28E - Bedford - Little Staughton- Riseley- Bedford

A bus service operated by Grant Palmer

Monday to Friday until Monday 30 December 2024

Bedford Bus Station (Stand Q) 17:40
Bedford St Peter's Street (NE-bound) 17:41
Bedford Hospital North Wing (opp) 17:41
Bedford, adj St Michaels Road 17:42
Bedford, opp Ellis Road 17:43
Brickhill, opp Nursery Gardens 17:43
Brickhill, opp Carlton Gardens 17:44
Brickhill, adj Tamar Road 17:45
Brickhill, opp Mowsbury Car Park 17:46
Ravensden Cleat Hill (NW-bound) 17:48
Ravensden, opp Wayside Farm Park 17:49
Ravensden, opp Oldways Road 17:50
Ravensden, adj Butler Street 17:50
Ravensden Wood End (N-bound) 17:51
Thurleigh, adj Robins Folly 17:55
Thurleigh, opp Baptist Chapel 17:56
Thurleigh, adj St Peters Church 17:57
Riseley, o/s The Old White Horse 18:06
Riseley, opp The Five Bells 18:07
Riseley, opp Keysoe Road 18:07
Riseley, opp Bowers Lane 18:08
Riseley, opp Margaret Beaufort School 18:08
Swineshead, adj High Street 18:12
Pertenhall, opp The Old Vicarage 18:15
Pertenhall Kimbolton Road (W-bound) 18:15
Little Staughton Spring Hill (S-bound) 18:20
Little Staughton, adj Church Lane 18:20
Little Staughton, opp Grays Grove 18:21
Little Staughton, adj Grays Grove 07:06
Little Staughton Top End (S-bound) 18:21
Little Staughton, opp Church Lane 07:06
Little Staughton High Street (S-bound) 18:22
Little Staughton Spring Hill (N-bound) 07:07
Bushmead Priory, nr Crossroads 18:24
Colmworth Little Staughton Road (S-bound) 18:26
Little Staughton Green End (W-bound) 07:07
Colmworth, opp Queens Road 18:27
Pertenhall Kimbolton Road (N-bound) 07:13
Colmworth, o/s St Denys's Church 18:27
Pertenhall, o/s The Old Vicarage 07:13
Swineshead, opp High Street 07:16
Riseley, o/s Margaret Beaufort School 07:19
Riseley, adj Bowers Lane 07:19
Riseley, opp The Barns 07:20
Riseley, o/s The Five Bells 07:21
Riseley, opp The Old White Horse 07:21
Bletsoe Church (SE-bound) 07:27
Thurleigh, opp St Peters Church 07:31
Thurleigh, adj The Close 07:31
Thurleigh, adj Baptist Chapel 07:32
Colmworth, opp School Farm 18:28
Thurleigh, opp Robins Folly 07:33
Colmworth Chapel End (S-bound) 18:28
Ravensden Wood End (S-bound) 07:38
Ravensden, opp Butler Street 07:40
Ravensden, adj Oldways Road 07:4118:35
Ravensden, o/s Wayside Farm Park 07:4118:35
Ravensden Cleat Hill (SE-bound) 07:4418:36
Brickhill, adj Mowsbury Car park 07:4718:38
Brickhill, opp Tamar Road 07:4918:39
Brickhill, adj Carlton Gardens 07:5018:40
Bedford, adj Ellis Road 07:5218:41
Bedford, adj Balmoral Avenue 07:5318:41
Bedford, opp St Michaels Road 07:5418:42
Bedford Hospital North Wing (o/s) 07:5518:43
Bedford Bowls Club (o/s) 07:5618:43
Bedford St Peter's Street (SW-bound) 07:5718:44
Bedford Bus Station (Stand Q) 08:0018:45

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 21 June 2024

Grant Palmer