319 - Watford - Kingswood

A bus service operated by Red Eagle

Monday to Friday (not bank holidays)

Watford Market Street (Stop J) 10:3212:47
North Watford, o/s Sainsbury's 11:2613:01
Garston, o/s Asda Hypermarket 11:2913:04
Watford Market Street (Stop H) 15:05
Watford Exchange Road (Stop L) 10:3212:4715:05
Watford Beechen Grove North (Stop V) 10:3412:49
Watford, nr West Street 10:3612:5114:3815:09
Watford Railway Bridge (N-bound) 10:3712:5215:10
North Watford, adj Regent Street 10:3912:5415:12
North Watford, opp Windsor Road 10:4012:5515:13
North Watford, opp Buckingham Road 15:14
North Watford, opp Bushey Mill Lane 15:15
North Watford, opp Library 12:5815:16
North Watford Rushton Avenue (N-bound) 09:2011:3513:1015:20
North Watford Harris Road (SW-bound) 09:2111:3613:1115:21
Kingswood North Approach (NE-bound) 09:2311:3813:1315:24
Kingswood Briar Road (SE-bound) 09:2511:4013:1515:26
Kingswood Road (NE-bound) 09:2711:4213:1715:28
Kingswood, opp Lamb Close 09:2811:4313:18
Woodside, opp St Michaels Drive 09:2911:4413:19
Woodside, opp Forest Road 09:3011:4513:20
Woodside, opp Sheriff Way 09:3011:4513:20
Woodside, opp Nottingham Close 09:3011:4513:20
Woodside, o/s Leavesden Green School 09:3111:4613:21
Leavesden, opp Linden Lea 09:3111:4613:21
Woodside, opp Ganders Ash 09:3111:4613:21
Woodside, opp The Hammer in Hand PH 09:3211:4713:22
Woodside, adj The Brow Shops 09:3311:4813:23
Woodside Newhouse Crescent (NE-bound) 09:3311:4813:23
Woodside, nr Boundary Way 09:3411:4913:24
Woodside, o/s Francis Combe Academy 09:3411:4913:24
Garston Three Horseshoes PH West (SE-bound) 09:3611:5113:26
Garston, opp Kytes Drive 09:4011:5513:30
Garston, nr Bus Garage 09:4211:5713:32
Garston, o/s Park Parade 09:4311:5813:33
Garston Railway Station (Stop B) 09:4411:5913:34
Garston, opp Phillipers 09:4512:0013:35
Garston The Gossamers (S-bound) 09:4612:0113:36
Garston, opp The Gossamers Shops 09:4712:0213:37
Garston, opp Garsmouth Way 09:4712:0213:37
Garston, nr Widgeon Way 09:4812:0313:38
Garston, o/s Asda Hypermarket 09:5312:0813:4314:18
North Watford, o/s Sainsbury's 09:5609:5612:1112:1113:4614:21
North Watford, nr Library 09:5712:1214:22
North Watford, nr Bushey Mill Lane 09:5812:1314:23
North Watford, nr Buckingham Road 09:5912:1414:24
North Watford, nr Windsor Road 10:0012:1514:25
North Watford, opp Regent Street 10:0212:1714:27
North Watford, nr Brixton Road 10:0312:1814:27
Watford Railway Bridge (S-bound) 10:0412:1814:28
Watford, opp West Street 10:0512:2014:29
Watford Beechen Grove North (Stop Z) 10:0612:2114:30
Watford King Street (Stop T) 10:1112:2614:33
Watford Market Street (Stop H) 10:1310:1312:2714:34
Watford Exchange Road (Stop L) 10:1312:2714:34
Watford Beechen Grove North (Stop V) 10:1412:2812:2814:36
Watford, nr West Street 10:1512:2914:38
North Watford, opp Library 10:4310:43
Garston, o/s Asda Hypermarket 10:4610:46
North Watford, o/s Sainsbury's 10:4910:49
Watford, o/s Southern Cross PH 10:1512:3014:39
Watford, nr Grandfield Avenue 10:1612:3114:40
Watford, opp Molteno Road 10:1712:3214:42
Watford Hempstead Road (SW-bound) 10:1912:3414:44
Watford Langley Way (SE-bound) 10:2112:3614:46
Watford The Gardens (SE-bound) 10:2212:37
Watford Stratford Way (SE-bound) 10:2312:38
Watford, nr Stratford Road 10:2412:39
Watford Town Hall (Stop Y) 10:2512:40
Watford King Street (Stop T) 10:3112:46
Watford Market Street (Stop J) 12:47

Timetable data from Red Eagle/Bus Open Data Service (BODS), 9 February 2024. We’re not endorsed by, affiliated with or supported by them, and they don’t warrant the accuracy or quality of the information.

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