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24V - Cullivoe - Lerwick

A bus service operated by R G Jamieson + Son



Greenbank, opp Primary School 08:20
Cullivoe, opp Moarfield Garage 08:22
Cullivoe, at Shop 08:24
Cullivoe, at Beach House Rd End 08:26
Cullivoe, at Pier Rd End 08:27
Gutcher, at Ferry Terminal 08:40
Gutcher, opp Cullivoe Rd End 08:40
Sellafirth, at Junction 08:43
Colvister, at Road End 08:44
Basta, at Road End 08:46
Camb, at Crossroads 08:48
Camb, at Clingrapark 08:48
Camb, at Road End 08:48
Mid Yell Junction (SW-bound) 08:50
Mid Yell, opp Grimister Rd End 08:51
W Sandwick, opp Hjarkland Rd End 08:53
W Sandwick, opp Village 08:55
W Yell, opp Everhoull Rd End 08:59
W Yell, opp Sound Road End 09:00
Setter House Rd End (opp) 09:02
Ulsta, at Hall Rd End 09:03
Ulsta, at Ferry Terminal 09:05
Toft, at Ferry Terminal 09:30
Firth Junction (SW-bound) 09:33
Collafirth, at Road End 09:44
Voe, opp Public Hall 09:46
Voe Junction (SW-bound) 09:47
Lower Voe Junction (opp) 09:48
Vidlin Junction, at Road End 09:48
Weisdale, opp Road End 09:56
S Nesting, at Junction 09:59
Girlsta, at Brunt Hamarsland Rd End 10:01
Girlsta, opp Junction 10:02
Wadbister, at Road End 10:02
Laxfirth, at North Road End 10:03
Laxfirth, opp Linkster Rd End 10:06
Tingwall Crossroads (E-bound) 10:08
Bridge of Fitch, opp Junction 10:12
Lerwick, opp Lower Blackhill 10:17
Lerwick, opp Shetland Hotel 10:18
Lerwick, at Co-Op 10:18
Lerwick, at Toll Clock Shopping Centre 10:19
Lerwick, at Freefield Road 10:19
Lerwick, opp St Magnus Street 10:19
Lerwick, at Viking Bus Station 10:20
Lerwick, opp Harbour Street 10:20
Lerwick, at Esplanade 10:21
Lerwick, at Annsbrae Gardens 10:21
Lerwick, at Funeral Director 10:22
Lerwick, opp Gilbert Bain Hospital 10:24
Lerwick, in Tesco Car Park 10:26


Lerwick, in Tesco Car Park 14:25
Lerwick, at Gilbert Bain Hospital 14:26
Lerwick, at Bell's Road 14:26
Lerwick, opp Funeral Director 14:27
Lerwick, opp Annsbrae Gardens 14:28
Lerwick, at Harrison Square 14:29
Lerwick, at Viking Bus Station 14:30
Lerwick, at Viking Bus Station 14:40
Lerwick, opp Toll Clock Shopping Centre 14:40
Lerwick, at Shetland Hotel 14:40
Lerwick, at Port Business Park 14:41
Bridge of Fitch, at Junction 14:43
Tingwall Crossroads (W-bound) 14:46
Laxfirth, at Linkster Rd End 14:46
Laxfirth, opp North Road End 14:47
Wadbister, opp Road End 14:47
Girlsta, at Junction 14:48
Girlsta, opp Brunt Hamarsland Rd End 14:48
S Nesting, opp Junction 14:51
Weisdale, at Road End 14:53
Vidlin Junction, opp Road End 15:01
Lower Voe Junction (at) 15:02
Voe Junction (NW-bound) 15:03
Voe, at Public Hall 15:03
Collafirth, opp Road End 15:06
Firth Junction (NW-bound) 15:17
Toft, at Ferry Terminal 15:21
Ulsta, at Ferry Terminal 15:45
Ulsta, opp Hall Rd End 15:46
Setter House Rd End (at) 15:47
W Yell, at Sound Road End 15:49
W Yell, at Everhoull Rd End 15:50
W Sandwick, at Village 15:55
W Sandwick, at Hjarkland Rd End 15:56
Mid Yell, at Grimister Rd End 15:58
Mid Yell Junction (NE-bound) 16:00
Camb, opp Road End 16:02
Basta, opp Road End 16:03
Colvister, opp Road End 16:05
Sellafirth, opp Junction 16:07
Gutcher, at Cullivoe Rd End 16:10
Gutcher, at Ferry Terminal 16:12
Cullivoe, opp Pier Rd End 16:21
Cullivoe, opp Beach House Rd End 16:22
Cullivoe, opp Shop 16:23
Cullivoe, at Moarfield Garage 16:25
Greenbank, opp Primary School 16:27

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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