232 - Pepperstock - Caddington - Dunstable

A bus service operated by South Beds Dial-a-Ride

Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

Caravan Park - Asda

Pepperstock, o/s Caravan Park 08:5010:0512:40
Pepperstock, opp Pepsal End Lane 08:5010:0512:40
Slip End, opp Old School Walk 08:5110:0612:41
Slip End, opp Prebendal Drive 08:5210:0712:42
Woodside Grove Park Road (NW-bound) 08:5210:0712:42
Woodside Road (SW-bound) 08:5310:0812:43
Woodside, opp Manor Road 08:5410:0912:44
Woodside View (nr) 08:5410:0912:44
Aley Green, adj The Chapel 08:5610:1112:46
Aley Green, adj Pipers Lane 08:5710:1212:47
Caddington, o/s Hawthorn Crescent 08:5910:1412:49
Caddington Manor Road (Stop A) 09:0010:1512:50
Caddington, adj Winchfield 09:0010:1512:50
Caddington, o/s Chaul End Road 09:0110:1612:51
Caddington, o/s Lyons Community Centre 09:0310:1812:53s
Dunstable, o/s Tesco Store Skimpot 09:0910:2412:59s
Lewsey, adj Browning Road 09:1010:2513:00s
Lewsey, nr Shelley Road 09:1110:2613:01s
Lewsey, opp Luton & Dunstable Hospital 09:1210:2713:02s
Lewsey, opp Lime Avenue 09:1210:2713:02s
Lewsey Road (nr) 09:1310:2813:03s
Lewsey Farm, nr Carmelite Road 09:1310:2813:03s
Lewsey Farm, adj Emerald Road 09:1410:2913:04s
Lewsey Farm, adj Bracknell Close 09:1410:2913:04s
Dunstable, adj Hadrian Avenue 09:1510:30
Lewsey Farm, opp Katherine Drive 13:05s
Dunstable Wilbury Drive (SW-bound) 09:1510:30
Lewsey, opp Old Dairy Court 13:05s
Dunstable, o/s The Vale Academy 09:1610:31
Dunstable, opp Evelyn Road 13:07s
Dunstable, o/s Ridgeway Avenue 09:1610:31
Dunstable, adj Allenby Avenue 13:07s
Dunstable, adj Linsell House 09:1710:3211:00
Dunstable, adj Kingsbury Avenue 13:08s
Dunstable, adj Ridgeway Drive 09:1810:3311:01
Dunstable, adj Liscombe Road 09:2010:3511:0313:08s
Dunstable Sainsbury's (Stop W3) 09:2410:3911:0713:10s
Dunstable Chiltern Park (Stop W4) 09:2410:3911:0713:10s
Dunstable, adj White Lion Retail Park North 09:2410:3911:0713:10s
Dunstable Central Bedfordshire College (Stop J3) 09:2510:4011:0813:11s
Dunstable Asda (Stop J1) 09:2610:4111:0913:12

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Asda - Caravan Park

Dunstable Sainsbury's (Stop W3) 10:4511:55
Dunstable Chiltern Park (Stop W4) 10:4511:55
Dunstable, adj White Lion Retail Park North 10:4511:55
Dunstable Central Bedfordshire College (Stop J3) 10:4611:56
Dunstable Asda (Stop J1) 10:4711:57
Dunstable The Quadrant (Stop N3) 10:4911:59
Dunstable Church Street (Stop P2) 10:5112:01
Dunstable, adj Priory View 10:5212:02
Dunstable, adj Boscombe Road 10:5412:04
Dunstable, opp Liscombe Road 10:5512:05
Dunstable, opp Ridgeway Drive 10:5612:06
Dunstable, opp Linsell House 10:5812:08
Dunstable, opp The Vale Academy 12:08
Dunstable Wilbury Drive (NE-bound) 12:09
Lewsey Farm, opp Wilbury Drive 12:09
Lewsey Farm, opp Bracknell Close 12:10
Lewsey Farm, opp Emerald Road 12:11
Lewsey Farm, opp Carmelite Road 12:12
Lewsey, adj Lime Avenue 12:13
Lewsey, adj Luton & Dunstable Hospital 12:14
Lewsey, opp Shelley Road 12:15
Lewsey, opp Browning Road 12:16
Lewsey, opp Tesco Store Skimpot 12:16
Caddington, o/s Lyons Community Centre 12:23
Caddington, o/s Chaul End Road 12:24
Caddington, opp Winchfield 12:25
Caddington Manor Road (Stop B) 09:5412:26
Caddington, opp Hawthorn Crescent 09:5412:26
Aley Green, opp Pipers Lane 09:5612:28
Aley Green, opp The Chapel 09:5812:30
Woodside View (before) 09:5812:30
Woodside, adj Manor Road 10:0012:32
Woodside Road (NE-bound) 10:0012:32
Woodside Grove Park Road (SE-bound) 10:0112:33
Slip End, adj Prebendal Drive 10:0212:34
Slip End, adj Old School Walk 10:0212:34
Pepperstock, adj Pepsal End Lane 10:0312:35
Pepperstock, o/s Caravan Park 10:0412:36

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 19 April 2024

South Beds Dial-a-Ride