26A - Guilden Sutton - Ellesmere Port

Operated by Stagecoach Merseyside and South Lancashire


Monday to Friday

Ellesmere Port Bus Interchange Stand D 14:10
Ellesmere Port, opp Whitby Park 14:11
Wolverham, o/s Grace Arms 14:12
Whitby Weaver Road (cnr) 14:14
Whitby, o/s Shops 14:15
Whitby, opp Avondale 14:15
Whitby Woodland Road (cnr) 14:16
Whitby Clare Drive (cnr) 14:16
Whitby, o/s The Woodlands 14:16
Whitby, o/s Sports & Social Club 14:17
Whitby, opp The Groves 14:17
Stoak Grange Farm (o/s) 14:23
Stoak, o/s Bunbury Arms PH 14:23
Stoak, opp Bunbury Close 14:24
Croughton, opp Motorway Bridge 14:25
Wervin Crossroads (S-bound) 14:26
Wervin, opp Mobile Home Park 14:26
Upton Heath Greenfields (cnr) 14:30
Upton Heath Acres Lane (cnr) 14:31
Upton Heath, opp Oakfield Drive 14:31
Upton Heath, opp Endsleigh Gardens 14:32
Upton, nr The Wheatsheaf 14:33
Upton, nr Gatesheath Drive 14:34
Upton Wealstone Lane (cnr) 14:35
Upton Mill Close (cnr) 14:36
Upton Egerton Drive (cnr) 14:37
Bache, o/s Railway Station 14:38
Bache, nr The Mill PH 14:38
Chester, opp Abbot's Drive 14:39
Chester Waterloo Road (cnr) 14:40
Chester, opp Abbot's Grange 14:42
Chester, o/s Tudor Place 14:43
Chester Delamere Street (Stop 3) 14:44
Chester Bus Interchange (Stand C) 14:45
Chester Foregate Street Stop AA 14:47
Boughton Steam Mill Street (cnr) 14:48
Boughton, o/s Health Centre 14:49
Boughton, opp St Paul's Church 14:50
Boughton Cecil Street (cnr) 14:52
Boughton, opp Shops 14:52
Boughton, opp The Peacock 14:52
Boughton, adj The Peacock 14:53
Boughton Heath Belgrave Road (N-bound) 14:57
Boughton Heath, opp Belgrave Road 14:58
Newton, by Ethelda Drive 15:06
Upton, nr Plas Newton Lane 15:06
Upton, opp Woodlea Avenue 15:09
Upton, opp Tewkesbury Close 15:10
Upton High School (Bay 2) 15:10
Upton, opp Marlow Avenue 15:20
Upton, opp Windermere Avenue 15:21
Newton, opp Ethelda Drive 15:23
Newton, nr Summerhill 15:23
Hoole, opp Doubletree Hilton Hotel 15:24
Hoole Bank, opp Royal Oak 15:27
Mickle Trafford, opp Trafford House Farm 15:29
Mickle Trafford, opp Methodist Church 15:30
Mickle Trafford, opp Plemstall Lane 15:32
Mickle Trafford St Peters Way (cnr) 15:36
Guilden Sutton, o/s Methodist Church 15:39
Guilden Sutton Oaklands (cnr) 15:40

Timetable data from Stagecoach Merseyside, 31 May 2023

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