Bus Times

324 - Copthorne - Burstow - Horley - Redhill - Reigate College

A bus service operated by Southdown PSV

Copthorne - Burstow - Horley - Redhill - Reigate College

Copthorne The Duke's Head (W-bound) 07:12
Copthorne, adj Cottage Place 07:12
Copthorne, opp Abergavenny Gardens 07:13
Copthorne, opp Lashmere 07:14
Copthorne, opp Borers Close 07:15
Copthorne, adj Church 07:16
Copthorne, opp Borers Arms Road 07:16
Copthorne Bank, adj Cherry Tree 07:17
Copthorne Bank, opp Bonwicke Cottages 07:18
Burstow Keeper's Corner (N-bound) 07:20
Burstow, opp Redeham Hall 07:21
Smallfield, opp Park Road 07:22
Smallfield, opp Redehall School 07:23
Smallfield, adj Woodside Cottages 07:23
Smallfield, adj Burstow Primary School 07:25
Smallfield, opp Raleigh Drive 07:25
Smallfield, adj Broadbridge Lane 07:25
Horley, adj Peeks Brook Lane 07:26
Horley Langshott Manor (W-bound) 07:27
Horley, opp Jennings Way 07:28
Horley, nr The Kings Head 07:30
Horley, adj Avenue Gardens 07:31
Horley Railway Station (Stop A) 07:33
Horley Town Centre (NW-bound) 07:34
Horley, opp Lidl 07:35
Horley, adj Air Balloon 07:35
Horley, adj The Glebe 07:36
Meath Green Lee Street (just before) 07:38
Meath Green, opp Southlands Avenue 07:38
Horley, adj Benhams Drive 07:40
Horley, opp Chestnut Road 07:40
Horley, opp Skylane Hotel 07:41
Salfords, opp Cross Oak Lane 07:42
Salfords, adj Pear Tree Hill 07:43
Salfords, adj Wood Close 07:43
Salfords, opp Salbrook Road 07:44
Salfords, opp Church 07:45
Salfords, opp Copsleigh Avenue 07:46
Petridgewood Common, opp West Avenue 07:48
Petridgewood Common, adj Tollgate Avenue 07:49
Earlswood, opp Wimborne Avenue 07:50
Earlswood Three Arch Road (E-bound) 07:51
Whitebushes Spencer Way (W-bound) 07:55
Whitebushes Bushfield Drive (N-bound) 07:56
Earlswood Three Arch Road (W-bound) 07:58
Redhill, adj Church Road 08:03
Redhill The Cutting (N-bound) 08:04
Redhill, adj Wilton Road 08:06
Redhill, opp Brook Road 08:06
Redhill Bus Station (Stop 2) 08:10
Redhill, adj Linkfield Lane 08:15
Redhill Carlton Road (W-bound) 08:18
Redhill, o/s St Bede's School 08:25
Reigate Wray Common (SW-bound) 08:29
Reigate Heath, adj Lorian Drive 08:31
Reigate Heath, o/s The Roe Deer 08:32
Reigate Sixth Form College (Stop D) 08:35
Schooldays only

Reigate College - Redhill - Horley - Burstow - Copthorne

Reigate Sixth Form College (Stop C) 15:15
Reigate Heath, opp The Roe Deer 15:17
Reigate Heath, opp Lorian Drive 15:18
Reigate Wray Common (NE-bound) 15:20
Redhill, o/s St Bede's School 15:25
Redhill Carlton Road (E-bound) 15:31
Redhill, opp Linkfield Lane 15:33
Redhill Bus Station (Stop 2) 15:40
Redhill, adj Brook Road 15:41
Redhill, opp Wilton Road 15:42
Redhill The Cutting (S-bound) 15:43
Redhill, opp Church Road 15:44
Earlswood Three Arch Road (E-bound) 15:47
Whitebushes Bushfield Drive (S-bound) 15:49
Whitebushes Spencer Way (E-bound) 15:50
Earlswood Three Arch Road (W-bound) 15:51
Petridgewood Common, opp Tollgate Avenue 15:52
Petridgewood Common, adj West Avenue 15:53
Salfords, adj Copsleigh Avenue 15:54
Salfords, adj Church 15:55
Salfords, adj Salbrook Road 15:55
Salfords, opp Wood Close 15:56
Salfords, opp Pear Tree Hill 15:56
Salfords, adj Cross Oak Lane 15:57
Horley, adj Skylane Hotel 15:58
Horley, adj Chestnut Road 15:59
Horley, opp Benhams Drive 16:00
Meath Green, adj Southlands Avenue 16:01
Horley, opp The Glebe 16:02
Horley, opp Air Balloon 16:03
Horley, adj Lidl 16:05
Horley Town Centre (S-bound) 16:06
Horley Railway Station (Stop B) 16:07
Horley, opp Avenue Gardens 16:08
Horley, o/s The Kings Head 16:11
Horley, adj The Meadway 16:11
Horley, adj Jennings Way 16:12
Horley Langshott Manor (E-bound) 16:13
Horley, opp Peeks Brook Lane 16:13
Smallfield, opp Broadbridge Lane 16:15
Smallfield, adj Raleigh Drive 16:15
Smallfield, opp Burstow Primary School 16:16
Smallfield, opp Woodside Cottages 16:16
Smallfield, o/s Redehall School 16:17
Smallfield, adj Park Road 16:18
Burstow, adj Redeham Hall 16:18
Burstow Keeper's Corner (S-bound) 16:20s
Copthorne Bank, adj Bonwicke Cottages 16:21s
Copthorne Bank, opp Cherry Tree 16:22s
Copthorne, adj Borers Arms Road 16:23s
Copthorne, opp Church 16:24s
Copthorne, adj Borers Close 16:24s
Copthorne, adj Lashmere 16:25s
Copthorne, adj Abergavenny Gardens 16:25s
Copthorne, opp Cottage Place 16:26s
Copthorne, opp The Duke's Head 16:27
Schooldays only

Times marked s – “sets down only” – the bus will only stop to drop passengers off

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