27 - Cinderford - Lydney

A bus service operated by Stagecoach in Gloucester


Cinderford - Lydney

Cinderford, o/s Co-op Superstore 09:0512:3516:35
Cinderford, by Triangle HSBC Bank 09:0512:3516:35
Cinderford, opp Baptist Church 09:0612:3616:36
Cinderford Flaxley Street (corner of) 09:0712:3716:37
Cinderford, opp Meendhurst Road 09:0712:3716:37
Cinderford, before Stockwell Green 09:0812:3816:38
Cinderford, opp Greenway Road 09:0912:3916:39
Cinderford, opp Bristol House Store 09:1012:4016:40
Cinderford, opp White Hart 09:1012:4016:40
Cinderford, after Railway Road 09:1212:4216:42
Cinderford, opp Dilke Hospital 09:1512:4516:45
Cinderford, nr Yew Tree Brake Cemetery 09:1512:4516:45
Cannop, o/s Speech House 09:1812:4816:48
Cannop, by Speech House 09:1812:4816:48
Parkend, before New Fancy View 09:2312:5316:53
Parkend, before Fancy Road 09:2412:5416:54
Parkend, before Woodland Road 09:2612:5616:56
Parkend, opp The Green 09:2712:5716:57
Parkend, by Garage 09:2712:5716:57
Parkend, by Old Station 09:2812:5816:58
Whitecroft, by Post Office 09:3313:0317:03
Whitecroft Grove Road (corner of) 09:3313:0317:03
Whitecroft, by Top Swan 09:3413:0417:04
Pillowell School Road (corner of) 09:3413:0417:04
Pillowell, nr School 09:3513:0517:05
Pillowell, opp Willetts' Garage 09:3513:0517:05
Yorkley, opp Stag Hill 09:3613:0617:06
Yorkley, after Bailey Inn 09:3813:0817:08
Yorkley Slade, by Health Centre 09:3813:0817:08
Yorkley Slade, opp Oldcroft Road 09:3913:0917:09
Viney Hill, opp St Swithin's Football Club 09:4213:1217:12
Viney Hill, o/s All Saints' Church 09:4313:1317:13
Viney Hill, by The New Inn 09:4313:13
Viney Hill, by Farm Cottages 09:4513:15
Blakeney, after Viney Hill Turn 09:4513:15
Lydney, opp Purlieu End Farm 09:4813:18
Lydney, by The Willows 09:4913:19
Lydney, nr Par Four Estate 09:5613:26
Lydney, opp Orchard Road 09:5613:26
Lydney, opp The Highland Court 09:5713:27
Lydney, in Bus Station 09:5813:28

Lydney - Cinderford

Lydney, in Bus Station 10:1513:45
Lydney, opp Klondyke Avenue 10:1513:45
Lydney, o/s The Highland Court 10:1513:45
Lydney Orchard Road (corner of) 10:1613:46
Lydney, opp Par Four Estate 10:1613:46
Lydney, nr The Willows 10:2313:53
Lydney, nr Purlieu End Farm 10:2413:54
Blakeney, before Viney Hill Turn 10:2613:56
Viney Hill, opp Farm Cottages 10:2713:57
Viney Hill, opp The New Inn 10:2913:59
Viney Hill, opp All Saints' Church 10:3014:00
Viney Hill, nr St Swithin's Football Club 10:3014:00
Yorkley Slade, by Oldcroft Road 10:3314:03
Yorkley Slade, opp Health Centre 10:3414:04
Yorkley, before Bailey Inn 10:3514:05
Yorkley Stag Hill (corner of) 10:3614:06
Pillowell, nr Willetts' Garage 10:3614:06
Pillowell, by School 10:3714:07
Pillowell, opp School Road 10:3814:08
Whitecroft, opp Top Swan 10:3814:08
Whitecroft, opp Grove Road 10:3914:09
Whitecroft, opp Post Office 10:4014:10
Parkend, opp Old Station 10:4514:15
Parkend, opp Garage 10:4514:15
Parkend, by The Green 10:4514:15
Parkend, opp Woodland Road 10:4614:16
Parkend, after Fancy Road 10:4914:19
Parkend, after New Fancy View 10:4914:19
Cannop, opp Speech House 10:5414:24
Cinderford, opp Yew Tree Brake Cemetery 10:5714:27
Cinderford, o/s Dilke Hospital 10:5814:28
Cinderford, opp Railway Road 11:0014:30
Cinderford, by White Hart 11:0114:31
Cinderford, o/s Bristol House Store 11:0214:32
Cinderford, opp Stockwell Green 11:0314:33
Cinderford, before Flaxley Street 11:0514:35
Cinderford, nr Triangle DIY Shop 11:0714:37
Cinderford, o/s Co-op Superstore 11:0814:38

Timetable data from Stagecoach West, 27 October 2020

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