24 - Fowey - St Austell - Mevagissey

A bus service operated by First Kernow

Temporary Closure - Par Green
10 September–22 December 2023

Installation of a new culvert as part of the St Blazey Flood Alleviation Scheme

Due to works being undertaken by the Environment Agency buses on service 24 are unable to operate via Par Green or St Blazey Road and will be diverted via St Andrews Road in both directions.


Fowey Safe Harbour Hotel - Lost Gardens Of Heligan

Fowey Safe Harbour Hotel (W-bound) 10:3512:0513:3515:0516:3518:05
Fowey Community College (W-bound) 10:3612:0613:3615:0616:3618:06
Fowey Lankelly Lane (W-bound) 10:3712:0713:3715:0716:3718:07
Fowey Hill Hay (NW-bound) 10:3812:0813:3815:0816:3818:08
Fowey East Lodge (NW-bound) 10:3912:0913:3915:0916:3918:09
Fowey Four Turnings Garage (NW-bound) 10:3912:0913:3915:0916:39
Polkerris Turn (W-bound) 18:12
Castledore Tywardreath Turn (W-bound) 10:4212:1213:4215:1216:42
Polmear The Ship Inn (NW-bound) 18:14
Tywardreath Trenython Manor Turn (SW-bound) 10:4312:1313:4315:1316:43
Polmear Parc (opp) 18:15
Tywardreath Polpey Lane (W-bound) 10:4512:1513:4515:1516:45
Tywardreath Poldrea (SW-bound) 10:4512:1513:4515:1516:45
Tywardreath, opp Belmount Street 10:4612:1613:4615:1616:46
Tywardreath St Andrews Church (W-bound) 10:4612:1613:4615:1616:46
Tywardreath Woodland Avenue (W-bound) 10:4712:1713:4715:1716:47
Tywardreath, opp Hall 10:4712:1713:4715:1716:47
Par Railway Station (SE-bound) 09:1810:4812:1813:4815:1816:48
Par Tehidy Road (SE-bound) 09:1910:4912:1913:4915:1916:49
Par, opp Costcutter 09:1910:4912:1913:4915:1916:4918:15
Moorland Rd & Par Green Jctn (W-bound) 09:2010:5012:2013:5015:2016:5018:16
The Par Inn (NW-bound) 09:2110:5112:2113:5115:2116:5118:17
Par Community Church (N-bound) 09:2110:5112:2113:5115:2116:5118:17
St Blazey Middleway Garage (N-bound) 09:2310:5312:2313:5315:2316:5318:19
St Blazey Station Road (NW-bound) 09:2410:5412:2413:5415:2416:5418:20
St Blazey, opp Football Club 09:2410:5412:2413:5415:2416:5418:20
St Blazey Polgrean Place (S-bound) 09:2510:5512:2513:5515:2516:5518:21
St Blazey Gate Landreath Steps (SW-bound) 09:2610:5612:2613:5615:2616:5618:22
St Blazey Playing Field (E-bound) 09:2710:5712:2713:5715:2716:57
St Blazey Doubletrees School (SW-bound) 18:23
St Blazey, opp Old Roselyon Manor 09:2810:5812:2813:5815:2816:58
St Blazey Chyandor Close (S-bound) 09:2810:5812:2813:5815:2816:58
St Blazey, opp Polgover Way 09:2910:5912:2913:5915:2916:59
St Blazey Penarwyn Woods (W-bound) 09:3011:0012:3014:0015:3017:00
St Blazey, opp Trenython Road 09:3011:0012:3014:0015:3017:00
Biscovey School Close (W-bound) 09:3111:0112:3114:0115:3117:01
Biscovey Ash Grove (SW-bound) 09:3111:0112:3114:0115:3117:01
Biscovey Hillside Avenue (W-bound) 09:3211:0212:3214:0215:3217:02
St Blazey Gate Orchards (N-bound) 09:3211:0212:3214:0215:3217:02
St Blazey Gate, opp Mid Cornwall Galleries 09:3211:0212:3214:0215:3217:0218:24
St Blazey Gate Rear Cornish Market World (SW-bound) 09:3311:0312:3314:0315:3317:0318:25
Holmbush, opp Tregrehan Turn 09:3411:0412:3414:0415:3417:0418:26
Holmbush Gwallon Keas (SW-bound) 09:3611:0612:3614:0615:3617:0618:28
Holmbush Inn (opp) 09:3611:0612:3614:0615:3617:0618:28
Charlestown, opp Holmbush Arch Road 09:3811:0812:3814:0815:3817:08
Holmbush Road (W-bound) 18:29
Charlestown Church (SW-bound) 09:3911:0912:3914:0915:3917:09
Mount Charles, opp Car Wash 18:30
Charlestown, opp Opp Foundry Parc 09:4011:1012:4014:1015:4017:10
St Austell Chandlers Walk (NW-bound) 09:4011:1012:4014:1015:4017:10
St Austell Asda (W-bound) 09:4311:1312:4314:1315:4317:1318:33
Mount Charles, opp Recreation Ground 09:4411:1412:4414:1415:4417:1418:34
Mount Charles Ranelagh Road (N-bound) 09:4511:1512:4514:1515:4517:1518:35
Mount Charles Eliot Road (NW-bound) 09:4611:1612:4614:1615:4617:1618:36
St Austell Boots (W-bound) 09:4711:1712:4714:1715:4717:1718:37
St Austell, o/s Polkyth Leisure Centre 09:4811:1812:4814:1815:4817:1818:38
St Austell Carlyon Road (SW-bound) 09:4911:1912:4914:1915:4917:1918:39
St Austell Bus Station (Stand B) 09:5011:2012:5014:2015:5017:2018:40
St Austell South Street (SW-bound) 08:2809:5811:2812:5814:2815:5817:2818:48
St Austell, opp B and Q 08:3010:0011:3013:0014:3016:0017:30
Tregorrick Turn (SW-bound) 08:3210:0211:3213:0214:3216:0217:32
Tregorrick, opp Natural Retreats 08:3310:0311:3313:0314:3316:0317:33
London Apprentice Phone Box (S-bound) 08:3510:0511:3513:0514:3516:0517:35
Pentewan, opp Sun Valley Holiday Park 08:3710:0711:3713:0714:3716:0717:37
Pentewan Turn (S-bound) 08:3810:0811:3813:0814:3816:0817:38
Mevagissey Bojea (S-bound) 08:4510:1511:4513:1514:4516:1517:45
Mevagissey Trevarth (N-bound) 08:4710:1711:4713:1714:4716:1717:47
Mevagissey, opp Bojea 08:4810:1811:4813:1814:4816:1817:48
Pentewan Tregiskey Farm (NW-bound) 08:5010:2011:5013:2014:5016:2017:50
Heligan Gardens Car Park (S-bound) 08:5510:2511:5513:2514:5516:2517:55

Lost Gardens Of Heligan - Fowey Safe Harbour Hotel

Heligan Gardens Car Park (S-bound) 09:0510:3512:0513:3515:0516:3518:05
Pentewan Tregiskey Farm (SE-bound) 09:1010:4012:1013:4015:1016:4018:10
Mevagissey Bojea (S-bound) 09:1310:4312:1313:4315:1316:4318:13
Mevagissey Trevarth (N-bound) 09:1410:4412:1413:4415:1416:4418:14
Mevagissey, opp Bojea 09:1510:4512:1513:4515:1516:4518:15
Pentewan Turn (opp) 09:2010:5012:2013:5015:2016:5018:20
Pentewan Sun Valley Holiday Park (N-bound) 09:2110:5112:2113:5115:2116:5118:21
London Apprentice, opp Phone Box 09:2310:5312:2313:5315:2316:5318:23
Tregorrick Natural Retreats (NE-bound) 09:2510:5512:2513:5515:2516:5518:25
Tregorrick Turn (opp) 09:2610:5612:2613:5615:2616:5618:26
St Austell B and Q (N-bound) 09:3011:0012:3014:0015:3017:0018:30
St Austell South Street (NE-bound) 09:3211:0212:3214:0215:3217:0218:32
St Austell Bus Station (Stand A) 09:3511:0512:3514:0515:3517:0518:35
St Austell, opp Library 09:4111:1112:4114:1115:4117:11
St Austell, opp Polkyth Leisure Centre 09:4111:1112:4114:1115:4117:11
St Austell Boots (E-bound) 09:4211:1212:4214:1215:4217:12
Mount Charles Eliot Road (SE-bound) 09:4311:1312:4314:1315:4317:12
Mount Charles Ranelagh Road (S-bound) 09:4311:1312:4314:1315:4317:12
Mount Charles Recreation Ground (S-bound) 09:4411:1412:4414:1415:44
Mount Charles Victoria Road (E-bound) 17:13
St Austell Asda (W-bound) 09:4511:1512:4514:1515:45
Mount Charles Polmear Road (NE-bound) 09:4611:1612:4614:1615:46
St Austell Chandlers Walk (SE-bound) 09:4811:1812:4814:1815:4817:15
Charlestown Foundry Parc (SE-bound) 09:4811:1812:4814:1815:4817:15
Charlestown, opp Church 09:4911:1912:4914:1915:4917:16
Charlestown Holmbush Arch Road (NE-bound) 09:5011:2012:5014:2015:5017:17
Holmbush Inn (E-bound) 09:5211:2212:5214:2215:5217:19
Holmbush Gwallon Keas (NE-bound) 09:5311:2312:5314:2315:5317:20
Holmbush Tregrehan Turn (E-bound) 09:5411:2412:5414:2415:5417:21
St Blazey Gate St Austell Road (NE-bound) 09:5511:2512:5514:2515:5517:22
St Blazey Gate Mid Cornwall Galleries (E-bound) 09:5611:2612:5614:2615:5617:23
St Blazey Gate, opp Orchards 09:5611:2612:5614:2615:5617:23
Biscovey, opp Hillside Avenue 09:5611:2612:5614:2615:5617:23
Biscovey, opp Ash Grove 09:5711:2712:5714:2715:5717:24
Biscovey, opp School Close 09:5711:2712:5714:2715:5717:24
St Blazey Trenython Road (N-bound) 09:5811:2812:5814:2815:5817:25
St Blazey Penarwyn Woods (E-bound) 09:5911:2912:5914:2915:5917:26
St Blazey Polgover Way (NE-bound) 09:5911:2912:5914:2915:5917:26
St Blazey, opp Chyandor Close 10:0011:3013:0014:3016:0017:27
St Blazey Old Roselyon Manor (W-bound) 10:0011:3013:0014:3016:0017:27
St Blazey Playing Field (SW-bound) 10:0111:3113:0114:3116:0117:28
St Blazey Gate, opp Landreath Steps 10:0211:3213:0214:3216:0217:29
St Blazey, opp Polgrean Place 10:0311:3313:0314:3316:0317:30
St Blazey Football Club (SE-bound) 10:0411:3413:0414:3416:0417:31
St Blazey Station Road (SE-bound) 10:0511:3513:0514:3516:0517:32
St Blazey, opp Middleway Garage 10:0511:3513:0514:3516:0517:32
Par, opp Community Church 10:0711:3713:0714:3716:0717:34
The Par Inn (SE-bound) 10:0711:3713:0714:3716:0717:34
Moorland Rd & Par Green Jctn (N-bound) 10:0811:3813:0814:3816:0817:35
Par Moorland Road (E-bound) 10:0911:3913:0914:3916:0917:36
Par, opp Tehidy Road 10:0911:3913:0914:3916:0917:36
Par Railway Station (NW-bound) 10:1011:4013:1014:4016:1017:37
Tywardreath Hall (E-bound) 10:1111:4113:1114:4116:1117:38
Tywardreath Woodland Avenue (E-bound) 10:1111:4113:1114:4116:1117:38
Tywardreath, opp St Andrews Church 10:1211:4213:1214:4216:1217:39
Tywardreath Belmont Street (E-bound) 10:1211:4213:1214:4216:1217:39
Tywardreath, opp Poldrea 10:1311:4313:1314:4316:1317:40
Tywardreath, opp Polpey Lane 10:1311:4313:1314:4316:1317:40
Tywardreath, opp Trenython Manor Turn 10:1511:4513:1514:4516:1517:42
Castledore Golant Turn (S-bound) 10:1611:4613:1614:4616:1617:43
Fowey, opp Four Tunings Garage 10:1911:4913:1914:4916:1917:46
Fowey, opp East Lodge 10:1911:4913:1914:4916:1917:46
Fowey Hill Hay (SE-bound) 10:2011:5013:2014:5016:2017:47
Fowey Lankelly Lane (E-bound) 10:2211:5213:2214:5216:2217:49
Fowey Community College (E-bound) 10:2411:5413:2414:5416:2417:51
Fowey New Road Hill (E-bound) 10:2511:5513:2514:5516:2517:52
Fowey Safe Harbour Hotel (W-bound) 10:2611:5613:2614:5616:2617:53

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