302 - St Marks Road to St Benedicts School

A bus service operated by Notts and Derby


Monday to Friday

St Marks Road - St Benedicts School

Chaddesden, adj Sunny Grove 07:40
Lexington Road 07:41
Chaddesden, opp Chesapeake Road 07:42
Winslow Green 07:42
Roosevelt Ave 07:42
Chaddesden, opp Tennessee Road 07:43
Chaddesden, opp Appleton Close 07:43
Chaddesden, adj Rainier Drive 07:43
Chaddesden, adj Maine Drive 07:44
Chaddesden, adj Nottingham Road inbound 07:44
Chaddesden Lane End (Opp) 07:45
Chaddesden, adj Highfield Lane 07:46
Chaddesden, opp Durham Avenue 07:46
Chaddesden, opp Blue Boy 07:47
Wiltshire Road 07:48
Chaddesden Wiltshire Road Top (E-bound) 07:49
Chaddesden Sussex Circus Top (E-bound) 07:50
Chaddesden, adj Worcester Crescent 07:51
Chaddesden, adj Buxton Road 07:51
Chaddesden, opp Willetts Road 07:52
Chaddesden, adj Grindlow Road 07:52
Chaddesden, adj Chinley Road 07:53
Oakwood Wayfaring Road (NE-bound) 07:53
Oakwood, adj Santolina Drive 07:54
Oakwood, opp Sedgebrook Close 07:54
Oakwood, opp Spindletree Drive 07:54
Oakwood, adj Lychgate Close 07:55
Breadsall Hilltop, adj Stratford Road 07:56
Breadsall Hilltop, opp Elmwood Drive 07:57
Meteor Centre, opp Cinema 07:58
Meteor Centre, opp Rollerworld 08:00
Little Chester, adj Stores Road 08:02
Little Chester, opp Coach and Horses 08:03
Little Chester, opp St Pauls Church 08:05
Derby, adj Fox Street 08:07
Derby, adj Seven Stars 08:10
Derby Garden Street (NW-bound) 08:11
Derby, opp Belper Road 08:12
Darley Abbey, adj Queen Mary Court 08:14
Darley Abbey, adj Highfield Road 08:15
Darley Abbey, adj West Bank Avenue 08:16
Darley Abbey, adj Broadway 08:17
Darley Abbey Mileash Lane (Opp 284) 08:18
Darley Abbey, adj St Benedicts Bus Park 08:20

St Benedicts School - St Marks Road

Darley Abbey, adj St Benedicts Bus Park 15:10
Darley Abbey, adj St Benedicts School 15:11
Darley Abbey, adj Slack Lane 15:12
Darley Abbey, opp Thatch Close 15:13
Darley Abbey, opp Church Lane 15:14
Breadsall, adj Croft Lane 15:20
Breadsall, adj Church Lane 15:20
Breadsall, adj Brookside Special School 15:21
Breadsall, opp 128 Brookside Road 15:21
Breadsall, opp Greenway 15:22
Breadsall Hilltop Lime Lane 15:22
Oakwood, opp Windmill Inn 15:23
Oakwood, adj Car Showroom 15:23
Oakwood, adj Nearwood Drive 15:24
Oakwood, opp Windmill Place 15:24
Oakwood, opp Lychgate Close 15:25
Oakwood, adj Spindletree Drive 15:25
Oakwood, adj Sedgebrook Close 15:26
Oakwood, opp Santolina Drive 15:26
Oakwood Wayfaring Road (SW-bound) 15:27
Chaddesden, opp Chinley Road 15:27
Chaddesden, opp Grindlow Road 15:28
Chaddesden, adj Martin Drive 15:28
Chaddesden, adj Willetts Road 15:29
Chaddesden, opp Buxton Road 15:30
Chaddesden, opp Worcester Crescent 15:30
Chaddesden Sussex Circus Top (W-bound) 15:31
Wiltshire Road 15:31
Chaddesden, opp Wiltshire Cardigan 15:32
Chaddesden, adj Blue Boy 15:32
Chaddesden, adj Durham Avenue 15:33
Chaddesden, opp Nottingham Road Cemetery 15:33
Chaddesden, opp Highfield Lane 15:34
Chaddesden, adj Nottingham Road outbound 15:34
Chaddesden, adj Ismay Road 15:35
Chaddesden, opp Rainier Drive 15:35
Chaddesden, adj Appleton Close 15:36
Chaddesden, adj Tennessee Road 15:36
Chaddesden, adj Trenton Green 15:37
Chaddesden Roosevelt Avenue (E-bound) 15:37
Chaddesden, adj Winslow Green 15:38
Chaddesden, opp Chesapeake Road 15:39
Lexington Road 15:39
Chaddesden, opp Sunny Grove 15:40

Timetable data from https://opendata.ticketer.com/uk/Notts_and_Derby/routes_and_timetables/current.zip, 22 April 2022

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