256 - Tunbridge Wells - Wadhurst

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Tunbridge Wells - Wadhurst

St John’s, opp Tunbridge Wells Boys' Grammar School 15:55
St John’s, opp YMCA 15:57
St John’s, adj East Cliff Road 16:00
St John’s, adj The Skinners' School 16:02
St John's Church (adj) 16:05
St John’s, adj Woodbury Park Road 16:07
Tunbridge Wells Grosvenor Road (Stop I) 16:10
Tunbridge Wells Royal Victoria Place (Stop K2) 16:12
Tunbridge Wells War Memorial (Stop Q) 09:0011:1512:4516:1517:50
Tunbridge Wells Railway Station (Stop T) 09:0311:1812:4816:1817:53
Tunbridge Wells, adj Chapel Place 11:1812:4816:1917:55
Tunbridge Wells, adj The Pantiles 11:1912:4916:2017:56
Showfields Old West Station Sainsbury's (Stop A) 11:2012:5016:2317:59
Tunbridge Wells, opp The Pantiles 11:2112:5116:2418:00
Tunbridge Wells, opp Montacute Road 09:0411:2212:5216:2518:03
Tunbridge Wells, opp Broadwater Down East 09:0611:2312:5316:2718:05
Tunbridge Wells, o/s The Bull 09:0811:2512:5516:2918:07
Tunbridge Wells, adj Birling Road 09:0911:2612:5616:3118:10
Tunbridge Wells, opp Wallace Close 09:1011:2712:5716:3218:12
Frant, opp Railway Station 09:1211:2912:5916:3418:14
Bells Yew Green Road (opp) 09:1411:3113:0116:3618:17
Little Bayham, adj Cottages 09:1711:3413:0416:3918:20
Hook Green, adj Clay Hill Road 09:1911:3613:0616:4118:23
The Down, adj The Vineyard 09:2111:3813:0816:4318:25
Lamberhurst, adj Parish Office 09:2311:4013:1016:4518:27
The Down Crossroads (S-bound) 09:2611:4313:1316:4818:30
Cousley Wood, adj The Old Vine 09:2911:4613:1616:5118:33
Sparrows Green South View Corner (SW-bound) 09:3111:4813:1816:5318:35
Wadhurst, adj Mayfield Lane 18:38
Wadhurst, adj Railway Station 18:40
Wadhurst, opp Mayfield Lane 18:43
Wadhurst, adj War Memorial 09:3111:4813:1816:5318:45
Wadhurst, o/s Post Office 09:3211:4913:1916:5418:46
Wadhurst, opp The Greyhound 09:3311:5013:2016:5518:47
Schooldays only

Wadhurst - Tunbridge Wells

Wadhurst, adj The Greyhound 07:4009:4712:0013:3017:03
Wadhurst, opp Post Office 07:4009:4712:0013:3017:03
Wadhurst, opp War Memorial 07:4109:4812:0113:3117:04
Sparrows Green South View Corner (NE-bound) 07:4309:5012:0313:3317:06
Cousley Wood, opp The Old Vine 07:4509:5212:0513:3517:08
The Down Crossroads (E-bound) 07:4809:5512:0813:3817:10
Lamberhurst, adj Parish Office 07:5009:5712:1013:4017:13
The Down, opp The Vineyard 07:5209:5912:1213:4217:15
Hook Green, opp Clay Hill Road 07:5510:0212:1513:4517:18
Little Bayham, opp Cottages 07:5610:0412:1613:4617:19
Bells Yew Green Road (adj) 08:0010:0712:2013:5017:23
Frant, adj Railway Station 08:0210:0912:2213:5217:25
Tunbridge Wells, opp Wallace Close 08:0610:1212:2513:5517:28
Tunbridge Wells, opp Birling Road 08:0710:1312:2613:5617:29
Tunbridge Wells, opp The Bull 08:0810:1412:2713:5717:30
Tunbridge Wells, adj Broadwater Down East 08:0910:1412:2713:5717:30
Tunbridge Wells, adj Montacute Road 08:1010:1512:2813:5817:31
Tunbridge Wells, adj The Pantiles 10:1712:3014:00
Showfields Old West Station Sainsbury's (Stop A) 10:1912:3214:02
Tunbridge Wells, opp The Pantiles 10:2012:3314:03
Tunbridge Wells, opp Chapel Place 08:1410:2112:3414:0417:35
Tunbridge Wells Railway Station (Stop B) 08:1710:2212:3514:0517:37
Tunbridge Wells War Memorial (Stop F) 08:2010:2512:3814:0817:40
Tunbridge Wells Grosvenor Road (Stop G) 08:22
St John’s, opp Woodbury Park Road 08:24
St John’s, adj Culverden Down 08:26
St John’s, adj Beltring Road 08:28
St John’s, opp East Cliff Road 08:30
St John’s, adj TA Centre 08:32
St John’s, opp Southfields Park 08:35
Schooldays only

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