305 - Chatteris - Huntingdon

A bus service operated by Dews Coaches

Huntingdon to Chatteris

Huntingdon Bus Station (Bay 2) 09:0012:0015:0017:1518:45
Huntingdon St Johns Street (o/s 20) 09:0112:0115:0117:1618:46
Huntingdon, opp Avenue Road 09:0212:0215:0217:1718:47
Huntingdon, opp Ambury Hill 09:0212:0215:0217:1718:47
Newtown, opp Huntingdon County Junior School 09:0312:0315:0317:1818:48
Newtown, opp Hunts Regional College 09:0412:0415:0417:1918:49
Huntingdon Silver Birch Close (near) 09:0412:0415:0417:1918:49
Huntingdon Spring Close (near) 09:0512:0515:0517:2018:50
Huntingdon, opp Aspen Green 09:0612:0615:0617:2118:51
Hartford, opp Lord Protector 09:0712:0715:0717:2218:52
Hartford The Whaddons (near) 09:0712:0715:0717:2218:52
Hartford, opp Humber Road 09:0812:0815:0817:2318:53
Sapley Coneygear Court (near) 09:0812:0815:0817:2318:53
Sapley, opp Norfolk Road 09:0912:0915:0917:2418:54
Sapley, opp Essex Road 09:0912:0915:0917:2418:54
Sapley, opp Cinema 09:1012:1015:1017:2518:55
Sapley, opp Kings Ripton Rd 09:1112:1115:1117:2618:56
Sapley, o/s Tesco 09:1312:1315:1317:2718:57
Sapley Kings Ripton Rd (near) 09:1312:1315:1317:2818:58
Sapley Cinema (near) 09:1412:1415:1417:2918:59
Hartford Owl Way (near) 09:1612:1615:1617:3119:01
Hartford, opp Whitney Close 09:1612:1615:1617:3119:01
Hartford, opp The Hollow 09:1712:1715:1717:3219:02
Hartford, opp Old Houghton Road 09:1712:1715:1717:3219:03
Wyton Airfield, opp Garage 17:3619:06
Wyton Airfield RAF Wyton Main Gate (near) 17:3719:07
Old Hurst Lancaster Close (near) 09:2412:2415:2417:4419:14
Old Hurst, opp Warboys Road 09:2412:2415:2417:4419:14
Old Hurst Holborn Farm (near) 09:2512:2515:2517:4519:15
Warboys Madecroft (near) 09:2912:2915:2917:4919:19
Warboys High Street (o/s 48) 09:3012:3015:3017:5019:20
Warboys Church Road (near) 09:3112:3115:3117:5119:21
Warboys Ramsey Road (opp 12) 09:3112:3115:3117:5119:21
Warboys, opp Humberdale Way 09:3212:3215:3217:5219:22
Ramsey End Jubilee Avenue (near) 09:3312:3315:3317:5319:23
Wistow, opp Church Street 09:3712:3715:3719:24
Bury, opp Hill Estate 09:4112:4115:4117:5519:25
Bury Owls End (near) 09:4112:4115:4117:5519:25
Bury High Street (W-bound) 09:4212:4215:4217:5619:26
Ramsey, opp Fairfields Drive 09:4612:4615:4617:5719:27
Ramsey, opp New Road 09:4812:4815:4817:5919:29
Ramsey Forty Foot St Felix Road (near) 09:5212:5215:5219:32
Ramsey Forty Foot, opp Blacksmiths Close 09:5312:5315:5319:33
Chatteris Doddington Road (opp 15) 10:0113:0116:0119:41
Chatteris Little Curf Drove (near) 10:0213:0216:0219:42
Chatteris, opp Fenland Way 10:0313:0316:0319:43
Chatteris Dock Road (near) 10:0313:0316:0319:43
Chatteris, opp Ash Grove 10:0413:0416:0419:44
Chatteris, opp King Edward Road 10:0613:0616:0619:45
Chatteris East Park Street (SE-bound) 10:0813:0816:0819:46

Chatteris to Huntingdon

Chatteris East Park Street (SE-bound) 06:5010:1013:1016:10
Chatteris King Edward Road (near) 06:50
Chatteris, opp The Sycamores 10:1013:1016:10
Chatteris Ash Grove (near) 06:51
Chatteris West Street (near) 10:1113:1116:11
Chatteris, opp Dock Road 06:52
Warboys, opp Goldpits 10:2313:2316:23
Chatteris Fenland Way (near) 06:53
Warboys De Ramsey Court (near) 10:2313:2316:23
Chatteris, opp Little Curf Drove 06:53
Chatteris Doddington Road (o/s 19) 06:54
Ramsey Forty Foot Blacksmiths Close (near) 07:06
Ramsey Forty Foot, opp St Felix Road 07:07
Ramsey, opp New Road 07:1518:00
Ramsey, nr Fairfields Drive 07:1818:03
Ramsey, opp Brands Close 07:1918:04
Bury, opp Owls End 07:2018:05
Bury Hill Estate (near) 07:2118:06
Wistow, opp Church Street 07:24
Ramsey End, opp Jubilee Avenue 07:2818:07
Warboys Humberdale Way (near) 07:2910:2413:2416:2418:08
Warboys Ramsey Road (o/s 12) 07:2910:2413:2416:2418:08
Warboys, opp Church Road 07:3010:2513:2516:2518:09
Warboys High Street (opp 44) 07:3110:2613:2616:2618:10
Warboys, opp Madecroft 07:3210:2713:2716:2718:11
Old Hurst, opp Holborn Farm 07:3510:3013:3016:3018:14
Old Hurst Warboys Road (near) 07:3610:3113:3116:3118:15
Old Hurst, opp Lancaster Close 07:3710:3213:3216:3218:16
Wyton Airfield, opp Garage 07:43
Wyton Airfield RAF Wyton Main Gate (near) 07:44
Hartford Old Houghton Road (near) 07:4910:3913:3916:3918:22
Hartford The Hollow (near) 07:5010:4013:4016:4018:23
Hartford Whitney Close (near) 07:5010:4013:4016:4018:23
Hartford, opp Owl Way 07:5110:4113:4116:4118:24
Sapley, opp Kings Ripton Rd 07:5410:4413:4416:4418:27
Sapley, o/s Tesco 07:5510:4513:4516:4518:28
Sapley Kings Ripton Rd (near) 07:5610:4613:4616:4618:29
Sapley Cinema (near) 07:5710:4713:4716:4718:30
Sapley Essex Road (near) 07:5810:4813:4816:4818:31
Sapley Norfolk Road (near) 07:5810:4813:4816:4818:31
Sapley, opp Coneygear Court 07:5810:4813:4816:4818:31
Hartford Humber Road (near) 07:5910:4913:4916:4918:32
Hartford, opp Thongsley 07:5910:4913:4916:4918:32
Hartford, opp The Whaddons 08:0010:5013:5016:5018:33
Hartford, o/s Lord Protector 08:0010:5013:5016:5018:33
Huntingdon Aspen Green (near) 08:0110:5113:5116:5118:34
Huntingdon, opp Spring Close 08:0210:5213:5216:5218:35
Huntingdon, opp Silver Birch Close 08:0310:5313:5316:5318:36
Newtown, o/s Hunts Regional College 08:0410:5413:5416:5418:37
Newtown, o/s Huntingdon County Junior School 08:0510:5513:5516:5518:38
Huntingdon Ambury Hill (near) 08:0510:5513:5516:5518:38
Huntingdon Avenue Road (o/s 2) 08:0610:5613:5616:5618:39
Huntingdon Brookside (near) 08:0610:5613:5616:5618:39
Huntingdon Bus Station (Bay 2) 08:1011:0014:0017:0018:43

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