25 - Gower Street / Salthouse Quay - Albert Dock / Strand Street

A bus service operated by Liverpool City Sights

Sightseeing/Tour Bus

This service is a hop on, hop off sightseeing bus and fares are higher than a standard local bus service. If you are only making a short journey, it may be worth checking other bus routes.

If however, you want to see some fantastic sights and explore the local area on an open top bus, this may be the bus for you. We encourage you to check the operators website for more details.

Liverpool Salthouse Quay (Adjacent) 09:5010:2010:5011:2011:5012:2012:5013:2013:5014:2014:5015:2015:50
Liverpool, opposite Brunswick Street 09:5410:2410:5411:2411:5412:2412:5413:2413:5414:2414:5415:2415:54
Liverpool Old Hall Street (Stop CHA) 10:0010:3011:0011:3012:0012:3013:0013:3014:0014:3015:0015:3016:00
Liverpool Derby Square (Stop LC) 10:0410:3411:0411:3412:0412:3413:0413:3414:0414:3415:0415:3416:04
Liverpool North John Street (Stop CB) 10:0510:3511:0511:3512:0512:3513:0513:3514:0514:3515:0515:3516:05
Liverpool, outside World Museum 10:0810:3811:0811:3812:0812:3813:0813:3814:0814:3815:0815:3816:08
Liverpool, outside St Georges Hall 10:1310:4311:1311:4312:1312:4313:1313:4314:1314:4315:1315:4316:13
Liverpool Lime Street Station (Stop SK) 10:1910:4911:1911:4912:1912:4913:1913:4914:1914:4915:1915:4916:19
Liverpool Adelphi Hotel (Stop BA) 10:2210:5211:2211:5212:2212:5213:2213:5214:2214:5215:2215:5216:22
Liverpool, opposite Metropolitan Cathedral 10:2410:5411:2411:5412:2412:5413:2413:5414:2414:5415:2415:5416:24
Liverpool Arrad Street (Adjacent) 10:2610:5611:2611:5612:2612:5613:2613:5614:2614:5615:2615:5616:26
Liverpool, opposite Pilgrim Street 10:2810:5811:2811:5812:2812:5813:2813:5814:2814:5815:2815:5816:28
Liverpool, adj Roscoe Street 10:3111:0111:3112:0112:3113:0113:3114:0114:3115:0115:3116:0116:31
Liverpool, adj Upper Duke Street 10:3411:0411:3412:0412:3413:0413:3414:0414:3415:0415:3416:0416:34
Liverpool Queens Wharf (Adjacent) 10:4111:1111:4112:1112:4113:1113:4114:1114:4115:1115:4116:1116:41
Liverpool, adj Strand Street 10:4411:1411:4412:1412:4413:1413:4414:1414:4415:1415:4416:1416:44

Liverpool City Sights open-top tour. Tour operator tickets only are valid on this service.

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 12 April 2024

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