271 - Bradwell - Caister

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Monday to Friday

Bradwell to Caister

Bradwell, opp Playing Field 09:00
Bradwell Green Lane (opp 128) 09:00
Bradwell, adj Green Lane 09:01
Bradwell, adj Pinecot Avenue 09:01
Bradwell, adj Sun Inn 09:02
Gorleston, adj Parkland Drive 09:04
Gorleston, opp Selwyn Road 09:06
Gorleston, opp Kings Road 09:06
Gorleston, adj Hawthorn Road 09:07
Gorleston, adj Sycamore Green 09:08
Gorleston, opp Magnolia Green 09:09
Gorleston, opp Almond Road 09:10
Gorleston, opp The Vetinary Hospital 09:12
Gorleston, opp East Norfolk Sixth Form Centre 09:14
Gorleston, opp Roslyn Road 09:15
Gorleston Town Centre (N-bound) 09:16
Gorleston, adj Cross Road 09:16
Gorleston, adj School Lane 09:16
Gorleston, adj Trafalgar Road 09:17
Gorleston, adj Addison Road 09:17
Gorleston, adj Highfield Road 09:18
Gorleston, adj Alpha Road 09:18
Great Yarmouth, adj Waveney Road 09:19
Great Yarmouth, adj Rumbold Arms 09:19
Great Yarmouth, adj Gordon Road 09:20
Great Yarmouth, adj Anson Road 09:20
Great Yarmouth, adj Station Road 09:20
Great Yarmouth, adj Stonecutters Way 09:21
Great Yarmouth, opp Police Station 09:21
Great Yarmouth, adj The Gallon Pot 09:22
Great Yarmouth Market Gates (Stand F) 09:2312:2014:15
Great Yarmouth, adj Well Street 09:2612:2214:17
Great Yarmouth, opp Midland Close 09:2712:2314:18
Great Yarmouth, opp Walpole Road 09:3012:2514:20
Great Yarmouth, opp Firstbus Garage 09:3012:2514:20
Great Yarmouth, opp Barnard Crescent 09:3112:2614:21
Great Yarmouth, adj River Walk 09:3112:2614:21
Great Yarmouth, opp Jellicoe Road 09:3212:2714:22
Great Yarmouth, opp Fremantle Road 09:3212:2714:22
Caister-on-Sea, adj Stadium 09:3312:2814:23
Caister-on-Sea, adj Tesco 09:3312:2814:23
Caister-on-Sea, opp St Julian Road 09:3412:2914:24
Caister-on-Sea, adj shops 09:3412:2914:24
Caister-on-Sea, adj Haylett Close 12:3014:25
Caister-on-Sea, opp Gedge Road 12:3114:26
Caister-on-Sea, opp Braddock Road 12:3414:27
Caister-on-Sea, opp St Hilda Road 09:3512:35
Caister-on-Sea, opp holiday camp 09:3512:35
Caister-on-Sea, adj Covent Garden Road 09:3612:36
Caister-on-Sea, opp The Centurion 09:3612:36
Ormesby, adj Meadowcroft House 09:3712:37
Ormesby, opp Lane to California Farm 09:3812:38
Ormesby, opp California Road 09:3912:39
Ormesby, adj Sands Holiday Park 12:40
California, adj Sunbeach Holiday Village 12:40
California, adj Caravan Camp 12:41
Scratby, opp The Promenade 12:42
Scratby, opp Beach Drive 12:44
Scratby, adj California Avenue 12:46
Ormesby, opp Beach Road 12:47
Newport, adj Camp 12:53
Newport, opp Caravan Park 12:54
Hemsby, adj Kingsway Shops 09:4312:56
Hemsby, opp Back Market Lane 09:4412:56
Hemsby, adj Seacroft Holiday Centre 09:4512:57
Hemsby, adj Beach turning circle 09:5012:58

Caister to Bradwell

Hemsby, adj Beach turning circle 09:5513:00
Hemsby, opp Seacroft Holiday Centre 09:5513:00
Hemsby, adj Kingsway Shops 09:5813:03
Newport, adj Camp 10:00
Newport, opp Caravan Park 10:05
Hemsby, adj Newport Road 10:0713:04
Ormesby, adj Beach Road 10:0813:05
Scratby, adj Beach Drive 10:1213:08
Scratby, adj California Avenue 10:1413:09
Scratby, adj The Promenade 10:1413:09
California, opp Caravan Camp 10:1513:10
California, opp Sunbeach Holiday Village 10:1513:10
Ormesby, opp Sands Holiday Park 10:1613:11
Ormesby, adj California Road 10:1713:12
Ormesby, adj Lane to California Farm 10:1713:12
Ormesby, opp Meadowcroft House 10:1913:13
Ormesby, opp Meadowcroft 10:2013:13
Caister-on-Sea, adj The Centurion 10:2113:14
Caister-on-Sea, adj holiday camp 10:2213:15
Caister-on-Sea, adj St Hilda Road 10:2313:16
Caister-on-Sea, adj Gedge Road 10:2513:18
Caister-on-Sea, opp Haylett Close 10:2513:18
Caister-on-Sea, opp Library 10:2613:19
Caister-on-Sea, adj Tan Lane 10:2713:20
Caister-on-Sea, adj St Julian Road 10:2713:20
Caister-on-Sea, opp Tesco 10:2813:21
Caister-on-Sea, opp Stadium 10:2913:22
Great Yarmouth, adj Fremantle Road 10:3013:23
Great Yarmouth, adj Jellicoe Road 10:3113:24
Great Yarmouth, opp River Walk 10:3213:25
Great Yarmouth, adj Barnard Crescent 10:3313:26
Great Yarmouth, adj Firstbus Garage 10:3413:27
Great Yarmouth, adj Harley Road 10:3413:27
Great Yarmouth, adj Walpole Road 10:3613:29
Great Yarmouth, adj Midland Close 10:3713:30
Great Yarmouth, opp Well Street 10:3813:31
Great Yarmouth, opp Factory Road 10:3913:32
Great Yarmouth Market Gates (Stand J) 10:41
Great Yarmouth Market Gates (Stand F) 13:35
Great Yarmouth, adj Town Hall 10:43
Great Yarmouth, adj Southtown Road 10:46
Great Yarmouth St. Mary's Church (os) 10:46
Great Yarmouth, adj St Marys Lane 10:47
Great Yarmouth, opp Gordon Road 10:47
Great Yarmouth, opp Rumbold Arms 10:48
Great Yarmouth, opp Waveney Road 10:48
Gorleston, opp Alpha Road 10:49
Gorleston, adj Ferry Side 10:49
Gorleston, opp Addison Road 10:50
Gorleston, opp Trafalgar Road 10:50
Gorleston, opp School Lane 10:50
Gorleston, opp Cross Road 10:51
Gorleston Town Centre (S-bound) 10:51
Gorleston, adj Roslyn Road 10:52
Gorleston, adj East Norfolk Sixth Form Centre 10:53
Gorleston, adj The Vetinary Hospital 10:53
Gorleston, adj Cherry Road 10:54
Gorleston, opp Cydonia Grove 10:55
Gorleston, opp Hawthorn Road 10:56
Gorleston, adj Kings Road 10:57
Gorleston, adj Selwyn Road 10:58
Gorleston, adj Parkland Drive 10:58
Bradwell, opp Sun Inn 10:59
Bradwell, opp Playing Field 11:02

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