31 - Cambridge - Fowlmere - Barley

A bus service operated by A2B Bus and Coach

Cambridge - Barley

Addenbrooke’s Hospital Bus Station (Bay C) 10:1512:2514:35
Cambridge Drummer St Bus Station (Bay 3) 16:30
Cambridge, opp Downing College 16:32
Cambridge, adj St Paul's Road 16:36
Cambridge, opp Botanic Gardens 16:40
Cambridge, opp Hills Rd 6th Form Col 16:46
Cambridge Blinco Grove (near) 16:49
Cambridge, opp Perse School 16:52
Cambridge, opp Long Road 16:57
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Bus Station (Bay B) 17:00
Cambridge, opp Red Cross Lane 10:1612:2614:3617:01
Shelford Bottom, opp Cottages 10:1712:2714:3717:02
Great Shelford Fox Hill (near) 10:1812:2814:3817:03
Great Shelford Hinton Way (o/s 148) 10:1812:2814:3817:03
Great Shelford, opp Coppice Avenue 10:1912:2914:3917:04
Great Shelford, opp Orchard Road 10:2012:3014:4017:05
Great Shelford, o/s The Limes 10:2012:3014:4017:05
Stapleford, o/s St Andrew's Church 10:2012:3014:4017:05
Stapleford, opp Bar Lane 10:2112:3114:4117:06
Stapleford, opp Recreation Ground 10:2212:3214:4217:07
Stapleford Haverhill Road (o/s 24) 10:2312:3314:4317:08
Stapleford Poplar Way (near) 10:2312:3314:4317:08
Stapleford, opp Church Street 10:2412:3414:4417:09
Great Shelford Granta Terrace (near) 10:2512:3514:4517:10
Great Shelford Woollards Lane (near) 10:2512:3514:4517:10
Great Shelford Halatte Gardens (near) 10:2612:3614:4617:11
Great Shelford Ashen Green (near) 10:2612:3614:4617:11
Great Shelford Peacocks (near) 10:2712:3714:4717:12
Little Shelford, opp All Saints' Church 10:2912:3914:4917:14
Little Shelford High Street (near) 10:3012:4014:5017:15
Little Shelford Moor Close (near) 10:3112:4114:5117:16
Little Shelford Hauxton Road (o/s 79) 10:3112:4114:5117:16
Hauxton Jackson Close (near) 10:3112:4114:5117:16
Hauxton The Lane (near) 10:3112:4114:5117:16
Hauxton, opp St Edmund's Church 10:3212:4214:5217:17
Hauxton, opp St Edmund's Way 10:3212:4214:5217:17
Hauxton Church Road (near) 10:3212:4214:5217:17
Harston, opp Queens Close 10:3512:4514:5517:20
Newton, adj War Memorial 10:3712:4714:5717:22
Thriplow St Georges Church (near) 10:4112:5115:0117:26
Thriplow Lower Street (near) 10:4212:5215:0217:27
Fowlmere, opp The Butts 10:4812:5815:0817:33
Fowlmere Chapel Lane (near) 10:4812:5815:0817:33
Fowlmere Chrishall Road (o/s 23) 10:4812:5815:0817:33s
Heydon, opp Fowlmere Road 17:48s
Chrishall, adj Pinkeneys 17:52s
Chrishall, adj Engleric 17:52s
Chrishall, o/s Church 17:52s
Chrishall School (near) 17:52s
Great Chishill Hall Farm (near) 17:58s
Great Chishill, opp Plaistow Way 17:59s
Barley High Street (NW-bound) 18:02
Stops beyond Fowlmere or Hauxton only served to set down passengers alre

Times marked s – “set down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

Barley - Cambridge

Barley High Street (SE-bound) 06:58
Great Chishill Plaistow Way (near) 07:01
Great Chishill, opp Hall Farm 07:02
Chrishall, opp School 07:08
Chrishall, opp Church 07:08
Chrishall, opp Engleric 07:08
Chrishall, opp Pinkeneys 07:08
Heydon, opp Fowlmere Road 07:12
Fowlmere Chrishall Road (opp 23) 07:2709:3711:4713:57
Fowlmere, opp Chapel Lane 07:2709:3711:4713:57
Fowlmere The Butts (near) 07:2709:3711:4713:57
Fowlmere Cambridge Road (near) 07:2809:3811:4813:58
Thriplow, opp Lower Street 07:3309:4311:5314:03
Thriplow, opp St Georges Church 07:3409:4411:5414:04
Newton, opp War Memorial 07:3809:4811:5814:08
Harston Queens Close (near) 07:4009:5012:0014:10
Hauxton, opp Church Road 07:4309:5312:0314:13
Hauxton St Edmund's Way (near) 07:4309:5312:0314:13
Hauxton St Edmund's Church (near) 07:4309:5312:0314:13
Hauxton, opp The Lane 07:4409:5412:0414:14
Hauxton, opp Jackson Close 07:4409:5412:0414:14
Little Shelford Hauxton Road (opp 79) 07:4409:5412:0414:14
Little Shelford, opp Moor Close 07:4409:5412:0414:14
Little Shelford, opp High Street 07:4409:5412:0414:14
Little Shelford All Saints' Church (near) 07:4509:5512:0514:15
Great Shelford, opp Peacocks 07:4709:5712:0714:17
Great Shelford, opp Ashen Green 07:4709:5712:0714:17
Great Shelford, opp Halatte Gardens 07:4809:5812:0814:18
Great Shelford, opp Woollards Lane 07:4909:5912:0914:19
Great Shelford, opp Granta Terrace 07:5010:0012:1014:20
Stapleford Church Street (near) 07:5010:0012:1014:20
Stapleford, opp Poplar Way 07:5110:0112:1114:21
Stapleford Haverhill Road (opp 24) 07:5110:0112:1114:21
Stapleford Recreation Ground (near) 07:5210:0212:1214:22
Stapleford Bar Lane (near) 07:5310:0312:1314:23
Stapleford, opp St Andrew's Church 07:5410:0412:1414:24
Great Shelford, nr Chaston Road 07:5610:0612:1614:26
Great Shelford Orchard Road (near) 07:5610:0612:1614:26
Great Shelford Coppice Avenue (near) 07:5710:0712:1714:27
Great Shelford, opp Fox Hill 07:5810:0812:1814:28
Shelford Bottom Cottages (near) 10:0912:1914:29
Cambridge Red Cross Lane (near) 08:0910:0912:1914:29
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Bus Station (Bay A) 08:11
Addenbrooke’s Hospital Bus Station (Bay C) 10:1112:2114:31
Cambridge Long Road (near) 08:14
Cambridge Perse School (near) 08:15
Cambridge, opp Blinco Grove 08:16
Cambridge, o/s Hills Rd 6th Form Col 08:17
Cambridge, o/s Botanic Gardens 08:21
Cambridge Hills Road (NW-bound) 08:23
Cambridge, opp St Paul's Road 08:25
Cambridge, o/s Downing College 08:28
Cambridge Drummer St Bus Station (Bay 3) 08:30
Runs Mon-Fri when schools are open

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 23 May 2024

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