 13:53
Painswick, o/s St Mary's Church 13:54
Painswick, opp Rugby Club 13:54
Painswick, after King's Mill Lane 13:55
Pitchcombe, opp Wragg Castle Lane 13:56
Pitchcombe, opp Halfway Pitch 13:58
Stroud, by Painswick Valley Car Sales 13:59
Stroud, before Salmon Springs 14:00
Stroud, opp Stratford Park 14:00
Stroud, opp Health Centre 14:01
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop J) 14:02

Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

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