27 - Plomer Hill, Pheasant Drive - Pimms Grove, Olympic Way

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Monday to Friday and bank holidays until Friday 22 December 2023

Plomer Hill, Pheasant Drive to Pimms Grove, Olympic Way

High Wycombe, adj Pheasant Drive 10:1011:2012:3013:4014:50
High Wycombe Southfield Road (o/s 11) 10:1111:2112:3113:4114:51
High Wycombe, adj White Close 10:1211:2212:3213:4214:52
High Wycombe Middlebrook Road (o/s 51) 10:1311:2312:3313:4314:53
High Wycombe Cotswold Way (o/s 25) 10:1411:2412:3413:4414:54
High Wycombe Brecon Way (o/s 87) 10:1511:2512:3513:4514:55
High Wycombe Cumbrian Way (o/s 73) 10:1611:2612:3613:4614:56
High Wycombe Mendip Way (o/s 100) 10:1711:2712:3713:4714:57
High Wycombe, opp Riverside 10:1811:2812:3813:4814:58
High Wycombe BusStn (Bay 1) 10:2011:3012:4013:5015:00
High Wycombe Oxford Street (Stop J) 10:2611:3612:4613:56
High Wycombe Castle Street (Stop V) 10:2911:3912:4913:59
High Wycombe, opp Railway Station 10:2911:3912:4913:59
High Wycombe, opp Duke Street 10:3011:4012:5014:00
High Wycombe, adj Lucas Road 10:3011:4012:5014:00
High Wycombe Bowerdean Crossroads (o/s 137) 10:3111:4112:5114:01
High Wycombe, adj Chichester Close 10:3211:4212:5214:02
High Wycombe, opp Cricket Ground 10:3211:4212:5214:02
High Wycombe, opp Chestnut Avenue 10:3311:4312:5314:03
High Wycombe, opp London Road Lidl 10:3411:4412:5414:04
Wycombe Marsh, opp Post Office 10:3611:4612:5614:06
High Wycombe Cock Lane (o/s 55) 10:3911:4912:5914:09
High Wycombe Olympic Way (o/s 86) 10:4111:5113:0114:11

Pimms Grove, Olympic Way to Plomer Hill, Pheasant Drive

High Wycombe Olympic Way (o/s 86) 09:3110:4111:5113:0114:11
High Wycombe Cock Lane (opp 49) 09:3110:4111:5113:0114:11
High Wycombe Bank Street (o/s 3) 09:3310:4311:5313:0314:13
High Wycombe Orchard Road (o/s 2) 09:3410:4411:5413:0414:14
Wycombe Marsh, opp The King George V PH 09:3410:4411:5413:0414:14
High Wycombe, adj Hammersley Lane 09:3510:4511:5513:0514:15
High Wycombe, adj The Rise 09:3710:4711:5713:0714:17
High Wycombe, adj Magpie Wood 09:3810:4811:5813:0814:18
High Wycombe, opp Hammersley Lane 09:4010:5012:0013:1014:20
Wycombe Marsh, adj The King George V PH 09:4010:5012:0013:1014:20
Wycombe Marsh, adj Ford Street 09:4110:5112:0113:1114:21
Wycombe Marsh, o/s Post Office 09:4210:5212:0213:1214:22
High Wycombe, adj London Road Lidl 09:4410:5412:0413:1414:24
High Wycombe, adj Chestnut Avenue 09:4410:5412:0413:1414:24
High Wycombe Gordon Road (o/s 86) 09:4610:5612:0613:1614:26
High Wycombe, opp Chichester Close 09:4710:5712:0713:1714:27
High Wycombe Bowerdean Crossroads (o/s 144) 09:4810:5812:0813:1814:28
High Wycombe, opp Lucas Road 09:4810:5812:0813:1814:28
High Wycombe, adj Duke Street 09:4910:5912:0913:1914:29
High Wycombe Station Interchange (Stop X2) 09:5111:0112:1113:2114:31
High Wycombe Castle Street (Stop W) 09:5211:0212:1213:2214:32
High Wycombe Oxford Street (Stop K) 09:5611:0612:1613:2614:36
High Wycombe BusStn (Bay 1) 09:5911:0912:1913:2914:39
High Wycombe, adj Brook Street 10:0411:1412:2413:3414:44
High Wycombe, adj Riverside 10:0511:1512:2513:3514:45
High Wycombe, adj The White Horse PH 10:0611:1612:2613:3614:46
High Wycombe, adj Desborough Park Road 10:0711:1712:2713:3714:47
High Wycombe, adj Mill End Road 10:0911:1912:2913:3914:49
High Wycombe, adj Pheasant Drive 10:1011:2012:3013:4014:50

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