3 - Southampton - Hedge End - Boorley Green - Fair Oak - Eastleigh

A bus service operated by Bluestar


Eastleigh - Southampton

Eastleigh Bus Station (Stand A) 07:0508:25then hourly until17:25
Eastleigh Chickenhall Lane (E-bound) 07:0608:2617:26
Bishopstoke Recreation Ground (E-bound) 07:0708:2717:27
Bishopstoke The River Inn (SE-bound) 07:0708:2817:28
Bishopstoke Manor Farm Close (SE-bound) 07:0808:2917:29
Bishopstoke, adj Alan Drayton Way 07:0908:2917:29
Bishopstoke, adj Mitre Copse 07:1008:3117:31
Fair Oak Stoke Wood Surgery (SE-bound) 07:1108:3217:32
Fair Oak New Clock Inn (SE-bound) 07:1208:3317:33
Fair Oak Shorts Road (NE-bound) 07:1308:3417:34
Fair Oak The Square (E-bound) 07:1408:3517:35
Fair Oak, opp Wyvern School 07:1508:3617:36
Fair Oak, opp Daisy Fields 07:1608:3717:37
Horton Heath Crossroads (S-bound) 07:1708:3917:39
Horton Heath Dumpers Drove (S-bound) 07:1808:4017:40
Horton Heath, o/s The Brigadier Gerard 07:1908:4117:41
Horton Heath Denhams Corner (SE-bound) 07:2008:4317:43
Horton Heath Shamblehurst Lane North (SE-bound) 07:2108:4417:44
Long Common Chancellors Lane (SE-bound) 07:2308:4617:46
Long Common, adj Boorley Park 07:2408:4717:47
Boorley Green, opp Pear Tree 07:2608:5017:50
Boorley Green Oatlands Road (SE-bound) 07:2608:5017:50
Botley Uplands Farm (SE-bound) 07:2808:5217:52
Botley, nr The Square 07:2908:5417:54
Botley C of E Primary School (NW-bound) 07:3008:5517:55
Botley Brook Lane (W-bound) 07:3008:5517:55
Broadoak, adj Brook Cottages 07:3108:5617:56
Broadoak Woodhouse Lane (W-bound) 07:3208:5717:57
Hedge End, opp Tripps End 07:3308:5817:58
Hedge End Marls Road (S-bound) 07:3308:5817:58
Hedge End Sovereign Drive (S-bound) 07:3509:0018:00
Hedge End Ambleside (SW-bound) 07:3509:0018:00
Hedge End Cranbourne Park (W-bound) 07:3609:0118:01
Hedge End, adj Barnfield Way 07:3709:0218:02
Hedge End Sherwood Avenue (NW-bound) 07:3809:0318:03
Hedge End Upper St Helens Road (W-bound) 07:3909:0418:04
Hedge End Foord Road (NE-bound) 07:3909:0418:04
Hedge End Alexandra Road (NE-bound) 07:4009:0518:05
Hedge End, adj Recreation Ground 07:4109:0618:06
Hedge End Town Ctr Village Centre (Stop A) 07:4209:0718:07
Hedge End Town Ctr Village Centre (Stop E) 07:4209:0718:07
Wildern School (NW-bound) 07:4309:0818:08
Wildern, o/s Willow Mead 07:4409:0918:09
Wildern Westward Road (N-bound) 07:4409:0918:09
Wildern, opp Hamilton Way 07:4609:1118:11
Hedge End Trade Park (SW-bound) 07:4709:1218:12
Wildern Hedge End Superstores (W-bound) 07:4909:1418:14
Wildern Berrywood Gardens (SE-bound) 07:5009:1518:15
Wildern Coltsfoot Close (S-bound) 07:5009:1518:15
Hedge End Goodlands Vale (SW-bound) 07:5209:1718:17
Thornhill Park Moorhill Gardens (NW-bound) 07:5609:2118:21
Thornhill Park Thornhill Avenue (W-bound) 07:5709:2218:22
Thornhill Park, opp Post Office 07:5809:2318:23
Thornhill Park Mon Crescent (W-bound) 07:5909:2418:24
Bitterne Bath Road (W-bound) 08:0009:2518:25
Bitterne, opp Library 08:0209:2718:27
Bitterne Leisure Centre (Stop BG) 08:0209:2718:27
Bitterne Shops (Stop BA) 08:0409:2918:29
Bitterne Midanbury Lane (NW-bound) 08:0609:3118:31
Bitterne Bullar Road (W-bound) 08:0809:3318:33
Bitterne Manor Rampart Road (W-bound) 08:0909:3418:34
Bitterne Manor Quayside Road (SW-bound) 08:1009:3518:35
Northam Princes Street (S-bound) 08:1209:3718:37
Northam Britannia Road (SW-bound) 08:1309:3818:38
Nicholstown Brintons Road (W-bound) 08:1409:3918:39
Southampton Solent University (Stop IA) 08:1509:4018:40
Southampton Park Walk (Stop AA) 08:1609:4118:41
Southampton Above Bar (Stop AB) 08:1709:4218:42
Southampton Vincent's Walk (Stop CK) 08:1909:4418:44
Southampton Bargate WestQuay (Stop BL) 08:2009:4518:45

Southampton - Eastleigh

Southampton Bargate WestQuay (Stop BL) 08:55then hourly until15:5516:5517:5519:1021:10
Southampton ASDA & Marlands (N-bound) 08:5615:5616:5617:5619:1121:11
Southampton Civic Centre (Stop AN) 08:5715:5716:5717:5719:1221:11
Southampton Park Walk (Stop AH) 08:5815:5816:5817:5819:1221:12
Southampton Solent University (Stop IE) 08:5915:5916:5917:5919:1321:13
Nicholstown Brintons Road (E-bound) 09:0016:0017:0018:0019:1421:13
Northam Britannia Road (NE-bound) 09:0116:0117:0118:0119:1621:14
Northam Princes Street (NE-bound) 09:0216:0217:0218:0219:1721:15
Bitterne Manor Quayside Road (NE-bound) 09:0416:0417:0418:0419:1821:17
Bitterne Manor Rampart Road (E-bound) 09:0516:0517:0518:0519:1921:17
Bitterne Manor Cobbett Road (E-bound) 09:0616:0617:0618:0619:2021:18
Bitterne Midanbury Lane (SE-bound) 09:0716:0717:0718:0719:2121:19
Bitterne Lance's Hill (SE-bound) 09:0916:0917:0918:0919:2321:20
Bitterne Shops (Stop BC) 09:1016:1017:1018:1019:2421:21
Bitterne Shops (Stop BD) 09:1016:1017:1018:1019:2421:21
Bitterne Leisure Centre (Stop BE) 09:1216:1217:1118:1119:2521:22
Bitterne Bath Road (E-bound) 09:1316:1317:1218:1219:2621:23
Thornhill Park Mon Crescent (E-bound) 09:1416:1417:1318:1319:2621:23
Thornhill Park, o/s Post Office 09:1616:1617:1518:1519:2821:25
Thornhill Park Thornhill Avenue (E-bound) 09:1616:1617:1518:1519:2821:25
Thornhill Park Moorhill Gardens (SE-bound) 09:1716:1717:1618:1619:2921:25
Hedge End Goodlands Vale (NE-bound) 09:2216:2217:2118:2119:3221:28
Wildern Coltsfoot Close (N-bound) 09:2316:2317:2218:2219:3321:29
Wildern Berrywood Gardens (W-bound) 09:2416:2417:2318:2319:3421:30
Wildern Hedge End Superstores (W-bound) 09:2616:2617:2518:2519:3521:31
Hedge End Trade Park (NE-bound) 09:2716:2717:2618:2619:3621:31
Wildern, adj Hamilton Way 09:2816:2817:2718:2719:3721:32
Wildern Westward Road (S-bound) 09:2916:2917:2818:2819:3821:33
Wildern School (SE-bound) 09:3016:3017:2918:2919:3921:34
Wildern, adj Ratcliffe Road 09:3116:3117:3018:3019:3921:35
Hedge End Town Ctr Hedge End Village Hall (Stop B) 09:3316:3317:3218:3219:4121:36
Hedge End, nr Recreation Ground 09:3316:3317:3218:3219:4121:36
Hedge End Alexandra Road (SW-bound) 09:3416:3417:3318:3319:4221:37
Hedge End Foord Road (SW-bound) 09:3416:3417:3318:3319:4221:37
Hedge End Upper St Helens Road (E-bound) 09:3516:3517:3418:3419:4321:38
Hedge End Sherwood Avenue (SE-bound) 09:3516:3517:3418:3419:4321:38
Hedge End, opp Barnfield Way 09:3616:3617:3518:3519:4321:38
Hedge End Cranbourne Park (E-bound) 09:3716:3717:3618:3619:4421:39
Hedge End Ambleside (NE-bound) 09:3816:3817:3718:3719:4521:40
Hedge End Sovereign Drive (N-bound) 09:3916:3917:3818:3819:4621:41
Hedge End Marls Road (N-bound) 09:3916:3917:3818:3819:4621:41
Hedge End, adj Tripps End 09:4016:4017:3918:3919:4721:42
Broadoak Woodhouse Lane (E-bound) 09:4116:4117:4018:4019:4721:42
Broadoak, opp Brook Cottages 09:4116:4117:4018:4019:4821:43
Botley Brook Lane (E-bound) 09:4216:4217:4118:4119:4821:43
Botley C of E Primary School (SE-bound) 09:4316:4317:4218:4219:4921:44
Botley, adj The Square 09:4316:4317:4218:4219:4921:44
Botley Uplands Farm (NW-bound) 09:4416:4417:4318:4319:5021:45
Boorley Green, nr Woodhouse Lane 09:4516:4517:4418:4419:5121:46
Boorley Green Oatlands Road (NW-bound) 09:4616:4617:4418:4419:5121:46
Boorley Green, o/s Pear Tree 09:4716:4717:4518:4519:5221:47
Long Common, opp Boorley Park 09:5216:5217:5018:5019:5521:50
Long Common Chancellors Lane (NW-bound) 09:5216:5217:5018:5019:5521:50
Horton Heath Shamblehurst Lane North (NW-bound) 09:5316:5317:5118:5119:5621:51
Horton Heath Denhams Corner (NW-bound) 09:5416:5417:5218:5219:5721:52
Horton Heath, nr The Brigadier Gerard 09:5516:5517:5318:5319:5721:52
Horton Heath Dumpers Drove (N-bound) 09:5616:5617:5418:5419:5821:53
Horton Heath Crossroads (N-bound) 09:5716:5717:5518:5519:5921:54
Fair Oak, adj Daisy Fields 09:5816:5817:5618:5619:5921:54
Fair Oak, adj Wyvern School 09:5916:5917:5718:5720:0021:55
Fair Oak The Square (W-bound) 10:0217:0218:0019:0020:0221:57
Fair Oak Dean Road (W-bound) 10:0317:0318:0119:0120:0221:57
Fair Oak New Clock Inn (NW-bound) 10:0417:0418:0119:0120:0321:58
Fair Oak Stoke Wood Surgery (NW-bound) 10:0517:0518:0219:0220:0421:59
Bishopstoke, opp Mitre Copse 10:0717:0718:0319:0320:0522:00
Bishopstoke, nr Alan Drayton Way 10:0817:0818:0519:0520:0622:01
Bishopstoke Manor Farm Close (NW-bound) 10:0917:0918:0519:0520:0622:01
Bishopstoke The River Inn (NW-bound) 10:1017:1018:0619:0620:0722:02
Bishopstoke Recreation Ground (W-bound) 10:1117:1118:0719:0720:0822:03
Eastleigh Dutton Lane (W-bound) 10:1317:1318:0819:0820:0822:03
Eastleigh Bus Station (Stand A) 10:1517:1518:1019:1020:1022:05

Timetable data from Bluestar, 12 October 2020