242 - Arlingham - Stonehouse - Stroud

A bus service operated by Cotswold Green


Arlingham - Stonehouse - Stroud, (Fri only)

Arlingham, o/s Red Lion 09:35
Arlingham, by Lower Milton End Turn 09:36
Arlingham, by Upper Milton End Turn 09:37
Overton, opp Farm 09:40
Fretherne, opp St Mary's Church 09:42
Fretherne, by Court Lodge 09:42
Frampton on Severn, before Fretherne Bridge 09:43
Saul, by Church of St James 09:44
Saul, by Sandfield Crescent 09:44
Saul, after Sandfield Bridge 09:45
Frampton on Severn, opp Oatfield 09:45
Frampton on Severn, opp Oatfield Road 09:46
Frampton on Severn, opp The Old Police House 09:46
Frampton on Severn, nr Top O' the Green 09:47
Frampton on Severn, by Post Office 09:47
Frampton on Severn, opp Village Hall 09:48
Frampton on Severn, after Church End 09:50
Frampton on Severn, o/s Village Hall 09:50
Frampton on Severn, nr Post Office 09:51
Fromebridge, by Frampton Turn 09:53
Fromebridge Lane (by) 09:53
Whitminster, opp Grove End Farm 09:55
Westend, by Farm 09:56
Westend Nupend Turn (corner of) 09:57
Eastington, after Pike Bridge 09:58
Eastington, nr Springhill House 09:58
Eastington, by Old Badger Inn 10:00
Eastington, before Swallow Croft 10:01
Eastington, by Middle Street 10:01
Eastington, opp Sylvern 10:02
Frocester, opp Broadmead 10:03
Frocester, opp The George Inn 10:05
Frocester, opp Yew Tree Cottages 10:05
Frocester, by Walnut Tree Cottage 10:06
Leonard Stanley, o/s Seven Waters 10:06
Leonard Stanley, opp Church Road 10:07
Leonard Stanley, by Grange Farm 10:07
Leonard Stanley, by Garage 10:08
Stanley Downton, by The Old Fleece 10:09
Bridgend, after Crescent Road 10:10
Bridgend Haven Avenue (corner of) 10:10
Stonehouse, after Boakes Drive 10:10
Stonehouse, opp Skf Works 10:12
Stonehouse, adj Dairy Crest 10:12
Stonehouse, nr Oldends Lane 10:15
Stonehouse, after Ryelands Road 10:16
Stonehouse, opp The Elms 10:16
Stonehouse, o/s Medical Centre 10:18
Stonehouse, opp Elgin Mall 10:18
Stonehouse Pearcroft Road (corner of) 10:19
Cainscross, before Marling School 10:29
Stroud, before Beard's Lane 10:30
Stroud, after Homebase 10:32
Stroud Merrywalks (Stop J) 10:34
Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

Stroud - Stonehouse - Arlingham

Stroud Merrywalks (Stop J) 12:35
Stroud, o/s Homebase 12:36
Stroud High and Marling Schools (Stop 13) 12:36
Cainscross, after Marling School 12:38
Dudbridge Hill Roundabout (before) 12:38
Stonehouse, by Wycliffe College 12:44
Stonehouse, opp Post Office 12:45
Stonehouse, opp Globe Inn 12:46
Stonehouse, by The Elms 12:47
Stonehouse, before Ryelands Road 12:48
Stonehouse, before Oldends Lane 12:48
Stonehouse, opp Dairy Crest 12:50
Stonehouse, o/s Skf Works 12:52
Bridgend, opp Haven Avenue 12:53
Bridgend, opp Crescent Road 12:54
Stanley Downton, nr The Old Fleece 12:54
Leonard Stanley, opp Garage 12:56
Leonard Stanley, nr Grange Farm 12:56
Leonard Stanley Church Road (corner of) 12:56
Leonard Stanley, opp Seven Waters 12:57
Frocester, opp Walnut Tree Cottage 12:57
Frocester, by Yew Tree Cottages 12:58
Frocester, by The George Inn 12:59
Frocester, by Broadmead 13:00
Eastington, by Sylvern 13:01
Eastington, opp Middle Street 13:02
Eastington, after Swallow Croft 13:03
Eastington, opp Old Badger Inn 13:03
Eastington, opp Springhill House 13:05
Eastington, before Pike Bridge 13:05
Westend, opp Nupend Turn 13:07
Westend, opp Farm 13:07
Whitminster, by Grove End Farm 13:09
Whitminster Inn (after) 13:09
Fromebridge, opp Frampton Turn 13:10
Frampton on Severn, by Post Office 13:12
Frampton on Severn, opp Village Hall 13:13
Frampton on Severn, after Church End 13:14
Frampton on Severn, o/s Village Hall 13:15
Frampton on Severn, nr Post Office 13:16
Frampton on Severn, opp Top O' the Green 13:16
Frampton on Severn, by The Old Police House 13:17
Frampton on Severn, by Oatfield Road 13:17
Frampton on Severn, by Oatfield 13:18
Saul, by Factory Outlet 13:18
Saul, opp Sandfield Crescent 13:19
Saul, opp Church of St James 13:20
Frampton on Severn, after Fretherne Bridge 13:20
Fretherne, nr Court Lodge 13:21
Fretherne, by St Mary's Church 13:22
Overton, nr Farm 13:23
Arlingham, opp Upper Milton End Turn 13:26
Arlingham, opp Lower Milton End Turn 13:27
Arlingham, o/s Red Lion 13:29
Supported by Gloucestershire County Council

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