3 - Tamworth - Coton Green

Operated by Arriva Midlands North

Tamworth to Coton Green

Tamworth Corporation St (Stand Q) 06:4207:1207:4208:17then every 30 minutes until18:17
Tamworth, opp Bus Garage 06:4307:1307:4308:1818:18
Tamworth, adj Hospital Street 06:4407:1407:4408:1918:19
Leyfields, opp Aldergate Medical Practice 06:4407:1407:4408:1918:19
Leyfields, opp Old School Walk 06:4507:1507:4508:2018:20
Leyfields, adj Tennyson Avenue 06:4607:1607:4608:2118:21
Leyfields, by Wordsworth Avenue 06:4607:1607:4608:2118:21
Leyfields, opp Shakespeare Close 06:4707:1707:4708:2218:22
Leyfields, adj Burns Road 06:4707:1707:4708:2218:22
Leyfields, opp Eliot Close 06:4807:1807:4808:2318:23
Leyfields, opp Masefield Drive 06:4807:1807:4808:2318:23
Leyfields, opp Thackerey Drive 06:4907:1907:4908:2418:24
Leyfields, adj Shelley Road 06:4907:1907:4908:2418:24
Leyfields, adj Byron Road 06:4907:1907:4908:2418:24
Gillway, opp Lark Hall Infant and Nursery Academy 06:5007:2007:5008:2518:25
Gillway, opp Clifton Avenue 06:5007:2007:5008:2518:25
Gillway, opp Carlton Crescent 06:5107:2107:5108:2618:26
Gillway, opp Claremont Road 06:5107:2107:5108:2618:26
Coton Green, nr Lillingstone Avenue 06:5307:2307:5308:2818:28
Coton Green, adj Cromwell Road 06:5407:2407:5408:2918:29

Coton Green to Tamworth

Coton Green, adj Cromwell Road 06:5407:2407:5408:29then every 30 minutes until18:29
Coton Green, adj Scimitar Close 06:5507:2507:5508:3018:30
Coton Green, opp Roman Way 06:5507:2507:5508:3018:30
Coton Green, adj Shopping Precinct 06:5607:2607:5608:3118:31
Coton Green, adj Danelagh Close 06:5707:2707:5708:3218:32
Coton Green, adj Longfellow Walk 06:5807:2807:5808:3318:33
Coton Green, adj Browning Close 06:5907:2907:5908:3418:34
Gillway, adj Claremont Road 07:0007:3008:0008:3518:35
Gillway, adj Carlton Crescent 07:0107:3108:0108:3618:36
Gillway, adj Clifton Avenue 07:0107:3108:0108:3618:36
Gillway, adj Lark Hall Infant and Nursery Academy 07:0207:3208:0208:3718:37
Leyfields, opp Byron Road 07:0307:3308:0308:3818:38
Leyfields, opp Shelley Road 07:0307:3308:0308:3818:38
Leyfields, adj Thackerey Drive 07:0407:3408:0408:3918:39
Leyfields, adj Masefield Drive 07:0407:3408:0408:3918:39
Leyfields, adj Eliot Close 07:0507:3508:0508:4018:40
Leyfields, opp Burns Road 07:0607:3608:0608:4118:41
Leyfields, adj Shakespeare Close 07:0607:3608:0608:4118:41
Leyfields, nr Wordsworth Avenue 07:0707:3708:0708:4218:42
Leyfields, opp Tennyson Avenue 07:0807:3808:0808:4318:43
Leyfields, adj Old School Walk 07:0807:3808:0808:4318:43
Leyfields, adj Aldergate Medical Practice 07:0907:3908:0908:4418:44
Tamworth, adj Bus Garage 07:1107:4108:1108:4618:46
Tamworth Corporation St (Stand Q) 07:1207:4208:1208:4718:47

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/AMNO/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 1 March 2024

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