28 - Mansfield Bus Station - Farndon Long Lane

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Mansfield Bus Station - Farndon Long Lane

Mansfield Bus Station (Bay K) 06:1508:0516:15
Mansfield Bus Station (Bay A) 05:15
Mansfield Quaker Way (NW-bound) 05:1606:1608:0616:16
Mansfield Toothill Lane (SE-bound) 05:1806:1808:0816:18
Mansfield Bridge Street (SE-bound) 05:1906:1908:0816:19
Mansfield, opp Great Central Road 05:1906:1908:0916:19
Mansfield, adj Frederick Street 05:2006:2008:0916:20
Mansfield, adj Reindeer Street 05:2106:2108:1116:21
Mansfield, adj Maltby Road 05:2206:2208:1116:22
Mansfield, opp Jenny Becketts Lane 05:2306:2208:1216:22
Mansfield, opp Clifton Grove 05:2406:2408:1316:24
Mansfield, adj Briar Lane 05:2406:2408:1416:24
Berry Hill Park Lindhurst Lane (S-bound) 05:2506:2508:1516:25
Berry Hill Park, adj Waterson Avenue 05:2606:2608:1616:26
Bellamy Road Estate, opp Colston Road 05:2706:2708:1716:27
Bellamy Road Estate, adj Bingham Road 05:2706:2708:1816:28
Mansfield Industrial Estate (NE-bound) 05:2806:2808:1916:28
Mansfield, opp Bellamy Road 05:2806:2808:1916:29
Mansfield, adj Ransom Business Park 05:2906:2908:2116:31
Rainworth, opp Blidworth Lane 05:3106:3108:2216:32
Rainworth, adj Helmsley Road 05:3106:3108:2316:33
Rainworth, opp Farnsworth Avenue 05:3106:3108:2416:34
Rainworth, adj Leeway Road 05:3206:3208:2416:34
Rainworth, adj Pumping Station 05:3206:3208:2516:35
Rainworth Southwell Road East (SE-bound) 05:3306:3308:2616:36
Rainworth, opp Thoresby Road 05:3406:3408:2716:37
Rainworth, opp Joseph Whitaker School 05:3406:3408:2816:37
Rainworth, in Joseph Whitaker School Bus Park 08:28
Rainworth, adj St Georges Church 05:3506:3508:2916:38
Rainworth Warsop Lane (N-bound) 05:3506:3508:3016:38
Blidworth Lane (S-bound) 05:3606:3608:3116:39
Blidworth, adj Fire Station 05:3706:3708:3116:40
Blidworth, adj Belle Vue Lane 05:3706:3708:3216:40
Blidworth, opp New Lane 05:3806:3808:3316:41
Blidworth Mansfield Road (S-bound) 05:3806:3808:3316:41
Blidworth, opp Abbey Road 05:3906:3908:3416:42
Blidworth Lyndhurst Avenue (N-bound) 05:3906:3908:3416:42
Blidworth, adj Appleton Road 05:4006:4008:3516:43
Blidworth, adj Central Avenue 05:4106:4108:3516:44
Blidworth, opp Harlow Street 05:4106:4108:3616:44
Blidworth, opp Robin Hood Road 06:4116:44
Blidworth, adj Sherwood Avenue 06:4116:44
Blidworth, opp Baulker Farm 06:4316:46
Farnsfield, adj White Post Farm 06:4616:49
Farnsfield, adj Forest Farm 06:4716:50
Farnsfield, adj Mill Farm 06:4716:50
Farnsfield, adj Cockett Lane 06:4816:51
Farnsfield, adj The Spinney 06:4816:51
Farnsfield, adj Chapel Lane 06:4916:52
Farnsfield, opp St Michaels Church 06:4916:52
Farnsfield, adj The Ridgeway 06:4916:52
Farnsfield, opp Parfitt Drive 06:5016:53
Farnsfield Southwell Road (SE-bound) 06:5016:53
Edingley Main Street (SE-bound) 06:5216:55
Edingley, adj Station Road 06:5316:56
Edingley, opp Newhall Lane 06:5316:56
Halam, adj Holme Lane 06:5516:58
Halam, adj School Lane 06:5616:59
Southwell, opp Saversick Lane 06:5817:01
Southwell Halam Road (E-bound) 06:5817:02
Southwell, adj Vicarage Road 07:0017:04
Southwell, opp The Dumbles 07:0117:05
Southwell, adj Landseer Road 07:0117:06
Southwell, adj Hillside Drive 07:0217:06
Southwell, adj Lowes Wong 07:0217:07
Southwell, opp The Minster 07:0317:08
Southwell, opp Farthingate 07:0417:09
Brinkley, opp Hall Farm 07:0517:10
Fiskerton Rail Station (SE-bound) 07:0817:13
Fiskerton, opp Station Road 07:1017:15
Fiskerton Main Street (SE-bound) 07:1017:15
Rolleston Fiskerton Road (NW-bound) 07:1217:17
Rolleston, adj Croft Farm Close 07:1317:18
Staythorpe, adj Hughs Close 07:1517:20
Staythorpe, adj Behay Gardens 07:1517:20
Staythorpe Road (NE-bound) 07:1617:21
Averham, opp Hopwass Close 07:1717:22
Averham Staythorpe Road (NE-bound) 07:1717:22
Averham, o/s Primary School 07:1817:23
Kelham District Council (NE-bound) 07:1917:24
Kelham, adj Ollerton Road 07:2017:25
Newark, adj Rugby Ground 07:2417:33
Newark Castle Railway Station (opp) 07:2617:37
Newark Castle Gate (SW-bound) 07:2717:39
Newark Bus Station (Bay D) 07:2817:40
Newark Bus Station (Bay D) 07:2817:40

Farndon Grays Court - Mansfield Bus Station

Newark Bus Station (Bay D) 18:10
Newark Castle Gate (NE-bound) 18:11
Newark, adj Trent Bridge 18:11
Newark Castle Railway Station (adj) 18:12
Newark, opp Rugby Ground 18:13
Kelham, opp Ollerton Road 18:17
Kelham District Council (SW-bound) 18:18
Averham, opp Primary School 18:19
Averham Staythorpe Road (SW-bound) 18:20
Averham, adj Hopwass Close 18:20
Staythorpe Road (SW-bound) 18:21
Staythorpe, opp Behay Gardens 18:22
Staythorpe, opp Hughs Close 18:22
Rolleston, opp Croft Farm Close 18:24
Rolleston Fiskerton Road (SE-bound) 18:25
Fiskerton Main Street (NW-bound) 18:27
Fiskerton Station Road (NW-bound) 18:27
Fiskerton Rail Station (NW-bound) 18:29
Brinkley, adj Hall Farm 18:32
Southwell, adj Fiskerton Road 18:34
Southwell, adj Farthingate 18:34
Southwell, o/s The Minster 18:35
Southwell, opp Lowes Wong 18:36
Southwell, opp Hillside Drive 18:36
Southwell, opp Landseer Road 18:37
Southwell, adj The Dumbles 18:37
Southwell, opp Vicarage Road 18:38
Southwell Halam Road (W-bound) 18:39
Southwell, adj Saversick Lane 18:40
Halam, opp School Lane 18:41
Halam, opp Holme Lane 18:42
Edingley, adj Newhall Lane 18:43
Edingley, opp Station Road 18:44
Edingley Main Street (NW-bound) 18:44
Farnsfield Southwell Road (NW-bound) 18:46
Farnsfield, adj Parfitt Drive 18:46
Farnsfield, opp The Ridgeway 18:46
Farnsfield, opp The Lion 18:47
Farnsfield, opp Chapel Lane 18:47
Farnsfield, adj Chapel Lane 18:47
Farnsfield, opp Cockett Lane 18:48
Farnsfield, opp Mill Farm 18:49
Farnsfield, opp Forest Farm 18:49
Farnsfield, opp White Post Farm 18:50
Blidworth, adj Baulker Farm 18:53
Blidworth, opp Sherwood Avenue 18:55
Blidworth, opp Park Avenue 18:56
Blidworth Lyndhurst Avenue (N-bound) 18:56
Blidworth, adj Appleton Road 18:56
Blidworth, adj Central Avenue 18:57
Blidworth, opp Harlow Street 05:4208:3718:57
Blidworth, opp Robin Hood Road 05:4308:3818:58
Blidworth, opp Sherwood Avenue 05:4308:3818:58
Blidworth, opp Park Avenue 05:4408:3918:59
Blidworth, adj Abbey Road 05:4508:4019:00
Blidworth Mansfield Road (N-bound) 05:4608:4119:01
Blidworth, opp Belle Vue Lane 05:4708:4219:02
Blidworth, opp Fire Station 05:4708:4319:03
Blidworth Lane (N-bound) 05:4808:4319:03
Rainworth Warsop Lane (S-bound) 05:4908:4519:05
Rainworth, opp St Georges Church 05:5008:4519:05
Rainworth, o/s Joseph Whitaker School 05:5008:4619:06
Rainworth, adj Thoresby Road 05:5108:4719:07
Rainworth Southwell Road East (NW-bound) 05:5208:4819:08
Rainworth, opp Pumping Station 05:5308:4919:09
Rainworth, opp Second Avenue 05:5308:4919:09
Rainworth, adj Farnsworth Avenue 05:5408:5019:10
Rainworth, opp Helmsley Road 05:5408:5119:11
Mansfield, opp Ransom Business Park 05:5608:5219:12
Mansfield, adj Anglia Way 05:5608:5319:13
Mansfield Industrial Estate (SW-bound) 05:5708:5419:14
Bellamy Road Estate, adj Egmanton Road 05:5808:5519:15
Bellamy Road Estate, adj Colston Road 05:5908:5619:16
Berry Hill Park, opp Waterson Avenue 06:0008:5719:17
Berry Hill Park Lindhurst Lane (N-bound) 06:0108:5919:19
Mansfield, opp Briar Lane 06:0209:0019:20
Mansfield, adj Clifton Grove 06:0309:0119:21
Mansfield, adj Jenny Becketts Lane 06:0409:0219:22
Mansfield, opp Maltby Road 06:0509:0319:23
Mansfield, opp Reindeer Street 06:0609:0419:24
Mansfield, opp Frederick Street 06:0709:0619:26
Mansfield, adj Great Central Road 06:0809:0719:27
Mansfield Bridge Street (W-bound) 06:0909:0819:28
Mansfield Bus Station (Bay K) 06:1109:1019:30
Mansfield Bus Station (Bay K) 06:1109:10
Mansfield Bus Station (Bay K) 06:1109:10

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