314 - Gt Dunmow - Gt Easton - Thaxted - Howlett End - Saffron Walden

A bus service operated by Stephensons of Essex

Please see the Stephensons website stephensonsofessex.com/daily-service-updates for service updates, details of cancelled journeys

Monday to Saturday

Great Dunmow - Saffron Walden

Great Dunmow David Wright Close (E-bound) 06:5608:5610:5612:5614:5616:5618:56
Great Dunmow, opp Gatehouse Villas 06:5608:5610:5612:5614:5616:5618:56
Great Dunmow, opp Station Road 06:5708:5710:5712:5714:5716:5718:57
Great Dunmow High Street (NW-bound) 06:5808:5810:5812:5814:5816:5818:58
Great Dunmow Stortford Road (W-bound) 06:5808:5810:5812:5814:5816:5818:58
Great Dunmow, o/s The Queen Victoria 06:5908:5910:5912:5914:5916:5918:59
Great Dunmow, o/s Staggs Farm 07:0009:0011:0013:0015:0017:0019:00
Great Dunmow, opp Woodside Way 07:0209:0211:0213:0215:0217:0219:02
Great Dunmow Woodlands Park Dr (W-bound) 07:0409:0411:0413:0415:0417:0419:04
Great Easton, opp Village Hall 07:1309:1311:1313:1315:1317:1319:13
Duton Hill, opp Abbeyview 07:1609:1611:1613:1615:1617:1619:16
Duton Hill, opp The Three Horseshoes 07:1709:1711:1713:1715:1717:1719:17
Thaxted, o/s The Star 07:2309:2311:2313:2315:2317:2319:23
Thaxted, o/s The Guildhall 07:2409:2411:2413:2415:2417:2419:24
Wimbish, adj Yardley Hall Lane 07:2609:2611:2613:2615:2617:2619:26
Howlett End, opp Maurice Close 07:2709:2711:2713:2715:2717:2719:27
Howlett End, opp The White Hart 07:2809:2811:2813:2815:2817:2819:28
Howlett End, adj Pepples Lane 07:2909:2911:2913:2915:2917:2919:29
Wimbish Carver Barracks (N-bound) 07:3109:3111:3113:3115:3117:3119:31
Wimbish, opp Brooklands Garage 07:3309:3311:3313:3315:3317:3319:33
Saffron Walden, opp Tiptofts Ln 07:3709:3711:3713:3715:3717:3719:37
Saffron Walden, opp South Road 07:3809:3811:3813:3815:3817:3819:38
Saffron Walden, o/s Friends' School 07:3809:3811:3813:3815:3817:3819:38
Saffron Walden, opp West Road 07:3909:3911:3913:3915:3917:3919:39
Saffron Walden, opp Station Road 07:4009:4011:4013:4015:4017:4019:40
Saffron Walden High Street (N-bound) 07:4209:4211:4213:4215:4217:4219:42
Saffron Walden East Street (E-bound) 07:4509:4511:4513:4515:4517:4519:45
Saffron Walden, adj Hatherley Court 07:4609:4611:4613:4615:4617:4619:46
Saffron Walden, o/s Hospital 07:4809:4811:4813:4815:4817:4819:48
Saffron Walden, opp The Spike 07:4809:4811:4813:4815:4817:4819:48
Saffron Walden Elizabeth Way (NW-bound) 07:4909:4911:4913:4915:4917:4919:49
Saffron Walden, adj Whiteshot Way 07:4909:4911:4913:4915:4917:4919:49
Saffron Walden, o/s Commercial Centre 07:5009:5011:5013:5015:5017:5019:50
Saffron Walden Mortimers Gate (W-bound) 07:5109:5111:5113:5115:5117:5119:51

Saffron Walden - Great Dunmow

Saffron Walden Mortimers Gate (W-bound) 08:5610:5612:5614:5616:5618:5620:56
Saffron Walden, opp Commercial Centre 08:5610:5612:5614:5616:5618:5620:56
Saffron Walden, opp Whiteshot Way 08:5710:5712:5714:5716:5718:5720:57
Saffron Walden Elizabeth Way (SE-bound) 08:5810:5812:5814:5816:5818:5820:58
Saffron Walden, o/s Hospital 08:5910:5912:5914:5916:5918:5920:59
Saffron Walden, opp The Spike 08:5910:5912:5914:5916:5918:5920:59
Saffron Walden, opp Hatherley Court 09:0011:0013:0015:0017:0019:0021:00
Saffron Walden Common Hill (N-bound) 09:0311:0313:0315:0317:0319:0321:03
Saffron Walden Church Street (SW-bound) 09:0311:0313:0315:0317:0319:0321:03
Saffron Walden High Street (S-bound) 09:0511:0513:0515:0517:0519:0521:05
Saffron Walden, adj Station Road 09:0711:0713:0715:0717:0719:0721:07
Saffron Walden, adj West Road 09:0711:0713:0715:0717:0719:0721:07
Saffron Walden, opp Friends' School 09:0711:0713:0715:0717:0719:0721:07
Saffron Walden, adj South Road 09:0911:0913:0915:0917:0919:0921:09
Saffron Walden, adj Tiptofts Ln 09:1011:1013:1015:1017:1019:1021:10
Wimbish, o/s Brooklands Garage 09:1411:1413:1415:1417:1419:1421:14
Wimbish Carver Barracks (N-bound) 09:1611:1613:1615:1617:1619:1621:16
Howlett End, opp Pepples Lane 09:1811:1813:1815:1817:1819:1821:18
Howlett End, o/s The White Hart 09:1811:1813:1815:1817:1819:1821:18
Howlett End, adj Maurice Close 09:1911:1913:1915:1917:1919:1921:19
Wimbish, opp Yardley Hall Lane 09:2011:2013:2015:2017:2019:2021:20
Thaxted, o/s Post Office 09:2311:2313:2315:2317:2319:2321:23
Thaxted, opp The Star 09:2311:2313:2315:2317:2319:2321:23
Duton Hill, o/s The Three Horseshoes 09:3011:3013:3015:3017:3019:3021:30
Duton Hill, adj Abbeyview 09:3011:3013:3015:3017:3019:3021:30
Great Easton, o/s Village Hall 09:3611:3613:3615:3617:3619:3621:36
Great Dunmow Woodlands Park Dr (W-bound) 09:4211:4213:4215:4217:4219:4221:42
Great Dunmow, adj Woodside Way 09:4411:4413:4415:4417:4419:4421:44
Great Dunmow, opp Staggs Farm 09:4511:4513:4515:4517:4519:4521:45
Great Dunmow, opp The Queen Victoria 09:4611:4613:4615:4617:4619:4621:46
Great Dunmow Stortford Road (E-bound) 09:4711:4713:4715:4717:4719:4721:47
Great Dunmow High Street (SE-bound) 09:4811:4813:4815:4817:4819:4821:48
Great Dunmow, adj Station Road 09:4811:4813:4815:4817:4819:4821:48
Great Dunmow David Wright Close (E-bound) 09:5011:5013:5015:5017:5019:5021:50

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS)

Stephensons of Essex


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