234 - Maidenhead - Waltham St Lawrence via Paley Street, Shurlock Row

A bus service operated by Thames Valley Buses

Maidenhead Frascati Way (Stop S1) 07:1510:1012:5015:2517:30
Maidenhead Broadway (E-bound) 07:1510:1012:5015:2517:30
Maidenhead Market Street (E-bound) 07:1610:1112:5115:2617:31
Maidenhead, o/s Library 07:1610:1112:5115:2717:31
Maidenhead Queen Street (o/s 105) 07:1710:1212:5215:2917:33
Maidenhead, at Railway Bridge 07:1810:1312:5317:33
Maidenhead Station (O/S) 15:30
Bray Wick, o/s Cemetery 07:2010:1512:5517:35
Bray Wick, opp Braywick House East 07:2010:1512:5517:36
Paley Street, opp Short Lane Farm 07:2610:2113:0117:43
Paley Street, o/s Bridge House 07:2810:2313:0317:45
Paley Street, opp Duell Farm 07:2910:2413:0417:46
White Waltham, adj Ormandy House 07:3110:2613:0617:48
White Waltham, opp Grove Park 07:3210:2713:0717:49
White Waltham, opp Primary School 07:3310:2813:0817:50
Maidenhead Frascati Way (Stop N1) 15:31
Maidenhead, adj Windsor Castle PH 15:33
Maidenhead, nr Medical Centre 15:33
Maidenhead St Marks Hospital Gate 2 (Stop B) 15:35
Maidenhead, opp Clara Court 15:37
Maidenhead, opp Cricket Ground 15:38
Maidenhead, opp Highway Avenue 15:39
Maidenhead, opp Newlands Drive 15:41
White Waltham, nr Beehive PH 07:3410:2913:0915:4917:51
White Waltham, opp Littlefield Farm 07:3710:3113:1115:5117:53
Paley Street Howlane Bridge (S-bound) 07:3710:3213:1215:5217:54
Twyford Road Binfield Lodge (adj) 07:4210:3513:1515:5517:57
Shurlock Row, opp Bear Farm 07:4310:3613:1615:5617:58
Shurlock Row Twyford Road (N-bound) 07:4410:3713:1715:5717:59
Shurlock Row, adj White Hart PH 07:4510:3813:1815:5818:00
Shurlock Row, o/s Royal Oak PH 07:4510:3813:1815:5818:00
Shurlock Row, adj Hill Farm 07:4610:3913:1915:5918:01
Waltham St Lawrence, adj Downfield Road 07:4910:4213:2216:0218:04
Waltham St Lawrence, adj Paradise House 07:5110:4413:2416:0418:06
Waltham St Lawrence, o/s The Bell 07:5210:4513:2516:0518:07
Hare Hatch Grange (Adj) 06:1707:5910:5113:3116:1218:14
Kiln Green The Forge (E-bound) 06:1707:5910:5113:3116:1218:14
Kiln Green, opp Castle Royale Golf Club 06:1707:5910:5113:3116:1218:14
Knowl Hill, adj Bird In Hand 06:1808:0010:5213:3216:1318:15
Knowl Hill, o/s Square Deal Cafe 06:1908:0110:5313:3316:1418:16
Knowl Hill, on Choseley Road 10:5413:3416:15
Knowl Hill, opp Novello 06:1908:0110:5513:3516:1618:16
Knowl Hill, opp Frogmore Farm 06:2008:0210:5613:3616:1718:17
Littlewick Green, adj Green Lane 06:2108:0310:5713:3716:1918:18
Littlewick Green Westacott Way Roundabout (E-bound) 06:2108:0310:5813:3816:1918:18
Maidenhead, opp Shire Horse PH 06:2208:0410:5913:3916:2018:19
Maidenhead, adj Newlands Drive 06:2408:0611:0113:4116:2318:21
Maidenhead, nr Highway Avenue 06:2408:0611:0113:4116:2318:21
Maidenhead, o/s Clara Court 06:2608:0811:0313:4316:2518:23
Maidenhead St Marks Hospital Gate 2 (Stop A) 06:2708:1011:0413:4416:2618:24
Maidenhead, opp Medical Centre 06:2708:1011:0413:4416:2618:24
Maidenhead, adj Wellington Road 06:2808:1111:0513:4516:2718:25
Maidenhead, opp Windsor Castle PH 06:2808:1211:0613:4616:2818:26
Maidenhead Frascati Way (Stop S1) 06:3008:1411:0813:4816:3018:28

Timetable data from Thames Valley Buses, 12 December 2023

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