301 - Ramsey - St Ives

A bus service operated by Dews Coaches

Ramsey to St Ives

Ramsey, opp New Road 05:4506:30
Ramsey, nr Fairfields Drive 05:4606:31
Ramsey, opp Brands Close 05:4706:32
Bury, opp Owls End 05:4706:32
Bury Hill Estate (near) 05:4806:33
Ramsey End, opp Jubilee Avenue 05:5106:36
Warboys Humberdale Way (near) 05:5206:37
Warboys Ramsey Road (o/s 12) 05:5206:37
Warboys, opp Church Road 05:5306:38
Warboys High Street (opp 44) 05:5406:39
Warboys, opp Madecroft 05:5506:40
Fenton End Fenton Road (S-bound) 05:5606:41
Pidley cum Fenton Fen Road (near) 05:5906:44
Pidley cum Fenton Warboys Road (near) 06:0006:45
Pidley cum Fenton, opp Crossroads 06:0006:45
Somersham, opp West End 06:0306:48
Somersham, opp Church Street 06:0406:49
Somersham, opp Coronation Avenue 06:0606:51
Somersham Loftsteads (near) 06:0706:52
Somersham Ibbott Crescent (near) 06:0806:53
Somersham Springfield (near) 06:0806:53
Somersham Windsor Gardens (near) 06:0806:53
Somersham, opp Colne Road 06:0906:54
Colne Earith Road (near) 06:1206:57
Colne East Street (near) 06:1306:58
Colne Dunholt Way (near) 06:1406:59
Earith Greenfields (opp 146) 06:1707:02
Earith, opp School Road 06:1807:03
Earith Parrens Road (opp 1) 06:1907:04
Earith Adelaide Walk (near) 06:2007:05
Earith, opp Chapel Lane 06:2107:06
Earith Marina (near) 06:2107:06
Bluntisham St Mary's Close (near) 06:2507:10
Bluntisham St Mary's Road (near) 06:2507:10
Bluntisham High Street (o/s 23) 06:2607:11
Bluntisham Rectory Road (near) 06:2607:11
Needingworth Bluntisham Road (o/s 3) 06:3007:15
Needingworth, opp Townsend Road 06:3107:16
Needingworth Church Street (near) 06:3207:17
St Ives, opp Morrisons 06:3707:22
St Ives Bus Station (Bay 1) 06:4207:27

St Ives to Ramsey

St Ives Bus Station (Bay 1) 16:3017:4519:00
St Ives East Street (near) 16:3117:4619:01
St Ives, opp Morrisons 16:3519:05
Needingworth, opp Church Street 16:3919:09
Needingworth Townsend Road (near) 16:3919:09
Needingworth Bluntisham Road (opp 3) 16:4019:10
Bluntisham, opp Rectory Road 16:4419:13
Bluntisham High Street (o/s 26a) 16:4519:14
Bluntisham, opp St Mary's Road 16:4519:14
Bluntisham, opp St Mary's Close 16:4619:15
Earith, opp Marina 16:4719:16
Earith Chapel Lane (near) 16:4819:17
Earith, opp Adelaide Walk 16:4919:18
Earith Parrens Road (o/s 1) 16:4919:18
Earith School Road (near) 16:5019:19
Earith Greenfields (o/s 146) 16:5019:19
Colne, opp Dunholt Way 16:5419:22
Colne, opp East Street 16:5519:23
Colne, opp Earith Road 16:5519:23
Somersham Colne Road (near) 16:5919:26
Somersham, opp Feoffees Road 16:5919:26
Somersham, opp Parkhall Road 17:0019:27
Somersham, opp Coronation Avenue 17:0219:28
Somersham Loftsteads (near) 17:0319:29
Somersham Ibbott Crescent (near) 17:0419:30
Somersham Springfield (near) 17:0419:30
Somersham Windsor Gardens (near) 17:0419:30
Somersham, opp Parkhall Road 19:33
Somersham West End (near) 19:34
Pidley cum Fenton Crossroads (near) 19:37
Pidley cum Fenton, opp Warboys Road 17:5719:37
Pidley cum Fenton, opp Fen Road 17:5819:38
Fenton End Fenton Road (N-bound) 18:0119:39
Warboys Madecroft (near) 18:0219:41
Warboys High Street (o/s 48) 18:0219:41
Warboys Church Road (near) 18:0319:42
Warboys Ramsey Road (opp 12) 18:0319:42
Warboys, opp Humberdale Way 18:0419:43
Ramsey End Jubilee Avenue (near) 18:0419:44
Bury, opp Hill Estate 18:0719:46
Bury Owls End (near) 18:0719:46
Bury High Street (W-bound) 18:0819:47
Ramsey, opp Fairfields Drive 18:1019:48
Ramsey, opp New Road 18:1319:50

Timetable data from Ron W Dew & Son Ltd/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 3 May 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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