234 - Uttoxeter Rd / Manor Rd to St Benedicts School

A bus service operated by Notts and Derby


Monday to Friday, not St Benedicts school Term holidays, St Benedicts school Term days


Royal Derby Hospital Ring Road (just after) 07:25
Royal Derby Hospital (adj) 07:25
Mickleover Kings Drive (W-bound) 07:26
Mickleover, opp Rough Heanor Road 07:26
Mickleover, adj Chain Lane 07:26
Mickleover, opp Arundel Avenue 07:26
Mickleover, adj Cavendish Way 07:27
Mickleover, opp Our Lady Church 07:27
Mickleover Tesco (W-bound) 07:28
Mickleover Kipling Drive (SE-bound) 07:29
Mickleover, adj Blencathra Drive 07:30
Mickleover, opp Hedingham Way 07:31
Littleover, opp Staker Lane 07:31
Littleover, adj Havenbaulk Avenue 07:32
Littleover, adj Nuffield Hospital 07:33
Littleover, opp Hollybrook Medical Centre 07:33
Littleover, opp Bridgeness Road 07:34
Callowhill Way 07:38
Littleover, opp Copse Grove 07:38
Littleover, adj Woodcote Way 07:39
Littleover, opp Palatine Grove 07:39
Littleover Community School (N-bound) 07:40
Littleover, adj Troon Close 07:41
Littleover, opp Elgin Avenue 07:42
Littleover, opp Derby High School 07:43
Littleover The Hollow (S-bound) 07:44
Littleover, opp Harpur Avenue 07:45
Littleover, adj Hill Cross Avenue 07:46
Littleover, adj Greenburn Close 07:47
Sunny Hill, adj Kegworth Avenue 07:48
Sunny Hill Oaklands Avenue top (SW-bound) 07:49
Sunny Hill, adj Bowbridge Avenue 07:49
Sunny Hill, adj The Oaklands 07:50
Sunny Hill, opp Swarkestone Drive 07:50
Sunny Hill, adj Blagreaves Lane End 07:51
Sunny Hill Hill Top (NE-bound) 07:51
Sunny Hill, adj Wellesley Avenue 07:52
Normanton, opp Ainsworth Drive 07:53
Normanton, opp Village Street 07:53
Normanton, opp Offerton Avenue 07:54
Normanton, opp Cavendish 07:55
Normanton, adj Crewe Street 07:56
Normanton, adj Sikh Temple 07:57
Normanton, adj Stanhope Street 07:58
Rose Hill, adj Lower Dale Road 07:59
Rose Hill, adj Dashwood Street 08:00
Derby, opp Leopold Street 08:01
Derby Intu Centre (Stop A3) 08:02
Derby Garden Street (NW-bound) 08:07
Darley Abbey, adj Queen Mary Court 08:08
Darley Abbey, adj Highfield Road 08:09
Darley Abbey, adj West Bank Avenue 08:10
Darley Abbey Mileash Lane (Opp 284) 08:12
Darley Abbey, adj St Benedicts Bus Park 08:15


Darley Abbey, adj St Benedicts Bus Park 15:10
Darley Abbey Mileash Lane (Adj 276) 15:11
Darley Abbey, opp Broadway 15:12
Darley Abbey, opp West Bank Avenue 15:13
Darley Abbey, opp Highfield Road 15:14
Darley Abbey, opp Queen Mary Court 15:15
Derby, opp Garden Street 15:16
Derby, opp Seven Stars 15:17
Derby Lara Croft Way (W-bound) 15:20
Derby, adj Leopold Street 15:21
Rose Hill, adj Hartington Street 15:22
Rose Hill, opp Dashwood Street 15:23
Rose Hill, opp Lower Dale Road 15:24
Normanton, opp Stanhope Street 15:25
Normanton, opp Sikh Temple 15:26
Normanton, adj Crewe Street 15:27
Normanton, adj Cavendish 15:28
Normanton, adj Offerton Avenue 15:29
Normanton, adj Village Street 15:30
Normanton, adj Holmfield 15:31
Normanton, adj Ainsworth Drive 15:31
Sunny Hill, opp Wellesley Avenue 15:32
Sunny Hill Hill Top (SW-bound) 15:32
Sunny Hill, opp Blagreaves Lane End 15:33
Sunny Hill, adj Southcroft 15:34
Sunny Hill, adj Swarkestone Drive 15:35
Sunny Hill, opp The Oaklands 15:36
Sunny Hill, opp Bowbridge Avenue 15:37
Sunny Hill Oaklands Avenue top (NE-bound) 15:38
Sunny Hill, opp Kegworth Avenue 15:39
Littleover, opp Greenburn Close 15:40
Littleover, opp Hill Cross Avenue 15:41
Littleover, adj Harpur Avenue 15:42
Littleover The Hollow (N-bound) 15:43
Littleover, adj Derby High School 15:44
Littleover, adj Elgin Avenue 15:45
Littleover, adj Swanmore Road 15:46
Littleover, opp Troon Close 15:47
Littleover, opp Palatine Grove 15:48
Littleover, adj Woodcote Way 15:49
Littleover, opp Copse Grove 15:50
Littleover, adj Meadow Brook Close 15:50
Littleover, opp Bridgeness Road 15:51
Littleover, opp Hollybrook Medical Centre 15:52
Littleover Hollybrook Way (NW-bound) 15:52
Littleover, opp Havenbaulk Avenue 15:52
Littleover, adj Staker Lane 15:53
Mickleover, adj Hedingham Way 15:54
Mickleover, opp Blencathra Drive 15:54
Mickleover Tesco (N-bound) 15:55
Mickleover, adj Our Lady Church 15:55
Mickleover, opp Cavendish Way 15:55
Mickleover, adj Arundel Avenue 15:56
Mickleover, opp Muirfield Drive 15:57
Mickleover, adj Rough Heanor Road 15:58
Mickleover Kings Drive (NE-bound) 15:58
Royal Derby Hospital (opp) 15:59
Royal Derby Hospital Ring Road (just before) 16:00
Uttoxeter New Road, opp Manor Road 16:00

Timetable data from Notts and Derby/Bus Open Data Service, 24 February 2021

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