26 - Wrexham - Mold

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Wrexham to Mold

Wrexham, at Bus Station 4 08:45then hourly until14:4515:56
Wrexham, nr Fire Station 08:4614:4615:57
Wrexham, before Watery Road Level Crossing 08:4614:4615:57
Bryn Offa, before Maelor Hospital 08:4714:4715:58
Bryn Offa, before Medical Institute 08:4814:4815:59
Wrexham, opp Tax Office 08:4914:4916:00
Wrexham, after Belvedere Drive 08:4914:4916:00
Plas Coch, o/s Wrexham B&Q 08:5014:5016:01
Pool Mouth, opp Toll Bar Cottage 08:5314:5316:04
Gwersyllt, adj Ferndale Rise 08:5414:5416:05
Gwersyllt, after Jutland Avenue 08:5414:5416:05
Gwersyllt, after Saxon Road 08:5514:5516:06
Gwersyllt, opp Wheatsheaf Inn 08:5514:5516:06
Gwersyllt, nr Park View 08:5514:5516:06
Gwersyllt, o/s Church 08:5614:5616:07
Sydallt, after Tan-yr-allt 09:0015:0016:11
Sydallt, opp Alyn Industrial Estate 09:0015:0016:11
Cefn-y-bedd, after Hollybush 09:0115:0116:12
Abermorddu Turn (after) 09:0215:0216:13
Abermorddu, before Crossways 09:0315:0316:14
Caergwrle, opp Railway Station 09:0315:0316:14
Caergwrle Tegfan Court (o/s Car Park) 09:0415:0416:15
Caergwrle, nr Gwalia 09:0415:0416:15
Caergwrle, after Porch Lane 09:0515:0516:16
Caergwrle, before Fagl Lane Turn 09:0615:0616:17
Caergwrle, after Pentre Lane Turn 09:0615:0616:17
Caergwrle, after Tir-y-Fron Turn 09:0715:0716:18
Leeswood, after Hafod Farm 09:0815:0816:19
Leeswood, before Plas Teg Turn 09:0915:0916:20
Pontblyddyn, before Bridge Inn 09:1115:1116:22
Pontybodkin Bridge (after) 09:1515:1516:26
Leeswood, before Post Office 09:1615:1616:27
Leeswood, opp Wesley Methodist Church 09:1715:1716:28
Leeswood, after Drury Lane 09:1815:1816:29
Leeswood, o/s Prince of Wales 09:1915:1916:30
Leeswood, nr Bryn-Estyn 09:1915:1916:30
Leeswood, nr Bryn Awel 09:2015:2016:31
Leeswood, after Windover Corner 09:2215:2216:33
Leeswood Hall (after) 09:2415:2416:35
Llong, after Leeswood Turning 09:2615:2616:37
Mold Industrial Estate (NW-bound) 09:2815:2816:39
Mold, after Bromfield Lane 09:2915:2916:40
Mold, before Conway Street 09:3015:3016:41
Mold, o/s Red Lion Inn 09:3115:3116:42
Mold, at Bus Station 4 09:3215:3216:43

Mold to Wrexham

Mold, at Bus Station 4 09:49then hourly until13:4915:0015:4916:49
Mold, opp Red Lion Inn 09:4913:4915:0015:4916:49
Mold, after Conway Street 09:5013:5015:0115:5016:50
Mold, after Campus 09:5113:5115:0215:5116:51
Leadmill Mold Industrial Estate (o/s Infunity) 09:5213:5215:0315:5216:52
Llong, before Leeswood Turning 09:5413:5415:0515:5416:54
Llong, after Leeswood Turning 09:5413:5415:0515:5416:54
Leeswood, before Windover Corner 09:5813:5815:0915:5816:58
Leeswood, nr Bryn Awel 10:0014:0015:1116:0017:00
Leeswood, after Drury Lane 10:0214:0215:1316:0217:02
Leeswood, opp Wesley Methodist Church 10:0214:0215:1316:0217:02
Leeswood, after Post Office 10:0314:0315:1416:0317:03
Pontybodkin Bridge (before) 10:0414:0415:1516:0417:04
Pontblyddyn, after Bridge Inn 10:0714:0715:1816:0717:07
Leeswood, before Plas Teg Turn 10:0914:0915:2016:0917:09
Leeswood, before Hafod Farm 10:1014:1015:2116:1017:10
Caergwrle, before Tir-y-Fron Turn 10:1114:1115:2216:1117:11
Caergwrle, before Pentre Lane Turn 10:1314:1315:2416:1317:13
Caergwrle, after Fagl Lane Turn 10:1314:1315:2416:1317:13
Caergwrle, after Porch Lane 10:1514:1515:2616:1517:15
Caergwrle, nr Gwalia 10:1514:1515:2616:1517:15
Caergwrle, o/s Tegfan Court 10:1614:1615:2716:1617:16
Caergwrle, after Post Office 10:1614:1615:2716:1617:16
Caergwrle, o/s Railway Station 10:1714:1715:2816:1717:17
Abermorddu, after Crossways 10:1814:1815:2916:1817:18
Abermorddu Turn (before) 10:1914:1915:3016:1917:19
Sydallt, o/s Alyn Industrial Estate 10:2114:2115:3216:2117:21
Sydallt, before Tan-yr-allt 10:2314:2315:3416:2317:23
Summer Hill, opp Claremont Cottages 10:2514:2515:3616:2517:25
Gwersyllt, opp Church 10:2614:2615:3716:2617:26
Gwersyllt, before Wheatsheaf Inn 10:2714:2715:3816:2717:27
Gwersyllt, after Jutland Avenue 10:2814:2815:3916:2817:28
Gwersyllt, opp Ferndale Rise 10:2814:2815:3916:2817:28
Pool Mouth, o/s Toll Bar Cottage 10:2814:2815:3916:2817:28
Plas Coch, opp B&Q 10:3214:3215:4316:3217:32
Wrexham, before Belvedere Drive 10:3214:3215:4316:3217:32
Wrexham, o/s Tax Office 10:3314:3315:4416:3317:33
Bryn Offa, after Medical Institute 10:3414:3415:4516:3417:34
Bryn Offa, after Bron-y-nant 10:3414:3415:4516:3417:34
Bryn Offa, after Maelor Hospital 10:3414:3415:4516:3417:34
Wrexham, after Watery Road Level Crossing 10:3514:3515:4616:3517:35
Wrexham, opp School of Art 10:3714:3715:4816:3717:37
Wrexham, o/s Bus Station 10:3814:3815:4916:3817:38

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/ACYM/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 22 September 2022

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