334 - Elgin - Kingston on Spey

A bus service operated by Moray Council

Elgin - Kingston on Spey

Elgin Bus Station (Stance 7) 10:3013:4016:1518:00
Elgin, at Library 10:3013:4016:1518:00
Elgin, at Cathedral Road 10:3113:4116:1618:01
New Elgin, at Moray College 10:3513:4516:2018:05
New Elgin, at Cemetery 10:3513:4516:2018:08
Elgin, opp Cumming Circle 10:3713:4716:2318:08
Elgin, opp Hossack Drive 10:3713:4716:2318:08
Elgin, opp Stonecross Hill 10:3913:4916:2418:09
Elgin, opp Reiket Lane 07:0410:4013:5016:2518:10
Elgin, opp Barmuckity Farm Road End 07:0510:4113:5016:2618:11
Lhanbryde, at Sherriffston Cottages 07:0610:4213:5216:2718:12
Lhanbryde, opp The Terrace 07:0910:4513:5416:3018:15
Lhanbryde, at Woodlands Drive 07:1010:4613:5416:3118:16
Lhanbryde, at Park View 07:1010:4613:5416:3118:16
Lhanbryde, at Elsher Road 07:1010:4613:5516:3118:16
Lhanbryde, opp Innes Court 07:1110:4713:5516:3218:17
Lhanbryde, adj Templand Road 07:1210:4813:5616:3318:18
Lhanbryde, at Innes Court 07:1210:4813:5616:3318:18
Lhanbryde, opp Elsher Road 07:1210:4913:5716:3418:19
Urquhart, opp Bells Brae 07:1610:5314:0116:4018:25
Lhanbryde, at Lochs Croft 07:2110:5814:0616:4518:29
Garmouth, at Burnie Strype Croft 07:2311:0014:0816:4718:30
Garmouth, opp Hedge Road 07:2711:0414:1216:5118:34
Kingston on Spey Mid Street (W-bound) 07:3311:0814:1616:5518:38

Kingston on Spey - Elgin

Kingston on Spey Mid Street (E-bound) 07:3411:1014:1717:0018:39
Garmouth, opp Innes Road 07:4011:1414:2117:0618:45
Garmouth, opp Jockies Loan 07:4011:1414:2117:0618:45
Garmouth, opp Burnie Strype Croft 07:4311:1714:2417:0918:48
Urquhart, opp Bells Brae 07:5011:2414:3117:1618:55
Lhanbryde, at Elsher Road 07:5511:2914:3617:2119:00
Lhanbryde, opp Innes Court 07:5611:3014:3717:2219:01
Lhanbryde, adj Templand Road 07:5711:3114:3817:2319:02
Lhanbryde, at Innes Court 07:5811:3214:3917:2319:02
Lhanbryde, opp Elsher Road 07:5811:3214:4017:2419:03
Lhanbryde, opp Park View 07:5911:3314:4117:2519:04
Lhanbryde, opp Woodlands Drive 08:0011:3414:4217:2519:04
Lhanbryde, at The Terrace 08:0211:3614:4417:2719:06
Lhanbryde, at Sherriffston Cottages 08:0411:3814:4617:2919:11
Elgin, at Barmuckity Farm Road End 08:0611:4014:4917:3219:16
Elgin, opp Hossack Drive 08:0911:4314:5217:35
New Elgin, adj Langstane Place 08:1111:4514:5417:37
New Elgin, opp Moray College 08:1211:4614:5517:38
Elgin, opp Cathedral Road 08:1211:4614:5517:3819:16
Elgin, opp Library 08:1411:4814:5717:4019:18
Elgin Bus Station (Stance 7) 08:1711:5115:0017:4319:20

Timetable data from the Traveline National Dataset (TNDS), 17 April 2024

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