302 - Helensburgh - Carrick Castle

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Helensburgh - Carrick Castle

Helensburgh Railway Station (opp) 12:2514:3517:35
Helensburgh Colquhoun Square (W-bound) 12:2514:3517:35
Helensburgh, after Argyle Street West 12:2614:3617:36
Helensburgh, at Stafford Street 12:2614:3617:36
Helensburgh, before West Abercromby Street 12:2714:3717:37
Helensburgh, at Upper Rail Station 12:2714:3717:37
Helensburgh, after West Dhuhill Drive 12:2814:3817:38
Arden, after Glenfruin Road 12:3714:4717:47
Luss, nr Loch Lomond Golf Course 12:4114:5117:51
Luss, at Bandry Cottages 12:4214:5217:52
Luss, at Low Aldochlay Cottage 12:4314:5317:53
Luss, at Craignahullie 12:4314:5317:53
Luss, opp Camstradden Lodge 12:4414:5417:54
Luss, at Gardeners Cottage 12:4414:5417:54
Luss, at Loch Lomond Arms Hotel 12:4414:5417:54
Luss, in Visitor Centre Car Park 12:4514:5517:55
Arrochar, at Rail Station 07:52
Inverbeg, at Hotel 12:5015:0018:00
Tarbet, opp Hotel 12:5615:0618:06
Tarbet, opp Ballyhennan Crescent 12:5615:0618:06
Arrochar, at Rail Station 15:07
Arrochar, at MacFarlane Drive 07:5412:5915:0918:09
Arrochar, opp Tighness Cemetery 07:5412:5915:0918:09
Arrochar, opp Pit Stop Diner 07:5513:0015:1018:10
Arrochar, opp Braeside Stores 07:5613:0115:1118:11
Succoth, at Forestry Houses 07:5813:0415:1418:14
Ardgartan, nr Visitor Centre 08:0115:1718:16
Rest And Be Thankful, in Turning Circle 08:0715:2318:22
Lochgoilhead, at car park 15:4518:42
Lochgoilhead, opp Drimsynie Hotel 08:1815:4618:42
Lochgoilhead, opp Drimsynie Caravan Park 08:2015:4918:45
Carrick Castle, at Car Park 08:3316:03
Parts of this journey must be booked in advance, contact operator.
School Holidays Only

Carrick Castle - Helensburgh

Carrick Castle, at Car Park 08:4016:05
Lochgoilhead, at Drimsynie Caravan Park 08:5216:1718:45
Lochgoilhead, at Drimsynie Hotel 08:5416:1918:47
Lochgoilhead, at car park 08:5616:2118:49
Rest And Be Thankful, in Turning Circle 09:1016:3519:01
Ardgartan, opp Visitor Centre 09:1516:4019:06
Succoth, at Forestry Houses 09:1813:0916:43
Arrochar, at Braeside Stores 09:2113:1216:4619:11
Arrochar, at Pit Stop Diner 09:2113:1216:4619:11
Arrochar, at Tighness Cemetery 09:2213:1316:4719:11
Arrochar, opp MacFarlane Drive 09:2213:1416:4719:12
Arrochar, opp Rail Station 09:2619:14
Tarbet, at Ballyhennan Crescent 09:2713:1816:50
Tarbet, at Hotel 09:2913:1916:51
Inverbeg, opp Hotel 09:3513:2516:57
Luss, in Visitor Centre Car Park 09:4113:3017:02
Luss, opp Loch Lomond Arms Hotel 09:4113:3017:02
Luss, opp Gardeners Cottage 09:4113:3017:02
Luss, at Camstradden Lodge 09:4113:3017:02
Luss, opp Craignahullie 09:4213:3117:02
Luss, opp Low Aldochlay Cottage 09:4213:3117:03
Luss, opp Bandry Cottages 09:4313:3217:03
Luss, opp Loch Lomond Golf Course 09:4413:3317:04
Arden, opp Cross Keys 09:4913:3817:08
Helensburgh, opp West Dhuhill Drive 09:5713:4617:15
Helensburgh, opp Upper Rail Station 09:5813:4717:16
Helensburgh, after Abercromby Street East 09:5813:4717:16
Helensburgh, opp Stafford Street 09:5913:4817:17
Helensburgh, at Victoria Halls 09:5913:4817:17
Helensburgh James Street (nr 38) 10:0013:4917:18
Helensburgh Colquhoun Square (E-bound) 10:0013:4917:18
Helensburgh Railway Station (at) 10:0113:5017:19
School Holidays Only

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