232 - Ledbury Railway Station - Ross-on-Wye Bus Station

A bus service operated by DRM Bus

Ledbury Railway Station - Ross-on-Wye Bus Station

Ledbury, adj Railway Station 09:0511:0513:0515:0517:05
Ledbury, opp Tesco 09:0611:0613:0615:0617:05
Ledbury, adj Market House 09:1011:1013:1015:2017:0719:1021:10
Ledbury The Southend (opp 43) 09:1011:1013:1015:2117:0719:1021:10
Ledbury - Deer Park, adj Dunns Copse 09:1111:1113:1115:2317:0819:1121:11
Ledbury - Deer Park, opp Orchard Place 09:1111:1113:1115:2517:0819:1121:11
Ledbury - Deer Park, opp Ferndown Road 09:1211:1213:1215:2517:0919:1221:12
Ledbury - Deer Park, opp Bramley Close 09:1211:1213:1215:2617:0919:1221:12
Ledbury - Deer Park, adj Martins Way 09:1411:1413:1415:2817:1019:1421:14
Ledbury - Deer Park, adj Hazle Close 09:1411:1413:1415:2817:1019:1421:14
Preston Cross, opp Lower House Barn 09:1711:1713:1715:3117:1319:1721:17
Much Marcle, opp Garage 09:1911:1913:1915:3317:1519:1921:19
Much Marcle, opp Walwyn Arms PH 09:2211:2213:2215:3917:1519:2221:22
Much Marcle, adj Glebe Orchard 09:2311:2313:2315:4017:1619:2321:23
Dymock, by Windcross Farm 09:2511:2513:2515:4217:1819:2521:25
Dymock, by Shakesfield 09:2611:2613:2615:4317:1919:2621:26
Dymock, opp The Crypt 09:2611:2613:2615:4317:1919:2621:26
Dymock, opp Garage 09:2611:2613:2615:4317:1919:2621:26
Dymock, o/s St Mary's Church 09:3011:3013:3015:4717:2019:3021:30
Dymock, nr Cricket Club 09:3011:3013:3015:4717:2019:3021:30
Castletump, opp Bentleys 09:3211:3213:3215:4917:2219:3221:32
Castletump, by Three Choirs 09:3211:3213:3215:4917:2219:3221:32
Botloe’s Green, after Birches Lane Turn 09:3211:3213:3215:5017:2219:3221:32
Newent, opp Coldharbour Lane 09:3311:3313:3315:5117:2319:3321:33
Newent, after Three Ashes Lane 09:3311:3313:3315:5117:2319:3321:33
Newent, by Fire Station 09:3411:3413:3415:5217:2419:3421:34
Newent, after Lakeside 09:3411:3413:3415:5217:2419:3421:34
Newent, by Lake car park 09:4011:4013:4015:5517:2519:4021:40
Newent, opp Lakeside 09:4011:4013:4015:5517:2519:4021:40
Newent, opp Kings Arms 09:4011:4013:4015:5517:2519:4021:40
Newent, o/s Picklenash School 09:4011:4013:4015:5517:2519:4021:40
Newent, opp Oxenhall Turn 09:4111:4113:4115:5617:2619:4121:41
Newent, before Conigree Road 09:4211:4213:4215:5717:2719:4221:42
Kilcot, opp Inn 09:4211:4213:4215:5717:2719:4221:42
Kilcot, nr Briery Hill Lane 09:4311:4313:4315:5817:2819:4321:43
Kilcot, o/s Garage 09:4311:4313:4315:5817:2819:4321:43
Gorsley, o/s Christ Church 09:4411:4413:4415:5917:2919:4421:44
Gorsley, nr Sterrys Road 09:4411:4413:4415:5917:2919:4421:44
Gorsley, before Telephone Exchange 09:4411:4413:4415:5917:2919:4421:44
Gorsley, adj Quarry Lane 09:4511:4513:4516:0017:3019:4521:45
Gorsley, opp Goffs School 09:4711:4713:4716:0217:3019:4721:47
Gorsley Jay's Green (W-bound) 09:4711:4713:4716:0217:3119:4721:47
Hill Top, adj Two Park Farm 09:4811:4813:4816:0317:3219:4821:48
Hill Top, opp Shelter 09:4911:4913:4916:0417:3319:4921:49
Upton Bishop Cross (SW-bound) 09:5011:5013:5016:0517:3419:5021:50
Upton Bishop, adj Powell Croft 09:5011:5013:5016:0517:3419:5021:50
Upton Bishop Cross (SW-bound) 09:5111:5113:5116:0617:3519:5121:51
Upton Bishop, adj Bamford Cottages 09:5111:5113:5116:0617:3519:5121:51
Phocle Green, opp Shelter 09:5311:5313:5316:0817:3719:5321:53
Phocle Green, adj Parish Notice Board 09:5311:5313:5316:0817:3719:5321:53
Phocle Green Rudhall Turn (SW-bound) 09:5411:5413:5416:0917:3819:5421:54
Ross-on-Wye Travellers Rest (W-bound) 09:5511:5513:5516:1017:3919:5521:55
Ross-on-Wye, opp John Kyrle High School 09:5711:5713:5716:1217:4119:5721:57
Ross-on-Wye, adj Court Road 09:5811:5813:5816:1317:4219:5821:58
Ross-on-Wye Five Ways (SW-bound) 09:5911:5913:5916:1417:4319:5921:59
Ross-on-Wye Station Street (E-bound) 09:5911:5913:5916:1417:4319:5921:59
Ross-on-Wye Cantilupe Road (Stand 2) 10:0212:0214:0216:1717:4420:0122:01

Ross-on-Wye Bus Station - Ledbury Railway Station

Ross-on-Wye Cantilupe Road (Stand 2) 10:1012:1014:1016:2018:2020:1022:10
Ross-on-Wye, adj Five Ways 10:1112:1114:1116:2118:2120:1122:11
Ross-on-Wye, opp Court Road 10:1112:1114:1116:2118:2120:1122:11
Ross-on-Wye, adj John Kyrle High School 10:1212:1214:1216:2218:2220:1222:12
Ross-on-Wye, opp Overross Farm 10:1212:1214:1216:2218:2220:1222:12
Ross-on-Wye Travellers Rest (E-bound) 10:1412:1414:1416:2418:2420:1422:14
Phocle Green Rudhall Turn (NE-bound) 10:1512:1514:1516:2518:2520:1522:15
Phocle Green, opp Parish Notice Board 10:1612:1614:1616:2618:2620:1622:16
Phocle Green, adj Shelter 10:1612:1614:1616:2618:2620:1622:16
Upton Bishop, opp Bamford Cottages 10:1812:1814:1816:2818:2820:1822:18
Upton Bishop Cross (NE-bound) 10:2412:2414:2416:3418:3120:2122:21
Upton Bishop, opp Powell Croft 10:2412:2414:2416:3418:3120:2122:21
Upton Bishop Cross (NE-bound) 10:2412:2414:2416:3418:3120:2122:21
Hill Top, adj Shelter 10:2512:2514:2516:3518:3220:2222:22
Hill Top, opp Two Park Farm 10:2612:2614:2616:3618:3320:2322:23
Gorsley Jay's Green (E-bound) 10:2712:2714:2716:3718:3420:2422:24
Gorsley, adj Goffs School 10:2812:2814:2816:3818:3520:2522:25
Gorsley, opp Quarry Lane 10:2912:2914:2916:3918:3620:2622:26
Gorsley, nr Telephone Exchange 10:2912:2914:2916:3918:3620:2622:26
Gorsley, opp Sterrys Road 10:3012:3014:3016:4018:3720:2722:27
Gorsley, nr Christ Church 10:3012:3014:3016:4018:3720:2722:27
Kilcot, opp Garage 10:3112:3114:3116:4118:3820:2822:28
Kilcot, opp Briery Hill Lane 10:3112:3114:3116:4118:3820:2822:28
Kilcot, by Inn 10:3212:3214:3216:4218:3920:2922:29
Newent, after Conigree Road 10:3212:3214:3216:4218:3920:2922:29
Newent Oxenhall Turn (corner of) 10:3312:3314:3316:4318:4020:3022:30
Newent, before Picklenash School 10:3412:3414:3416:4418:4120:3122:31
Newent, by Kings Arms 10:3412:3414:3416:4418:4120:3122:31
Newent, after Lakeside 10:3412:3414:3416:4418:4120:3122:31
Newent, by Lake car park 10:3512:3514:3516:4518:4220:3222:32
Newent, opp Lakeside 10:3512:3514:3516:4518:4220:3222:32
Newent, nr Fire Station 10:3512:3514:3516:4518:4220:3222:32
Newent, opp Three Ashes Lane 10:3612:3614:3616:4618:4320:3322:33
Newent, before Coldharbour Lane 10:3612:3614:3616:4618:4320:3322:33
Botloe’s Green, before Birches Lane Turn 10:3712:3714:3716:4718:4420:3422:34
Castletump, opp Three Choirs 10:3712:3714:3716:4718:4420:3422:34
Castletump, by Bentleys 10:3812:3814:3816:4818:4520:3522:35
Dymock, opp Cricket Club 10:3912:3914:3916:4918:4620:3622:36
Dymock, before St Mary's Church 10:4412:4414:4416:5418:5020:4022:40
Dymock, before Garage 10:4412:4414:4416:5418:5020:4022:40
Dymock, after The Crypt 10:4412:4414:4416:5418:5020:4022:40
Dymock, nr Shakesfield 10:4512:4514:4516:5518:5120:4122:41
Dymock, opp Windcross Farm 10:4612:4614:4616:5618:5220:4222:42
Much Marcle, opp Glebe Orchard 10:5212:5214:5217:0218:5820:4822:48
Much Marcle, adj Walwyn Arms PH 10:5212:5214:5217:0218:5820:4822:48
Much Marcle, adj Garage 10:5212:5214:5217:0218:5820:4822:48
Preston Cross, by Lower House Barn 10:5412:5414:5417:0419:0020:5022:50
Ledbury - Deer Park, adj Martins Way 20:5722:57
Ledbury, opp Golding Way 11:0013:0015:0017:1019:01
Ledbury, adj Railway Station 11:0513:0515:0517:1519:03
Ledbury - Deer Park, adj Bramley Close 20:5722:57
Ledbury, opp Tesco 19:04
Ledbury - Deer Park, adj Ferndown Road 20:5822:58
Ledbury - Deer Park, adj Orchard Place 20:5822:58
Ledbury - Deer Park, opp Dunns Copse 20:5922:59
Ledbury The Southend (adj 40) 20:5922:59
Ledbury, adj Memorial 19:1021:0023:00

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