315 - Churchill circular - Helensburgh

A bus service operated by Wilson’s of Rhu


Monday to Saturday

Helensburgh Colquhoun Square (E-bound) 07:50then every 30 minutes until21:5022:20
Helensburgh Railway Station (at) 07:5021:5022:20
Helensburgh Lomond Street (E-bound) 07:5121:5122:21
Helensburgh, opp Glenfinlas Street 07:5221:5222:22
Helensburgh Henry Bell Street (E-bound) 07:5221:5222:22
Helensburgh, at Victoria Infirmary 07:5321:5322:23
Helensburgh, opp Nursery Street 07:5421:5422:24
Helensburgh Williamson Drive (Opp 62) 07:5421:5422:24
Helensburgh, at Johnson Court 07:5421:5422:24
Helensburgh, nr Athole Street 07:5521:5522:25
Helensburgh, before Ben Bouie Drive 07:5521:5522:25
Helensburgh Ben Bouie Drive (at 7) 07:5521:5522:25
Helensburgh, before McAuslan Place 07:5621:5622:26
Helensburgh, at John Logie Baird Primary 07:5621:5622:26
Helensburgh, nr Graham Place 07:5621:5622:26
Helensburgh, after Jervis Place 07:5721:5722:27
Helensburgh, before Collingwood Place 07:5721:5722:27
Helensburgh, opp Hardy Hill 07:5821:5822:28
Helensburgh, opp Horton Place 07:5821:5822:28
Helensburgh, opp Kent Court 07:5921:5922:29
Helensburgh, nr Golfhill Drive 07:5921:5922:29
Helensburgh, opp Collingwood Place 07:3008:0022:0022:30
Helensburgh, opp Jervis Place 07:3108:0122:01
Helensburgh, opp John Logie Baird Primary 07:3208:0222:02
Helensburgh, opp McAuslan Place 07:3408:0422:04
Helensburgh Ben Bouie Drive (at 8) 07:3408:0422:04
Helensburgh, after Ben Bouie Drive 07:3408:0422:04
Helensburgh, opp Athole Street 07:34
Helensburgh, opp Johnson Court 07:3508:0522:05
Helensburgh Williamson Drive (At 62) 07:3508:0522:05
Helensburgh, at Nursery Street 07:3508:0522:05
Helensburgh, opp Victoria Infirmary 07:3608:0622:06
Helensburgh Henry Bell Street (W-bound) 07:3708:0722:07
Helensburgh, after Glenfinlas Street 07:3808:0822:08
Helensburgh Lomond Street (W-bound) 07:3808:0822:08
Helensburgh Railway Station (opp) 07:3908:0922:09
Helensburgh Colquhoun Square (W-bound) 07:4008:1022:10

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset

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