3 - Kings Farm - Swanscombe - Stone - Wilmington Schools

A bus service operated by 1st Bus Stop Minibus


Kings Farm - Swanscombe - Stone - Wilmington Schools

Kings Farm, opp St Hilda's Way 07:20
Kings Farm, opp St Patrick's Gardens 07:20
Kings Farm, adj Winchester Crescent 07:21
Kings Farm, adj Hillside Avenue 07:22
Kings Farm, opp Lorton Close 07:22
Gravesend, nr Prince of Orange 07:26
Northfleet, adj Cecil Road 07:29
Perry Street, adj The Rose 07:29
Perry Street, adj All Saints Church 07:30
Old Perry Street (adj) 07:30
Perry Street, adj Vale Road 07:31
Northfleet, opp York Road 07:32
Northfleet, opp Hartfield Place 07:32
Northfleet, adj The Old Coach and Horses 07:32
Northfleet, adj Council Avenue 07:33
Northfleet High Street (W-bound) 07:33
Northfleet, opp The Hive 07:34
Northfleet, opp Ebbsfleet Football Ground 07:35
Northfleet, adj Taunton Road 07:35
Swanscombe, adj The George and Dragon 07:39
Greenhithe, adj Craylands Lane 07:41
Greenhithe, adj Knockhall Road 07:41
Greenhithe, opp The Avenue 07:43
Waterstone Park (adj) 07:46
Stone, opp Winston Close 07:46
Horns Cross, adj The Bull 07:48
Horns Cross, opp Elm Road 07:48
Dartford, adj The Welsh Tavern 07:50
Dartford, adj Brent School 07:52
Dartford, opp Milestone Road 07:54
Dartford, opp Brentfield Road 07:55
Dartford, opp St Vincents Road 07:56
Dartford, adj Park Road 07:56
Dartford, o/s Livingstone Hospital 07:57
Dartford Holy Trinity Church (Stop K) 07:59
Dartford Lowfield Street (Stop L) 08:00
Dartford Instone Road (Stop Q) 08:01
Dartford Highfield Road Magistrates Court (Stop T) 08:02
Dartford West Hill / Shepherds Lane (W-bound) 08:05
Dartford Boys' Grammar School (opp) 08:06
Dartford Grammar School For Girls (o/s) 08:07
Dartford, opp Somerset Road 08:09
Dartford, opp Havelock Road South 08:10
Dartford Motors (adj) 08:13
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls (adj) 08:20
Wilmington Grammar School for Boys (in) 08:25
Schooldays only
School students only (COVID-19 restrictions)

Wilmington Schools - Stone - Swanscombe - Kings Farm

Wilmington Grammar School for Boys (in) 15:40
Wilmington Grammar School for Girls (adj) 15:43
Wilmington, adj Parsons Lane 15:44
Dartford, adj Havelock Road South 15:51
Dartford, adj Somerset Road 15:54
Dartford Girls' Grammar School (opp) 15:55
Dartford Boys' Grammar School (o/s) 15:57
Dartford West Hill (E-bound) 15:58
Dartford, adj Priory Hill 15:59
Dartford Pizza Hut (Stop M) 16:01
Dartford Home Gardens (Stop E) 16:04
Dartford Hanau Bridge (Stop G) 16:05
Dartford, opp Livingston Hospital 16:07
Dartford, opp Park Road 16:09
Dartford The Brent (E-bound) 16:10
Dartford, adj Brentfield Road 16:10
Dartford, adj Milestone Road 16:12
Dartford, opp Brent School 16:12
Dartford, opp The Welsh Tavern 16:13
Horns Cross, adj Elm Road 16:15
Horns Cross, opp The Bull 16:16
Stone, adj Winston Close 16:16
Waterstone Park (opp) 16:18
Greenhithe, adj The Avenue 16:23
Greenhithe, opp Knockhall Road 16:24
Greenhithe, opp Craylands Lane 16:25
Swanscombe, opp The George and Dragon 16:27
Northfleet, opp Taunton Road 16:27
Northfleet, adj Ebbsfleet Football Ground 16:28
Northfleet, adj The Hive 16:29
Northfleet, opp Council Avenue 16:30
Northfleet, opp The Old Coach and Horses 16:30
Northfleet, opp Roman Catholic Church 16:31
Northfleet, adj Hartfield Place 16:31
Perry Street, adj Park Avenue 16:33
Old Perry Street (opp) 16:34
Perry Street, opp All Saints Church 16:35
Perry Street, opp The Rose 16:35
Northfleet, opp Cecil Road 16:36
Gravesend, o/s Prince of Orange 16:39
Kings Farm, adj Lorton Close 16:41
Kings Farm, opp Hillside Avenue 16:42
Kings Farm, opp Winchester Crescent 16:42
Kings Farm, adj St Patrick's Gardens 16:43
Kings Farm, adj St Hilda's Way 16:44
Schooldays only
School students only (COVID-19 restrictions)

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

1st Bus Stop Minibus